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Ranvir Singh
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How to break out of SDE-I role

A few days ago, I posted a new blog on my personal blog.

Breaking out of Software Developer-I role as a web developer. Please head over to the post if you want to read the detailed description.

Here are some of the key points that I want to share here as well. Experienced Devs, please share your checklist as well will add it there.

  • Learn Database designing
  • Learn some DevOps
  • Learn how to debug
  • Learn to write tests
  • Learn about scaling issues
  • Learn a little bit about security
  • Learn about caching
  • Learn to review code properly
  • Maintain your personal websites
  • Help out new joinings and business guys
  • Ask for the promotion, when you feel like you are ready to step up.

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Ranvir Singh

True @bpedroza , Asking for a promotion is also very important. Sometimes you have to ask for the things that you want.

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Yuri Predborskiy

It's not sometimes, it's always. Nobody will give you anything unless you let them know you want it. Nothing personal, just business.