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A weekly dose of best resources and articles for a full stack web developer 🔥 #1

For about some time, I've been pinning the best articles and resources I've come across while learning web development. Since I can no longer find myself in my Google Chrome bookmarks, I've decided to publish them online for better organizing and for other people to have access to them. 😃

I've got articles covering topics like Javascript, React, Serverless, Cloud, CI/CD, DevOps, and others. Due to lack of time, I will try to post them gradually. Here is the first set of them:

Building an augmented reality (AR) application using the WebXR Device API

Tutorial on building an AR web application. The application uses JavaScript to render 3D models that appear as if they exist in the real world.

The Perils of Rehydration

How to avoid rehydration problems with Gatsby and React SSR in depth. If you have ever experienced a warning about the mismatch between elements rendered on the server and on the client-side, this article is for you.

Building a game with TypeScript

Series of tutorials on how to build a board game from scratch with TypeScript and native browser APIs. Includes Canvas API and state machines.

Create Your Own Compiler

This tutorial explains the mechanism of how JavaScript works. The Super Tiny Compiler is a simple compiler written in Javascript and you will write it step by step from scratch.

Using React + Google Sheets as your CMS

Tutorial on how to serve up any data from a Google Sheet into a real React application. Maybe it's not meant to be used in production apps, but for a quick solution, it is perfect!

Introducing Handsfree.js - Integrate hand, face, and pose gestures to your frontend

Handle any kind of gestures into your web application. Handsfree.js is a client-side library that helps you add hand, face, and pose estimation to your front end projects.

Using the Web Speech API

The Web Speech API enables you to incorporate voice data into web apps. With this official MDN documentation, you can learn In-depth about speech recognition.

Continuous Deployment for Node.js on the Google Cloud Platform

Setup your Node.js application to deploy to App Engine on GitHub push. Covers the basics of Google Cloud Platform and Cloud Build.

Dockerizing and autoscaling Node.js on Google Cloud

Learn how to dockerize a Node.js server for hosting in Google Cloud and configuring your VM instances to auto-scale proportionally with traffic.

Getting Started with Terraform and Google Cloud Platform

Terraform is an automation tool used to ease the process of setting up infrastructure on which you can deploy applications. It can be used for describing infrastructure as a code regardless of the cloud provider.

That's it for now. 😀 If you also have great resources pinned or saved on your computer, you can send me some (comment or message), and I will include them in my list.

If you are interested in the latest tech news, you can follow my account since I plan to post here regularly. I also tweet on a regular basis so that you can follow My Twitter account as well!

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