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dev.to staff on October 11, 2018

Hey there! Welcome to dev.to! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or... [Read Full]
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Hey there! I work here at DEV :) I think I mostly prefer working in the office, but I'm growing to like working remote. I think a successful remote location means an environment with little distractions. Communication is also key for remote workers, both from the team and to the team.


I'm going to respond to this one, because apparently I've never commented on an intro thread before!

So hi! My name is Karyme Virginia. I'm a student at Flatiron School learning full-stack web development with mainly Ruby and JavaScript. It's fun. :)

For now, I would prefer working remotely because I don't like commuting, but I quite enjoy the office environment!


Everyone I work with is shocked that I chose to move where I did because it means commuting over an hour into work. That said, I heard a big predictor of happiness is commute time, so you probably have the right idea!


I'm actually on the fence about that! If I'm taking public transit, there's sort of a dual-edged blade with that. Oftentimes I feel uncomfortable on public transit, but in theory it frees me up to read a book or something else I'd otherwise do in my free-time anyway. If that's the case, I feel I could handle a long commute. Even if I'm driving, I suppose I could listen to good music (which I hardly ever do on my own) or a podcast, or an audiobook!

Absolutely! I'm on public transit and am usually reading a book while listening to music. Sometimes a podcast (that's what I did this morning).

from pprint import pprint
class Introduction(object):
    """Hello dev.to"""
    def __init__(self):
        self.person = {
            "firstname" : "Ferit",
            "lastname" : "Cubukcuoglu",
            "profession" : "fullstack developer and founder",
            "skills" : ["desktop, mobile development(python,C++,Qt)", "maker", "web"],
            "learning today" : ["Vue.js", "bootstrap", "css"],
            "signin dev.to for" : ["interesting articles", "dev posts", "like-minded people"],
            "available for" : ["different kinds of projects(coding or making things)"]

    def introduce(self):
        return self.person




Welcome! I can see Python is one of your main weapons. 😃


Thx! Not only but one of my favorites 😁 the truth is that my coding skills are definitely better than my english and I thought our common language here on dev.to is clear, coding/dev! In a way, everyone will understand me here, maybe in a different syntax😊


Hello! I am a self-employed website developer. I do business as the Web Witch from my home. I specialize in ASP.NET Webforms and the Visual Basic language. I am an expert in creating accessible, data-driven, and mobile-friendly websites.


Hi! I'm Zephyr! I do full stack PHP/Angular work currently and like the elementary school-sourced magnets on my fridge say, I 'Love to Learn', 'Love to Write', and 'Love to Create'. I work on-site mostly because I have way too many projects at home.


Hi all! I'm a student at the Turing School in Denver. I stumbled across this community by happenstance and am excited to become involved. I'm very new to programming..and I'm not sure if I prefer remote or in office, as I've never worked remote before.


Hi, and welcome, to both DEV and programming! I'm sure you'll love it.


Why thank you! Programming is great-as someone coming from an entirely different background its a consistent exercise in being completely literal at all times-which I find hilarious and amazingly frustrating all at once :D Rails has been making things so much easier, though!!!


Such a great question. Its certainly the most challenging thing I have ever done, technically and personally. The biggest point of growth, I believe, is in how I'm learning to dissect huge problems into tiny bits, and also in how my viewpoint is changing on how to address social issues as well. Its a great school that does an excellent job on teaching technical skill and is very committed to evolving education such that ethics are addressed so that those technical skills can be used by their students to better the human condition. It is certainly not perfect and there are some faults that come with any kind of human organization, but whats most important to me that I resonate with there is that Turing is 100% committed to constantly growing, and they practice what they preach in that area. Its very refreshing.

So in summary, its hard and the academic demands and workload can be brutally tough (and who likes that, really, unless you're a masochist....) but I am glad to be there. I'm confident I will come out prepared to enter the job market AND have real tools to make a difference in the areas I care about.

I'd love to hear any other Turing students or alums chime in and give your thoughts on what you experienced.


Hey everyone! I'm an undergraduate student studying IT with a passion for the web. I've been working with node and React for about a year now. Got here from Medium and I already feel so at home here! This place feels so much more developer friendly


Hi everyone! My name is Lou and I came to a realization about 3wks ago that I dislike my current career path and coincidentally read an article about becoming a software engineer in 9months. I was hooked. I must admit that I was always intrigued with programming but assumed that it's only for smart people and I would never understand it. Tomorrow (Oct. 15)I will be joining Thinkful's Full Stack Flex program and hope that I land a job after the program. I don't know which language I will be diving into yet, but I think I'm leaning towards JavaScript.

