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What, Why, and How of Private Wiki?

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What Is a Wiki?

The name “Wiki” was given by the creator of the first wiki Ward Cunningham. It is a shortened form of the Hawaiian word “wiki- wiki”, which means quick.

A wiki is a web page that can be edited by multiple users using a simple web browser and an internet connection. Internal Wikis are a quick and easy way to create information repositories, search information, and work collaboratively on the same page.

Wikipedia defines wikis as “A text publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience directly using a web browser.” This means wikis can be created and edited by anyone with access to the web page.

A typical wiki can contain multiple pages on a topic and serves a knowledge hub for multiple contributors.

Types of Wikis

1. Public wikis – Wikis created to serve as an information hub where anyone can create and edit content are called public wikis. They are open to collaboration with all. Popular wikis such as Wikipedia, Scholarpedia, WikiTravel, are publicly accessible.
2. Private wikisPrivate wikis are used by companies as an internal knowledge base, to manage their in-house information, enabling teams to easily share knowledge and work together. It’s a place where your team can store documents about company policies, processes, guidelines, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), projects, product lists, workflows, shared logins, checklists, etc. Think of it as your in-house Wikipedia made in private for your company. We shall go over private wikis in detail in this article.
3. Personal wiki – You can also use wikis as a personal wiki to take down notes, as a knowledge base, diary, writer’s tool, or even project management.

Advantages of Wikis

At the onset, a wiki can be an efficient way to gather and distribute information. It can improve remote collaboration among team members and provide an easy way to have a team on the same page. Some of the key advantages of wikis are as follows:

-Anyone can create a wiki
-Easy for anyone to edit a wiki
-Simple to learn and use
-Easy to update information
-Teams can work on a single web page together
-Share and collaborate on documents easily
-Can track changes made and revert to the previous version
-Flexible structure to create a wiki as per your needs
-Wide range of wiki software to choose from
-Low cost to manage

Why Bit is the Best Way to Create a Wiki?

To create wikis for companies, you need a proficient tool that can help you create, share, and collaborate with stakeholders and get work done efficiently. This is where Bit comes in!

Bit.ai is a new-age documentation and knowledge management tool that helps teams to collaborate, share, track, and manage all company knowledge in one place.

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