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Swastik Yadav
Swastik Yadav

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How to pull yourself out of the tutorial hell?

In a nutshell, tutorial hell is the process of watching tutorials endlessly and getting a false sense of knowledge.

I have been there, watching tutorials after tutorials, thinking "I got this", ending up with a blank screen, and then watching more tutorials.

This is a vicious cycle. Today I will share my experience, how I got out of the tutorial hell, and how you can too.

So, let's discuss the problems with the tutorial hell and why it should be avoided at all costs.

The Problems

  • It feels that tutorial hell exists mainly in the field of programming. Because you don't get false confidence to ride a bicycle, by watching (how to ride a bicycle) tutorials. You need to get on a bicycle, fall a few times, and eventually, you build your muscle memory.

  • How do people get better at their skills? With practise right?

    • Runners run.
    • Writers write.
    • Public speakers speak.
    • Dancers dance.
    • Players play.
    • But, Programmers Watch Tutorials?
  • Tutorial hell appears to trouble "self-taught developers" the most. Because unlike boot camps they don't have a defined curriculum and deadlines.

  • Tutorials don't challenge you. They just give you solutions right away. You need to be in the Goldilock zone to be productive and actually learn something.

The Solutions

You can see how I increased the difficulty level for each project. None of the above project is perfect, but they helped me learn a lot and build my confidence (not the false confidence that tutorials build).

  • Teach others. The best way to learn is to teach others. This will solidify your learnings to the optimal level. If you don't have anyone to teach, take notes, and start writing blogs.

  • Read Documentation. Get into the habit of reading documentation. Sometimes instead of watching tutorials, try reading docs, docs won't put you in the tutorial hell. As a developer, you must develop the habit of reading docs anyways.

That's all I wanted to share. Hopefully, this will help you get out of the tutorial hell.

I am building a platform to help, beginners learn to code without the tutorial hell, by helping them build real-world projects.

If you are interested, please check out the project at

Thank You! 🙏

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I typically recommend a free comprehensive self-learning curriculum like The Odin Project.

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Very nice ideas. Thank you Swastik!

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Swastik Yadav

Thanks a lot, I Just shared my own experience with the tutorial hell.

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So Good.

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Swastik Yadav

Thanks, for your kind words. 😊

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