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Sulaimon Olaniran
Sulaimon Olaniran

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Writing my First "Hello World"

I wasn't sure what I was actually doing or what was really happening, but after seeing an average developer with experience between one to two years earning around $45,000 dollars a year, damn I knew I had to start writing codes.

Yes no lies, I was drawn to developing by money and now I'm addicted because I've just fallen in love with creating things that comes to my mind.

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After doing some research reading posts on, Medium, and so many of other blogs from developers, I decided to start my developer career by going through the Html/CSS and then JavaScript path.

Prior to wanting to write codes, I had no experience whatsoever in computer science, "You're student Transportation Management in the University like what are you thinking about to even plan on becoming a programmer", words from my friends.

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Thankful to the great developers community I was able to realize I didn't really need previous experience or even a certificate to start living my new dream, so I went on planning my way into becoming a developer, a challenge and path worth taking.

Now, I have made up my mind, I'm definitely taking this journey, but how do I begin? programming is difficult and I have no teacher, no mentor, just some random posts and articles I read online. Luckily for me W3schools Alt Text came to my rescue. I visited the website, clicked on "Learn HTML" and then I clicked on try it yourself. I edited the current markup in the editor and decided to write "Hello World" because for some reason it was a popular phrase in the developer community.

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Chris Neal

Congratulations Sulaimon! I think joining a community such as Dev is the perfect choice for a beginner. I still have yet to look around and explore. Ask as many questions as you can and don't stop learning!

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Habdul Hazeez

I hope the following resource helps you:

If you need to talk about Web Development in general, reply to this comment or send me a Direct Message. My inbox is open.

In addition, welcome to DEV.

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Dani Guardiola_

Hey Suilamon, glad to have you join the world of web development. Let me give you a little advice: try to use MDN instead of w3schools. Although the situation is different nowadays, w3schools used to be a terrible resource and there's even a browser extension that blocks it from appearing in Google results.

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) is a community-driven site with high quality resources, guides, references and examples and I highly encourage you to use it instead :)

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Sulaimon Olaniran Author

Thanks a lot, I think I should mentioned that writing my first hello world happened about a year ago. Thanks for the advice though

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Syakir Rahman

Welcome to the community Sulaimon!
I have written a practical guide to front-end development that might help you. Feel free to check it out!

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Mohsen Alyafei

All the best; and Happy Coding.

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Welcome! To DEV and development in general 😄 is the perfect community to learn and explore the world that Software Development is.

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mikel brierly

Excited for you!! Welcome to the community Sulaimon!

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David Taylor Jr.


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Great! Welcome to the developer community! If you have any question, feel free to ask! 🙏