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4 Day work week remote opening

Sean Allin Newell
A lifelong learner seeking to serve and help where he can
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About Us

We're a Scottish tech firm in EdTech. We're breaking into the enterprise market in NA right now and winning bigger clients. We have a four day work week and a strong culture of lived out values.

Our product offerings include a tms, lms, and customized integrations.

Read more about us on our website.

About The Opportunity

Administrate is looking to gear up more experienced devs to help mature our platform and take us to the next level. There's never a dull moment! Many systems are in flight to be deprecated, containerized, and migrated to continuous deployment. We have most of our main services containerized and deployed to AWS. We still need a wide range of product work, and are working with enterprise clients in an agile process.

Skill & Qualifications

This is a senior position, so we'll be expecting a broad range of skills in web development; full stack experience, knowledge of modern front end development, domain driven design, aws, docker, python, typescript, react, etc. All helps.

How To Apply

Apply on hire hive and say Sean Newell sent ya 👍.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

Discussion (3)

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This should probably be posted in listings, not as a article.

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Sean Allin Newell Author

Well... now I step into credits 😅

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Sean Allin Newell Author

Oh shoot, I literally missed that lol