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I don't currently work in tech, but I imagine it applies - I had to learn how to deal with assholes. It turns out that's a whole skill unto itself. I needed to understand strategies, and practice those strategies, like any other skill - it only got easier with time and exposure. I'm still learning this, actually - but some people simply do not interact with the world around them the same way I do, and that doesn't mean they don't still have something to offer if we work together anyway.


Your answer made me laugh, I wasn't expected that =D

And yes, like Jose Gonzalez said, this applies very much to tech... unfortunately. And in all the jobs... A skill you will need all your life !


This applies very much to tech.

(Had to learn this the hard way)


First job: SEO, copywriting, and shady google search results optimisation practices.
First full-time job: accounting. Yep, I worked as an accountant. Life is weird.
First IT full-time job: ruby on rails, I did some basic self-learning for the initial interview and then worked on an existing RoR project. Well, it interested me at first and now I don't want to touch it.
Current job: I can't think of anything I had to learn that I would not be interested in learning :) Well, maybe dealing with client's requirements, effective communications, and project management. Useful, but I felt a lot of inner resistance.


You've found the perfect job if you are interesting in everything you have to learn!!! I wish to find this in my next job =)


Yes , I just realised how lucky I am and how grateful I should be! Add also a lot of flexibility and independence.


JIRA and Jenkins. Learned simply by having to use them to do my job and no I don't like that this takes up room in my brain simply because there are better tools out there I'd rather know about instead :)


In my career as a web developer I found Gimp has become indispensible in my toolkit. Very often an image I need to use as an asset needs some quick manipulation, and Gimp has a comprehensive suite of tools so I dont have to do something hacky. Its find it frequently useful for editing images with transparency.

I guess Photoshop would be a little too extravagant (read: expensive) for my purposes.


WCF configuration and SOAP/XML. I swore in the past I never wanted to deal with it but ended up having to do a lot of it. I never wanted to learn windows stack stuff but again here I go and learn it because I need to. I'm really excited about serverless opportunities.


At my first full time job I had to learn the basics of structured financial securities, other financial instruments, how the stock exchange works and stuff like that.

I forgot most of it :D


I had to learn how to be motivated and able to work during office hours (9am to 5pm) rather than my usual "motivation hours" (past 10pm). That may sound dumb but that was (and still is) a real issue for me.


Haha I totally understand ! I never succeeded to learn it when I had to work early (like 5 or 6am for student job). It's torture for me, and I hope I will never ever have to go to work so early !! =D

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