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Swiss-army knife for terminal

ZI is an interactive, feature-rich and fast Zshell plugin manager plugin manager. that will allow you to install everything from GitHub and other sites.

ZI provides Turbo mode which yields 50-80% faster Zsh startup (i.e.: the shell will start up to 5 times faster!).

ZI contains extensions that can install from so-called packages in GitHub repositories holding a package.json file with the ZI meta-data in them.It has multiple package-manager like features, such as:

  • Run Makefiles.
  • Automatically provide shims (i.e.: forwarder scripts) for the binaries.
  • Extend $PATH to expose the binaries, and more.

In general, ZI has many hooks which allow surprising things.

If you have an idea, question or just want to find out more, do not hesitate to reach out at one of the following places:

New terminal users and contributors are welcome.

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