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Mobile iOS, Android App with VueJS in 5 minutes ! Really ! #EN

Hi beginners or not !
Today i will show you how to make an awesome mobile app from scratch with VueJS and Capacitor, directly compatible with iOS and Android mobile device.

The first question is

How it’s work ?

Did you know CapacitorJS ?

CapacitorJS is full package to set Node app compatible with iOS and Android,

The first step is the requirement:

  • Android Studio with the latest SDK
  • XCode latest version

and now you can start.

Create a basic VueJS app with @vue/cli packages

vue create app

set the configuration as you want, not very important at this step.

ok then,

install CapacitorJS on your project

npm install @capacitor/core @capacitor/cli

now you can type this command:

npx cap init

respond to the questions,

so now very important step,
inside the capacitor.config.json file, change

webDir: "www"


webDir: "dist"

ok you can build your project

npm run build

and now, it's ready to do the best thing :


npx cap add android


sudo gem install cocoapods
npx cap add ios

and now do the magic thing:

npx cap copy

wow !

Now you can open XCode or Android Studio with this command :

// Android Studio
npx cap open android
// XCode
npx cap open ios

Android Studio
Build Android App

Build iOS App

Very awesome no ?


For iOs you need to install xcode dependency, follow XCode install instruction to perform this.

and for lazy people


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Ezhaym N


I made an app using this tutorial to create and publish the apk.
I'd like to make a small contribution.

The app store rejected my app after 2 days online, because Capacitor doesn't have "close app" behavior on hardware back button.

/** Adding hardware back button behavior */
import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core'
const { App } = Plugins

App.addListener("backButton", () => {
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If you want to make a Capacitor app, remember this!

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Ayrton Author

Does the tutorial is simple to follow .?
Thanks for your contributing !

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Shubham Siddharth

Hello, how to add push notification in this ? if any one could help?

simerca profile image
Ayrton Author

Hi ! No simple direct way to full implement this ! I can work on another tutorial. 👌

simerca profile image
Ayrton Author • Edited on

Don't forget to discuss with me ! 🙃
And sorry for my English !
Kiss from France