I currently live in Portland, OR and I'm super ecstatic and grateful to have found and soon join a career with an unbelievably supportive community. I like the idea of mostly working remotely with an option of reporting to an office environment for building rapport and human interaction. I like people and being cooped up at home most of the time is not my thing.

I'm looking forward to this journey and dev.to is a great resource. Thank you!


Welcome Lou. I am new myself here too, but of course we are smart people lol.


Hello everyone! I'm an I.T. student who lives at Monteiro, state of Paraíba, Brazil. I'll finish my college next year, on Systems Analysis and Development, but, like almost everyone who are graduating on the same college, even recognizing the importance of both on software development, I prefer programming over systems analysis (doing UML diagrams, writing use cases, defining business rules, and so on). Because I love thinking about graphical interfaces, my favorite part of development is doing the front-end. Actually, I can write programs in Java, Python (Django) and JavaScript (worked with PHP but I'm forgetting it because it had some time) and now I'm learning Spring Boot and Angular, but have interest to learn other languages and frameworks, too. On my vacant hours, my favorite hobby is to change the UI of my Galaxy S7, with themes, icon packs, launchers and widgets (I used to install custom ROMs on my previous devices too).
About the question, when I'm home, I'm so lazy. When I take a bath, switch my clothes, drink my coffee and go to the college, a "trigger" is activated on my brain and I finally feel ready to work. Even on start of graduation, I always tried to do my projects on college laboratory or library. So, if I can choose, I would prefer work on an office.


What's up, I am a DevOps and Backend Dev from Ghana. I write .NETCore, Python, And Some JS when the need arises. I am addicted to Linux and i3Wm. I have a battle horse which I am struggling to part ways with, its the Lenovo ThinkPad T410, this guy is a workhorse. :sparkles:



I am a relatively new developer looking to connect with other new developers! This seems like a really cool community!

I'm building this - thehackhive.com , a portfolio site for developers. Check out my profile - thehackhive.com/profile/vbhartia

Love to learn about what people are building and connect!


Hello, Simeon Khuntha here. I've known about programming for a long time, 5 or 6 years but only now do I have an interest in doing something about it. Currently doing webdev but should branch out more in 2019 and 2020.

My goal/dream/hope is to be a Linux SysAdmin, I'd appreciate any and all opinions, ideas and any kind of help that can help me achieve this goal.

As for working remotely or in an office, both are appealing to me and I'm hard pressed to choose one but if it is my first job then I'd be more on the side of working at an office to build relationships.


Howdy, folks! Knew Jess Lee, one of the co-founders, growing up. She told me to check it out, so here I am.

Definitely prefer in office. Communication feels easier and more natural. Always nice to have the option to do the occasional remote day though!


Welcome. :) So far I really love it here, and I hope you will, as well! Thanks for chatting with me about commuting!


Hi there! I'm Edu, a Brazilian fullstack developer. I love Ruby, Rails and Javascript. My front end usualy is VueJS. I'm doing some experiments with Flutter, and beside the strange sintax, the results are very interesting.
If some one want talk about web development, music and series, here I am!


Welcome to DEV :) I'm learning Ruby and Rails as well, and while I haven't started working on Rails, I'm really enjoying Ruby!



I am a French Backend developer. My main skills are JavaScript and PHP and right now I'm trying to improve my CSS skills because I'm not good at front-end and I'm learning VueJS.
My GitHub : github.com/binksxela


Oh cool! An intro thread.

Came up here because all the cool kids are doing it :)

I'm currently getting amazed by headless CMS and hosting everything for free and fast!
I like working remote but its good to see some faces here and there...


Hello, my name is John Slivinsky and I'm new to Dev.to


Hi everyone!

I'm Tom, I live in the Czech Republic and I'm a self-taught web developer in the first year of my new career. I'm excited I found this community of people who enjoy programming as much as I do and hopefully I'll be able to learn from experienced devs and also share my successes and failures as a self-taught developer.

Can't wait to get started :-)


Hi guys, I'm Luthfulahi, I joined this community to get help on my upcoming technical interview as a Frontend developer, what material or link can I learn and understand GraphQL query and mutation as a Frontend dev.


Hi everyone! I am Arun and I am from India. I work remotely in customer support and recently, I have had the interest to learn writing code. I am working on JavaScript courses on Treehouse at the moment.

I am also working on front end libraries certification on freeCodeCamp.

I see myself progressing from customer support to development in the future and I am glad I discovered this community. In the span of two days I have read a lot of helpful articles here. Thankful to all the developers who share their thoughts here! ⚡️


Welcome Arun!! Great to have you!!

