Do Good Daily: The End

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Making a swiftUI daily goals app for ambitious people (4 Part Series)

1) Do Good Daily Day 1 2) Do Good Daily Day 2 3) Do Good Daily Day 3 4) Do Good Daily: The End

📅 10/14/2019
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🙅‍♀️ Today's goal: Put this project out to pasture

I did want to say something here about this sad, sad project that really, was doomed to fail. I actually did finish it, it's currently sitting in test flight, and it works just fine, looks just fine.

But that's really the problem, it's just fine.

It doesn't move the needle.

I poured quite a few hours into this thing and again, nothing.

It's not all bad and depressing though. I did learn SwiftUI 🤷‍♂️

But yeah, consider this the conclusion of this dreadfully short series 🗿

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