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Does the DEV community have any house/garden plants they want to show off?

skyandsand profile image Chris Chacon github logo ・1 min read

I will admit I'm not a plant expert by any stretch of the imagination but in permanent remote settings, it can get cumbersome at the home office.

Studies indicate that plants (and other living things that are not exotic wild jungle animals) 🐅

What plants (or pets) are you all taking care of during this time?

Asparagus Fern

My asparagus fern is great in humid places (like the bathroom)!

Edit:: my fern is upside down 🧐 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I don’t have any pics available right now...

But I happen to know there’s a community currently being developed on our open source software for plant lovers—one of several new communities being developed.

This one's feed will have much more emphasis on pictures. 🌱

I’m a beta user 😄


Hi Ben, cool concept! This is internal on DEV? Look forward to more 🌱


Yup! Got a number of them throughout the flat. They make a massive difference in my opinion! 🙌

Apartment living room with house plants


I don't know why, but I love the style of your flat! Though the pictures partially blocking the TV would drive me insane.


Hahaha, thanks! Yeah, they can be a little annoying. Most of them are cards that are due to come down now anyway 😅


YUS! I have several plant friends.

This is Maurice the ZZ plant. His tag says he is 'unkillable'. So far, so good.

This is Bruce 2. Bruce 1 found a home with my sister when I moved overseas for a few years.


I inherited this one, when I moved into my new home office.

It even got a new leaf a few days after I watered it.


This is Midge, a prayer plant (maranta leuconeura) and the smaller one is an air plant named Susie 😄 A prayer plant and an air plant sitting on a coffee table


Midge, will you marry me?? 🥺 she's a beaut!


Does chili plants qualify? If so, I’ll be back tomorrow 😅

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