You have made a good decision and Wish you the best for your career!


Hey everyone, I'm Charlie. I'm here on DEV because it's the good parts of tech Twitter without the Twitter part of Twitter! It's also because what I want to say about my self-taught dev journey has needed more and more characters as time has gone on.

I've yet to get my first developer job, so I'd prefer to work in an office. Face to face feels more interactive and personal, especially in a learning environment.


Hey everyone, my name’s Maggie and I stumbled here from a twitter rabbit hole and made an account after realizing the sticker I picked up from a women in tech conference wasn’t just a generic “DEV” sticker, but a swag product from this company. What a noob.

I just graduated at the end of June from a coding fellowship in LIC, NYC and I learned Swift for iOS mobile app development. I’m currently working part time at the fellowship for the next cohort as a teaching assistant and staff member while I look for a full time iOS engineer position.

Fun fact: I was a volunteer junior fire fighter for 3 years in high school.

And I prefer working in an office currently, because working at home usually ends up in Terrace House marathons on Netflix.

Nice to meet you all :)


Hello! My name's Ben. I'm a self-taught developer that started off as an Android developer with Java, and now I do all the Javascripty things.

I wrote this book (currently still in progress, but will be published via website soon!) called "Modern JavaScript By Example"


I work at the Bouqs Company in Marina Del Rey, CA as a Senior full stack developer, with focus on the front end.

I was brought here by someone linking to my book on someone's article :). Yay sharing!

My preference for work environment is a mix of remote work and on-site work. I like speaking directly to my coworkers, but I also like having some alone time with headphones and jamming to EDM while coding. It's my genuine joy in life. Love coding and helping others achieve their goals and become the best they can be ;)


Hi everyone! My name is Akash Gheewala. I'm an undergrad student at UMBC studying Information Systems. I've learned Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. I'm here to continue my journey as an aspiring software developer and explore my interests in web & iOS development!

fun fact: I was on my school's dance team for 2 years 💃


Hello, I am Alisha Roy. I am an Ethereum and Blockchain Developer. And I am here to learn more about new techniques and currently working in Ftechiz Solutions, An India based Blockchain Development Company, building blockchain applications, and I am a team member of the blockchain team. Hope I will learn more here


I am Nilkamal Shah. Earlier i am .NET developer, right now focusing on learning react and to become front end developer. I am from INDIA. I am currently looking for job, i like to work in office enviornment initially until i got good knowledge on react.


Hey guys! I'm Aaron, I study web development in Sweden. I'm at my first year, so I'm very new to all this. I found this site in the comment section of Brad Traversy's video. I am looking forward to getting to know you guys, and get immersed in this community, but also learn a thing or two! ;)


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Hello. I'm Patricia, with the Traefik team. We're expanding our team to the U.S. from France, and I'm expanding from Twitter to Dev. :) I enjoy a hybrid work environment, it makes the most sense for productivity and wellness.

Fun fact: I <3 to cycle. #pelotonpatricia


So hi everyone, i'm a graduating software engineer at University of the South Pacific, very passionate about software development, so glad to have found this community and to be a part of this. i don't have a strong preference when it comes to working remote or in an office.


Hi, I'm Ahmad Masabni and I'm a web developer. Been working with the laravel framework for quite some time and started working with VueJS alongside laravel projects, I really loved it and i hope that i can learn more from here and also help the community. What brought me here is The Devs community on telegram where they send very helpful links and articles, here's their link:
I also prefer working in an office where i can communicate and learn more from my colleagues.


Hey! I'm Joe Abell, a Senior Web Dev, where I work on a crazy React CMS for video metadata management. I spend my evenings looking after my daughter, teaching my sister programming, participate in various game jams, music, and creating unconventional control schemes for toys. My daughter likes playing pong using the pitch of her voice, as an example.

There is absolutely no way I could work remotely at the moment, as I have a 9 month old little lady who would love to take all my attention. Props to the missus who manages to do just that.

I'm looking forward to keeping my skills fresh with Javascript, continue to pick up bits of Python, Ruby and Erlang for home use, and trying my hardest to keep a sane work / play / life balance.


Hello everyone.
I'm Nyior, a passionate programmer and lately I seem to have a high interest in web development. As result I'm currently trying to figure out how to I could use react.js for my front-end(learning React.js) but it's difficult for me though.It's really difficult for me because I don't know anyone who is good with react personally. So I taught it's wise to at least join this community


Hi there, I'm Daragh! I'm a Technology Lead in Sydney, Australia. I'm currently working on Docker based/AWS Hosted/PHP apps with Vue and React front-ends (who isn't though??)

