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Christopher J Bednar Jr
Christopher J Bednar Jr

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I spent all day...

I just spent the entire day working on a bug in a deployment pipeline for one of the services my team manages.

After spending hours and hours trying to figure out what the problem was, I came across the solution. I created a file named 'requirements.yaml' and put it in wrong directory. It was almost in the right place, which made it hard to notice that it wasn't.

At first, I felt disappointed that I missed something so incredibly obvious and felt dumb. Especially considering that I've been a software developer in the industry for about 5 years.

But, I reframed this thought. I actually learned quite a lot. I learned a lot because it forced me to learn. I was reading, very carefully, the documentation pertaining my company's software development process. This resulted in me learning more about Kubernetes, Jenkins, Helm charts, etc that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I didn't waste time; I learned a lot in this process.

Even though this seemed like a silly mistake, working through it made me a better developer... The more you struggle and overcome, the stronger you become.

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It's problems like this that help you learn the most. I have many stories like this πŸ™‚
Thanks for sharing.

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Glad you found the culprit. This happened to me few times too. They do help you learn and sometime find weak points in your codebase.

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Christopher J Bednar Jr

Thanks :)