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Now What Do I Do?

Earlier this year, when the pandemic started, our county was put on lockdown for a good while. As I worked in a hospital, I worked every day, but we couldn't do anything else. So, I started earnest work on one of my goals to get my programming skills in order and learn a few new things.

I've spent most of this year sharpening my C/C++ skills (C mostly. C++ not so much), and learning C# with .NET Core. Recently, I've also added in learning some GTK#, GTK+, and OpenGL. I've also spent the year learning how to work with Raspberry Pi computers.

I am now at that point that I can comfortably sit down and write a good part of what I want without going to Stackoverflow every five minutes. I consider that a decent accomplishment. I've also worked on some projects of my own.

But, I've discovered a problem. While I may know what to code, I don't know what I SHOULD code. Even in the projects I've undertaken, once I get the basic function down, I get bored. I know where the end game is in my head and can't seem to get enough 'umph' to trudge through and finish it out.

I don't want to develop just another web app, web site, or application. Just about all of that I can find within easy reach of the Internet or Linux's repositories.

I'm not a professional programmer, so I'm not pushed to find a job. I have one of those and it's decent. I would like to develop things that aid my job, but bosses in my profession don't like to have someone create something that everyone else can't work on. I'm the only one at my job that can code and there aren't any coming behind me.

So, in this thing I'm doing for myself, I've got to figure out where to next. Nothing new. That seems a part of life.

So, what do I do now?

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Jonathan Cutrell

What are your goals? Do you want to continue doing essentially what you are doing now?

Think about it this way - to figure out what you want to do, you need to chase down that sense of dissatisfaction. What exactly makes the code you are currently writing "not enough"?

If your boss doesn't want you to make something that other people can't work on, what is the consequence if you do it anyway? Will they fire you? If so, are you truly going to be happy in your job long term?

No one else can answer these questions for you, but they are essential!

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my advice is to create your own solutions to the problems that you are facing and market it on your own. you will add the extra income and at the same time practice what you love.