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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

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Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!โœŒ๏ธ


  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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  3. Or answer this question: what office snacks would you recommend?


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Hello everyone,

I'm Victor, an iOS developer from Taiwan, currently working in HK, just want to know more developers all over the world and seems here is the right place to come.

hmmm, just want to say~

hello world!

Victor, Lee Chung Yun


The hello world never gets old! haha, welcome to dev.to mate


Great to see you here Victor ๐Ÿ‘‹

May I ask how you found out about dev.to?


I just searched dev note taking, and the second result is here, ha


Nice to meet you. I love Taiwan very much and hope to have a trip there. By the way, May I know your which city is your hometown?


Iโ€™m from Taipei, but currently working in HK though, but welcome to ping me if you want to ask something about Taiwan or Taipei ๐Ÿ˜€

Sure I will and I should say that Taipei is a modern city and I like your Mayor. ;).


I'm Matt a Microsoft Server Engineer (mainly network admin) came here as just starting to learn development.
Not sure where to start have a few projects of my own I want to complete hoping people may be able to help offer advice.


Welcome to dev.to Matt.

Mind if I ask what make you interest in development?
(_ e.g.)I've seen some who used PowerShell moving to C#_)


Hello everyone!

This is Timi, 30 years old full stack dev girl, working remotely, travelling, living in Spain for a year and a half, but in NYC for 2 months right now. I love building, creating solutions, making life easier with good products.

A lovely article brought me here from my dailynow.co/ chrome extension, which hit a chord with me as I feel I am at a similar stage. dev.to/msarit/web-dev-tutorials-ta...

Besides development, I have a huge interest in architecture (in the brick and mortar way), sustainable development and smart cities. I want to create some mini projects in these fields to create a portfolio and get some insight in these fields.

I am interested to see what can come out of meeting all of you!

Yours truly,


Welcome Timi! I'm honored that my article was your doorway into Dev.to ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

Which stacks/tech do you work with professionally?


Heey :)

I am glad too! :)

I work with react, react native, mobile and frontend stuff, and starting out with php more recently.

I can see you are doing rails. What is your purpose with being a developer?

Hi Timi,

I've freelanced in Wordpress for a few years. I decided to learn to code back in February. As a freelancer, my passion is providing efficiency and workflow solutions to small biz and nonprofits, so I'd like to continue in that vein as a developer ๐Ÿ˜

Sounds great, best of luck with it! ;)


Hi Timi. I went in hard like you did but chicken out towards the end of the first paragraph as it was making me feel like I was having that dream wear suddenly you're at school but naked.

I'm way out of my depth here.


Hi everyone!

My name is John, I first became interested in software development in school. I was lucky enough to have a great teacher shout out Professor Phillips (Modesto Junior College).

That was a few years ago, I started working in IT, and was able to do some cool development projects and learn on the job. Mostly doing SQL reporting, and some email automation, with some Front End thrown in the mix. After a few years, someone suggested I learn Web Dev and I loved it. So I started learning on my own through MOOCs and tutorials, and I have been steadily working on improving my skills.

Over the last two years I have taken a few freelance clients and now work on the website and blog site at an IT firm.

I have been mostly working on my own and looking to work with a team on a product in the near future, I like JavaScript, React, Node, and Express, but I also like learning other languages and frameworks.

Visit my portfolio jbull.co
Twitter me @jbull328
And link me into linkedin.com/in/jbull328

I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!



Welcome to dev.to, John ๐Ÿ‘‹

Great to see you around.
Let's learn from each other.

I can't seem to connect to jbull.co btw ๐Ÿค”...



Great to meet you!

Should be jbull.co maybe jbull.co if that doesn't work.

Thanks John for the links.

I was able to
jbull.co/: works on Chrome
jbull.co/: doesn't load on FF & Chrome...

Might be due to a VPN I am using.

Yeah, it definitely could be some VPN issues or errors with the way I have my Cloudflare SSL and DNS setup, that is all a little new to me. Glad the first works though.


Hi Everyone!

I am a Web developer who loves coding.
I am the newbie here and hope to learn and share new things in programming.

Please feel free to message me. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Ming Lee


Hi Ming,

I'm new here, good to see I'm in good company. What sort of coding are you into? How are you learning these days?