I'm also a meditation teacher and blog about the intersection of coding and meditation practice over at codingmindfully.com.

I'm happy remote but I find a bit of in-office helps immensely!


Hey guys! I'm a self-employed .NET Core developer with a lot of background developing web based software.

Honestly, I much prefer working in an office. I get too easily distracted when I'm at home all day :)


Hi everyone. Self taught coder, java, php, hmtl, python, mysql, etc. I have been an industrial automation tech for 8 years or so. Siemens PLC's, Allen Bradley, Omron, you name it.

I am here to learn from others, and hopefully find a good mentor. :D
I don't mind either way remote or office, but remote is probably what I would go for.


Hello, I'm José Nobile a Full stack software Engineer. I'm here because I was reading an article about optimizing the execution time in JavaScript, it helps me to improve Dartspeed.com (a service to reduce the website loadtime automatically), It already applies more than 30 optimizations. Looking for more :-)


Hi, my name's Richard, analyst, I work mainly with SQL & Excel VBA at work. Going for my Masters in Statistics so I'm picking up Python to pair with the theoretical information.

Interested in Sentiment Analysis, currently using it paired with Twitter Data to try and analyze opinions regarding stocks/company/etc. Not sure how effective/useful it'll be but it's definitely got me more engaged than tutorial videos/books!

I've always got a few questions so really appreciate any outreach on this.

Thanks all,


Hello DEV Community! I work as a Software Developer in automobile industry. In my job I'm developing tools for computer aided engineering and process automation. In my spare time I enjoy learning new web technologies like Angular and React. I'm also a passionate photographer.


Hi, my name is Ojo Ahmed. Just a simple guy who is Loves software, game designs & development.
I currently work as a Full-stack developer using js, PHP. While learning game design and development at night/ weekend.
I am very much passionate about Web, DevOps, VR, and ML.
I came to DEV community to meet brilliant and similar minds to learn from.


Hi! I'm a co-founder of Sofi (soficoop.com), a software cooperative that tries to create technological solutions to social problems. I'm a full stack developer with 2.5 years of experience, and I try to combine working from home and from the office :)


Hello, I’m Victor, Full-Stack developer and Business developer based in the United Kingdom.
I have rich experience in web site design & building
and customization. Also I am good at AI, html, css,
laravel, php, node.js, react.js, angular.js, Elixir, a bunch of frameworks, GIT! , bootstrap, MongoDB, redis, couchbase, docker, elastic, AWS, Citrix, linux, project management.

I love network security, cisco hardware, juniper, and old<school pfsense :) and veeam products and related data center technologies

I love to work at the office only because of the HQ coffee's!


Hello! I'm an Android/Java software who likes to write code both professionally and as a hobby. I dabble in Golang, and fancy continuous integration.

I definitely prefer working at the office because if I worked at home, my children would make me totally unproductive.

I came here because of this post:


Hello! I am brand-new to this community. I work as a Front-End Dev at Gusto! in Harrisburg, PA.


I've been following from afar and seeing lots of interesting posts on twitter, and thought I could join.
I'm a robotics software engineer, working on a medical exoskeleton. So I'm a professional in embedded systems but I know nothing about web development. My main languages are C/C++ and Python. Due to the nature of my work I prefer office work, because testing on the device is not possible at home. Hope I can learn at lot here and also provide some insights for people interested in working in robotics or IOT etc.


Hi, I'm Rick, in Portland, OR, USA. I like learning, and have had a number of interesting articles from DEV pop into my feed, so figured I'd take the plunge. I've been in the industry for awhile, starting out as a Unix sysadmin in the late 90s (or editing LaTeX and TeX documents before that). Now I get to help teams solve interesting problems mostly around cloud migration, but there are many facets to that such as adopting modern development paradigms, change management methodologies, and organizational considerations.

I like a hybrid onsite/WFH environment...there's a lot to be said for some quality face-to-face time!


Hello everyone! I'm a front end developer from Sacramento, CA. I write about tech challenges from time to time and am always looking to expand my knowledge. I'm excited to join a community that's passionate about learning and sharing knowledge.

I've been working remotely for the past 4 years and although I do enjoy the comfort of being at home and being distraction free, it can get lonely. There are times when I work in the HQ office as well, so I definitely capitalize on bonding with teammates. Communication is definitely key when working remotely. We use Slack, Trello, Jira, & Zoom.


