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What was your first PR on Github?

Theofanis Despoudis
Senior Software Engineer @wpengine, Experienced mentor @codeimentor, Technical Writer, Book author
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What was your first PR on Github and what can you tell about it? Mine was:


Oh yes I remember that one...! Silly times!

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Andrew Durber

Added support for custom data-attributes in Bootstrap Multiselect:

Then closed it shortly after because I didn't understand upstream sources, then created a new PR with a clean fork. Good times 😂

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Basile B.

I can't remember what i did with a previous account (deleted since) but with the one i currently use it was some annotations in D standard library, allowing to use some allocators in what we call nogc code.

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Jo Cook • Edited

I added a rude placename to the "Vaguely rude placenames" map at!

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Michael Kohl • Edited

Fixed a segfault in Potion's standard library. The actual PR got lost when the repo was migrated, but the commit's still there. First open source contribution must have been in the early 2000s.

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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

Hebrew Strings #189 to binaryage/totalfinder-i18n. bennypowers sent this pull request 6 years ago. Merged
A little community localization. Good times.

bohdanstupak1 profile image
Bohdan Stupak

Mine was typescript type definitions for jquery.nicescroll which I've added a couple of months ago. On my work front-end, I've started a migration to typescript (I promise to deliver an article about it one day) and I've needed those type definitions badly so I've decided to try myself as open source contributor.
my PR

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Andžs • Edited

Improvement on some jQuery plugin 4 years ago, but it was never merged 😞

As appears, that plugin was abandoned somewhere on around year.

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John Bull

My first PR was pretty ridiculous. I just added alt tags and labels to all the images on a website for an open source project. Funny thing was that the first pr for some reason messed up and didn't have like more than half of the code for the project. At least I realized my mistake and quickly canceled my first PR and re-did it correctly. To Say I was humbled was an understatement.

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Patrick Ziegler

I fixed some bugs in a minecraft mod. They were things, I had struggled with myself and it was nice to be able to put that knowledge into good use.

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Josiah Nieves

Mine was a single character change for


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Elan Utta

my frist Pull Request was in my friend's repository, we are building a website that makes recommendation of streamers, it was difficult to write the code, but it finally came out.

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Albert Alises

Added lookup tables to color brain segmentation images based on their labels on a medical image visualizer. Did quite the mess with that but managed to get it working in the end...

first PR

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Herdy Handoko

Adding other hashing algo options for Play Framework v1.

Was unfamiliar with git and GitHub, and uncomfortable with Java (a full time C# dev at the time).

Really estatic when the PR was merged 😁

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Danny de Vries • Edited

The good ol' 'how does GitHub work'

GitHub PR screenshot

bluebird1 profile image

Just a small bug.

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Agustin Navcevich

Mine was no long ago...

Alt text of image

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David J Eddy

Good Times.

Good times...

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varo manukyan • Edited

I changed a warning message text. Well, that happened yesterday :D

first PR screenshot

nicolasguzca profile image

Migrated an open source project to PHP 7.X. It felt so good!

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Antonio Radovcic

My first and only PR on a Github-Project was adding "var" to a line to satisfy the tool-chain.

The project was a HTML-Game-Library by Rezoner.

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m-rufflesmcghie • Edited

Litterly remove duplicte entry in an Android rom build.prop

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Darryl Norris

It was a typo in a project that I really need it at the time.

First PR darol100

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Jordon Replogle • Edited

An inventory script for Ansible.

First PR

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Nina Rallies

Just to make sure I knew what I was doing!

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Added a tiny web server to a, ahem, questionably legal application that obtains movies via various p2p offerings... The idea was to easily get those files from the app's documents folder.

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Check you email please.