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Suhail Kakar
Suhail Kakar

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5 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Developer

In this article, I’ll show you 5 easy ways to make money as a developer.

1. Freelancing

For many developers, freelancing is profitable source of income. Some people take it as a full-time job, while others do it as a part-time job to earn additional cash. Some platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more offer a great opportunity for anyone to start freelancing, but there is a lot of competition there, so be sure to stand out among them

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2. Sell an Ebook

Writing an ebook is one of those things that may pay off for a long time. You can write a highly useful ebook as a developer that covers a certain topic of software development. Alternatively, you may opt to describe a programming language in such a way that your readers will have a better understanding of it.

Writing books is also a wonderful method to build your brand and demonstrate your expertise in the area. Once you have completed writing you Ebook, You can start selling it online

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3. Teach People

Teaching other people how to code is the greatest and possibly easiest method to generate money as a developer. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways. The first is to develop and market online course.You may offer courses on your own website or on sites like Udemy and Pluralsight. You can also teach people individually, that can be online or in person. If you teach people in this way, you’ll earn a lot more money.

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4. Sell Templates

Selling templates is another way to generate money. You may accomplish this by visiting websites such as Themeforest, where anybody can sell their designs for a nominal charge each transaction. Selling online courses is quite similar to this.
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5. Application Development

As a developer, you may put your coding abilities to use by creating and selling computer and mobile applications. With a solid understanding of Swift, JavaScript Objective-C, you can quickly create a useful iOS application.

You may profit from it by releasing it on the app store for anybody to download and purchase.

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These are many other ways that you can use to make money as a developer. These are not all the ways that exist, but these are the most easiest ones.

I hope you found this articles helpful. If you need any help please let me know at comment section

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Damjan Dimitrov

Those are good points that you've mentioned, but it's really unfair and biased to call them "easy".

smeetsmeister profile image
Jelle Smeets

Great article! Do you have any reccomendations on which platform you can teach your course the best?

suhailkakar profile image
Suhail Kakar

Hi Jelle,

Udemy is one of the best platform for teaching with over 155000 courses and 40 million students