Hi John,

I am sorry to very late response. I was busy so never checked this community. So I missed your message.

I am a full stack Javascript developer, and I joined this community to learn new things. :)

ReactJS and NodeJS are my main stack to build web application out.

Feel free to message me if any question.



Hi there everyone! :) I'm Tony; a developer from Norway that are just getting into blogging about coding, development and what I am doing as a full stack developer at Sorentio. What I want to do in the future is to get a remote job and keep on evolving as a developer while still having time for my family and crossfit which the flexibility of a remote job will provide me.

I love working in the back-end with databases, apis and the logic that the user don't see while interacting with a piece of software or a website. Clean and testable code is also important to me. Why do it halfway when you can do it proper the first time around? :)

And by no means am I an expert in the field but I'm a firm believer that teaching others will excel my own learning and that's why I am diving slowly into writing articles and blogging about my work/progress :)

Thanks guys :D


Hi everyone,

Frontend noob from Hamburg, Germany here. Learning React now after ~ 2 years of jQuery. I was amazed by the number of articles here, even for a relatively specific topic like next.js. Came here from hackernews.

Looking forward to not only learn but contribute here with some posts. Almost everything I learned in frontend development came from blogs and posts like here.

Thank you,


Hey cytel, I'm new here as well. Hope we a have a pleasant time here in dev.to


Hello All,

I'm Harley and have been developing software professionally for about 20 years in Media, Internet, Video Game, and Financial companies. I've been following the Practical Dev and Dev.to on twitter but hadn't visited the site before. I was listening to the Software Engineering daily podcast today and was interested by Ben's description of the site and community, so I decided to check it out. I am always looking for ways to increase my personal and my team's productivity and am looking forward to using this as a resource and can hopefully contribute as well.


Hi Harleybl,

Greetings from one SWE Daily listener to another. With your many years of experience, how have things changed over the years? I probably have seen some and first started learning when Jquery was just starting to fall out of favor. But you have probably seen a lot. Any tips for keeping current?




How have things changed... Lots and at the same time not so much. That isn't really a helpful answer. When I started was basically right after the PC revolution and just before the internet 1.0 really took off. Development had shifted from large mainframe development to taking advantage of PC's power, so there was a big emphasis on 2 tier type solutions. With the internet bubble things shifted from 2 tier and fat clients to 3 tier and web clients/thin clients. Following that was an emphasis on doing Service Oriented Architectures which are kind of the pre-cursor to today's cloud computing distributed/micro-service architectures. Its kind of funny because it feels like the pendulum is swinging back towards fat clients first with the rise of Javascript frameworks, mobile applications, and extrapolating that to things like web assembly and edge computing. Well maybe not fat clients in the traditional sense but moving computation closer to the user or device and away from the services.

As far as keeping current I think you are probably already on the right track by listening to SWE Daily and being a part of communities like this one. Apart from that in my professional life I look for opportunities to incorporate new technology and try new things while still accomplishing the goals of the business. If that doesn't fill your appetite I recommend having a side project to work on that allows for more green-field development and experimentation.

In general you have to figure out what are the things that really interest you and stay current on those at a deep level, while having an idea of what else is going on in the industry at a higher level of abstraction. I feel that will keep you flexible enough to be able to solve a wide variety of problems.

In your specific case of JQuery I wouldn't worry too much as I am sure there is still a lot of JQuery out there to be worked on. Some industries are still running Fortran code written in the 70s and 80s. Do I want to work on those systems... well no. My advice here is simple. Don't get good at the things you don't want to do. It's like every time someone gives me a Perl endorsement on LinkedIn I wish they wouldn't have. (Perl is fine if that is what you want to do, I just don't personally enjoy developing in that environment, but then again I haven't used it since the late 90's).

With so many new frameworks and methods popping up every day the hard part is figuring out which ones are worth learning and which don't have a good life span. So I basically take a wait and see attitude while new technologies gather some critical mass before I jump in.

Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for all the great details! So many gems of truth here.



