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Sia Karamalegos
Sia Karamalegos

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What frustrates you the most about web performance?

Are you trying to learn how to make websites faster? What frustrates you about performance, whether that's learning, implementing, or anything else related to it?

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Mike Healy
  1. Intermittent issues. I have a client with a couple of intermittently slow WordPress sites (slow TTFB on the server), but it only happens from time to time. I've done extensive debugging work and cannot figure out what causes it.

  2. I haven't learned how to interpret dev tools Performance tab with regards to frontend performance.

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Russell Heimlich

Yea I haven't really cracked the nut of the performance tab.

For the random intermittent time to first byte issue you'll want to do some server monitoring. Maybe a cron job is running a heavy task forcing your server to wait or if the page is regenerating cache for some 3rd party request.

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Juan Carlos
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George Mauer

I feel - and this could be completely different now, its been maybe 2 years or so - that there isn't really solid material that explains not only what all the pref tooling in chrome does, but how to actually use it in realistic sceanrios.

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Dylan Davenport

The fact that there are a lot of developers who don’t take it into consideration.