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Accepting a job before finishing engineering?

terceranexus6 profile image Paula ・1 min read

Computer engineering and tech industry is huge and competitive. Some people (I'm thinking about some classmates at engineering school, for example) find the job they were looking for before finishing their studies. What are your thoughts, experience and such in this issue? I'm giving a lot of thoughts to this lately, and I'd like to read your advises.


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Damien Cosset

Self taught here, so just a random opinion.

If you have the choice between starting a job right now or finish your studies, Does finishing school would give you a greater reward in the long run?

By finishing school first, I assume you would have certain advantages:

  • A degree ( duh ). Might be interesting/mandatory for certain employers
  • A better network ( ? )
  • A better education ( ? )

A degree could give you a better job ( seems your classmates dive pretty well anyway...). I can also presume that whatever concept you are being taught, it would be better to learn it from professional teachers than all by yourself, even though we do a whole lot of self-teaching in this job.

Finding a job right now would make you start gaining experience, and some €€€.

I'm totally biased here, because I'm a self taught and I've done alright so far. I also had a bad experience with academical studies in this field ( content way out of date for example ). Anyway, just my 2 cents :)

terceranexus6 profile image
Paula Author

I'm having a bad experience academically, too, also out of date content, I can feel you. I have some work experience but certainly not in what I'm aiming at (even if it was in the IT industry). I was thinking about changing the university or so.

Anyway your tips were great, thanks!!

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Sergio Rodriguez

That's exactly what I did and I don't regret it. I've a fine job and trying to success with a startup with my friends, all by self taught approach.

As Damien said, It depends of the job you are aiming at, but truth to be told, it's never black or white. You should experience both and decide what is best for you from there.

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Paula Author

Yes, actually I'm aiming at security, and in the grade we don't touch that issue... Awesome you're running a startup, btw, that's such an amazing job.