My name is Diana, a senior student at the University of Zagreb studying Computer Science. I follow dev.to community for over a year already. It has been a really great source for me to expand my knowledge.
I look forward to meeting people from all over the world and maybe I get a chance for a student internship in some cool company. Also, I would like to write a few posts.


Hello [x for x in ['Dev.to', 'World', 'Everyone']]

I am Peeyush, the podcast interview - SE Daily interview with Ben Halpern - brought me here.

I have been a tech-founder for 4 startups since graduation (2009) - 1 failed (no market - flares.in), 2 (acquired - codescape.in, teramatrix.in), 1 (going on - getveris.in).

Office snacks I would recommend - chewy nature valley bars.


Very cool Peeyush, I also listened to that episode - SE Daily is great!


Hello! I'm Archeia (sorry for pseudonym) and I'm just a beginner to programming.

I have a passion to create a desktop mascot that helps cure loneliness even by just a bit. I like reading articles and I hope to learn a lot of things from you all!


It's a nice name, doesn't matter if it's pseudo.


Hi I'm Dorothy,

I wouldn't call myself a dev. I'm not looking for work in the tech industry. I'm just a keen hobbyist. Started learning Haskell today and I write a blog entitled "Grandma Runs Arch Linux".


Hey, welcome!

You should add your blog on your profile, too.


HI All,

Looking forward to some great articles here.

By the way, how do I save/bookmark an article I'm currently viewing? I don't see the save button unless I do a search and see save on the results items but I can't find a bookmark for the current article. i.e. some site links to the article and I want to add to my reading list for later



The like/unicorn/reading list buttons are pinned to the bottom of the window down there


Hey guys!

I'm an android developer from Switzerland!
I've fallen slowly but surely in love with Kotlin, although I still heavily use Java.
As a kinda zobby I collect good developer jokes. So if you have any to spare please send them my way.
One of my favourites is: Yo mamma is so big she has multidex enabled.


Hello everyone!

I'm Xavier, currently trying to change my professional life learning to code.
I hope to stay here for a while, learning from all and sharing my journey.

I have tried some popular learning platforms: codecademy, treehouse, freecodecamp, udemyโ€ฆ

Text editor based learning sites give me the feeling of making progress, with quick wins challenges, but after a couple of weeks, I feel like I can`t remember almost anyhthingโ€ฆ

Video based learning is too boring for me, too slow.

Time goes on and on, and I haven't build almost anything on my own (except a dozen of WordPress sites).

But...I am confident I will get it at some point.

This time my approach will be different. Just building things, learning 'just in time' and joining some community like Dev.to.

By the way I hope to be hired remotely and/or find a cofounder for a side project.

Sorry for lenght, that is almost a post!



Hello All, Glad to be here! I'm learning to program with Flatiron School via their online program. I've attended Codeland twice, where I heard Ben Halpern speak. I also attended Write/Speak/Code where I heard Jess Lee speak. So Dev.to has definitely been on my radar for a while. Looking forward to learning and sharing in the community.


Hello World! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I am Sam, a freelance full stack developer. I have been building applications professionally for over 10 years.

I just learned about dev.to on the Indie Hackers podcast ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

Drop me a message if you need any help, I'm here to try to give back to the community as much as I can.

Have a great day


What up my dudes

I'm web developer (junior) from South Africa looking for a place to vent frustration and gain some insights into the world of web dev. Looking to become a full stack web dev and then jump over into some data analytics in the not so distant future.

peace out



I'm Dino from Croatia. I've been working as web dev for 6 years. Just stumbled on this site by accident and loving it. Python/Django & VueJS is my tech of choice, learning GO lang as I go.

I like apples! To answer the snack question. ๐Ÿ™‚

Greetings to all. ๐Ÿ‘‹


Hello DevTeam,

I am working with landscape restoration monitoring team at WRI.
We have been desperately looking for higher resolution satellite imagery to map landcover of few districts in Africa and Latin America. We have some good data Collected on Google Earth by local operators. The challenge is that the best available imagery (open source) is still Sentinel-2, only 10m resolution.

I am so excited to here that Microsoft & ESRI developed a model to produce 1m resolution landcover map for Chesapeake region. The lack of high resolution landcover maps is a big problem, especially in many developing countries.

