Getting Started with VR

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Ben gets a demo of Knockout VR while interviewing one of its creators, Dre Smith, on how the game was built with Unity and C#. Dre shares his story about how he moved from making 360 videos to building virtual reality games. He also offers advice to those looking to get started. Unsurprisingly, there are Hello, world! projects in VR as well.

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This was a lot of fun, obviously. Dre's roundup of the tech choices at 1:29 were really interesting to me in addition to the environment he'd created.


The intro to this video is hilarious! Thanks for the tips Dre, I've been wondering how to start learning to make AR/VR games.


Great video, keep'em coming! And congratulations to Dre, it looks great, and a lot of fun!


I think it can be great to start with Google Cardboard (but no controller). The hardware seems to be the barrier for VR for now.


Really awesome content, i miss this in 2k19. There isn't much content for game developers :/ Good job (back then)!


0:55 love me some ragdoll!

Ahem I like the honest advice at 2:34 about how to get into VR, and him sharing his experience in general. Super cool to hear about a VR developer! Keep at it, Dre!

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