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DEV QUERIES: Finding out what makes software developers tick ❤️

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Alternate title: Software Devs and Engineers: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let's Find Out!

Happy coding ❤️

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That's me in the beginning (0:04)! (I have new glasses though)


What's your favourite dev tool?
Lint. Any form of linting

Ohhhh yes, absolutely.


This is so great! I'd love to see like "Mean Tweets" but for popular tools.


Interesting impromptu interviews.

One thing I'd like to ask since you're obviously a young and "cool" company, "How would you feel about working with a developer who is as old or older than your parents?"


My favorite noncoding activity is eating. very relatable


Dev: Do you provide tech support to your family/friends?
Me: Yeah, I work for them 😂

Great video I like it

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