Is it possible to access the model, to test with the training data we have from some African landscapes?
Do you have access to 1m resolution imagery for some African countries, e.g. Ethiopia?

Unlike deforestation, restoration requires tracking of very minute improvements in vegetation, soils, and moisture/hydrology as well as biodiversity for long term. To make matters worse, we need to scale this to 100 of millions global drylands. AI for Earth innovation is right on this problem.

Thank you,
Tesfay Woldemariam


Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and i'm still relatively new to code (a year I've been doing this) I am switching my blog over to here. Looking forward to making connections :D

I am in a course for Full Stack - so i really like all, but feel more comfortable in back end.

snacks would have to be....popcorn!

i love video games and bad reality tv- anyone else?!


Great to have you here.
How is it going with #100daysofcode and Coding bootcamp by Flatrion School?Maybe you can share your journey in some posts and we all can benefit from that.
Good luck!


hi there! thank you for responding to my welcome :)!!!!! i only started 100 days of code around 69 days ago, i've been in the bootcamp for over a year...and with my posts i hope to explain my stories ! i have a few posts that i'm going to import right now and then continue to write on here.


Hi everyone! ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ

I'm Kosta, a Java Software Engineer from southern Germany.
I've been following @thepracticaldev on Twitter for some time and (finally) decided to join in the fun over here too.

Currently I'm working on a few Flutter apps (private and @work) while practicing Dart.

Cheers ๐Ÿ‘‹


I am Ajinkya. Don't ask me technology, I have worked on many technologies.. mostly web related. I have joined this for some fresh content. I hope I'll get a good blogs and information.



Hello all,

I'm Bertrand (Bart is my US friendly name!). New developer and new on dev.to. I heard a lot of great stuff about the community here.
I recently finished a bootcamp and now want to meet mind alike people and keep on learning!


Welcome to the community! Perhaps make a post about your experience and learning on the bootcamp you've just finished? That'll make a good first post!


Great idea, I wanted to do something like that indeed. I do have some stuff to say about that!
I am also trying to develop a few habits around coding. I'll discuss about that too :)


My name is Owen. I'm a developer from Ireland. I just read about dev.to on github and it seemed like a great place to interact and learn from other developers so I thought I join and check it out :)


Hi There,

I'm Itu, Java developer from South Africa. I look forward to being part of the community and learning a lot from everyone. SOmeone posted a link to dev.to, so I thought i'd check it out :) I like what I see...


Hi guys,

Sorin here, I'm a web developer, I've been working a lot with WordPress in the past years, but recently I got more into Laravel for the backend and ReactJS for the frontend.

I really like to read stories from the other developers and that's probably the main reason for my presence here.

Of course, I have to say the traditional...

echo "Hello World";




Someone I know referred me to Dev.to, and I decided I should join. I am not yet a developer or in the industry; I am actually a full-time attorney. That being said, there are some things I want to program, to materialize some of my thoughts and ideas into, and I hope being here will help me hone in my skills to help me realize those thoughts of mine into reality.


๐Ÿ‘‹ Welcome INTP Panda to dev.to.

Great to see someone in a different field of profession to be interested in programming.

& Please feel free to ask any questions ๐Ÿ˜€ (either by replying to a post or writing a post).


Thank you! I certainly will. I'm already reading so much and getting a lot of information!

If you happened to know any developers at your work,
I am sure they'd more than love ๐Ÿ˜ to help you out, as well.


My name's Tsubasa and I'm Japanese.

I've learned the foundations of Ruby, so I learn to develop with Ruby on Rails everyday and study also English!

In short I'm newbie.

That's why I've joined here to write articles in English about what I learned.
If there's a mistake anywhere in articles I'll write, please point me out that!


Thank you ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ

welcome tsubasa! if your looking to learn how to be a better developer and your looking to do it in english, your in the right place. I have yet to find another community for devs that is moderated so well and so free of trolling. Hope you like it!

Thank you ๐Ÿ™
I hope hare's the right place for me.


Hello World,

I'm Jan from Philippines, I was just searching the web on how to eliminate the boring feeling if you keep on working on a single JS Framework over and over again. Then I read @marluanguerrero blog about Vanilla Javascript.

Hope I'll be able to learn more from you guys!