Hi, I'm a french young developer (15yo).
I love Javascript and I often use this language in my project.
I have already done many open source project (check my GitHub account: github.com/dimensi0n/)
Happy to be there!
I hope I'll post good content ^


Hello! My name is Sally and I just graduated from college a couple of months ago. I'm currently in a program called Capital One Developer Academy where they teach STEM graduates web development skills, and place us into software engineering/data engineering rotations. My background is in Statistics and Machine Learning, so hopefully one day I can go back to that track.

I prefer working in an office! I'm never productive at home, unfortunately :/


Hi! I work at a large bank doing whatever development stuff needs doing. Web, java, database, javascript, .net, whatever gives me a chance to learn something new.

Our group is moving to an open office plan and I am dreading it with every bit of my being.

So, I prefer working remote :D



My name is Jhonnatan, I work as a UI Developer at Zemoga mostly doing Javascript. Currently learning Brightscript to create Roku channels I prefer to work from office so you can interact with people, however, 2 days of working remotely are perfect for me.



Hi all.

I've been a front end dev for a long time and have recently moved into product design (UX/UI) and I am doing my bit to make the internet less shit. I care about inclusion, diversity, accessibility, appropriate use of HTML, understandable UI, and I am an expert with CSS. My open source light weight reflex grid is something I'm very proud of. Just to reiterate, I want to make the internet less shit. Keep it simple. Talk to your users. Have fun. Drink real ale.


Hello! I'm Brittany, and I'm currently a student in the Flatiron Full Stack Web Dev course. About to take on Ruby on Rails, with OO Ruby and Sinatra behind me. I'm a mom of 2, wife, nature AND tech enthusiast who loves learning and meeting new people. I just joined the Dev.to community and have thoroughly enjoyed reading these articles that span such a wide range of valuable topics. I'll be sharing my blog posts here and hope that they resonate with other newbies like me.

As for remote vs. in-office - definitely remote! I don't appreciate the morning commute all that much but I do love video chats : )

Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to reading about and possibly collaborating with you smart people!


Hey there I’m interested in exploring React and Angular. Working remote is what I prefer but there is a drawback you’ve to talk to yourself which is not a bad thing but sometime you need someone else to discuss your thoughts ;)



Before I introduce myself. Did anyone mention, or even notice the flashing images above? They can cause brain damage to someone :-)
One smiley face is more than enough in my opinion. Especially that they don't really add any value to the dev world.

I love the sense of community in this place and hope to learn a lot from it. I will also try to do my best to help others with answers and contributions.

Remote working is best when you work for yourself and have total control of the hours you feel like doing over the week. If you work for someone else, be sure to have the best equipment that don't crash every 5 minutes, otherwise, you are in trouble.


Hi everyone,

New to coding. I think I’m wired to code, and I’m excited to dig in and learn anything and everything. :) JavaScript and Python seem most interesting so far. I started in networking, moved into voice and contact center, and now hope to code.


Hi, my name is Niloufar. I enjoy developing applications, solving challenges, working in teams and sharing knowledge! I prefer working in an office, communicate with people face to face and discuss and solve problems together. Nothing feels better than hanging out with teammates and feel like a family! Let their problem be my problem and receive feedbacks from them.
I program in JAVA/J2EE and Python languages. I've learnt JAVA during working as a QA in my previous job and started developing web applications! I love learning new languages and technologies and my next step is to learn JavaScript and Angular.
I've recently moved to Canada and seeking my desired job. I miss working so much!


Hi, I'm a freelance rails developer helping clients build MVPs and get them to market ASAP.

I focus on efficiency (which is why I love rails) and try not to be too romantic about the code I write - whether that's skipping a few unit tests so we can ship faster or using a 'boring' framework such as rails. If it works it works!

I've been lurking in the DEV community for a while so I thought I'd make an account and say hi :)


Hello, my name is Kareem fawas aka phawazzzy, what brought me here is for learning new things.

Am currently learning Js and node.js, backend programming to make it short.

I prefer working in the office


Hi I'm Chanell. I'm a graphic designer based in Houston. I've been in design for years and looking to transition into a web developer. I've created a few sites in the past but really want to do a career switch.

Eventually I'd love to work remotely and not have so much office time.


Hello world! I'm Samuel, and i am new here. I love the keys, and i play with it a lot.I'm currently looking for a place to do my intern(html, css, bootstrap, js), and that, remotely. I'd be glad if anyone can help out. Thanks in advance, and welcome to myself.


Hello everyone!

My name is Nikolas and I’m currently an apprentice web developer. I live in Oldenburg (Oldb), Germany.

I am passionate about all things PHP, Bash scripts, modern CSS and DevOps.

I'd like to improve my skills in modern front-end development and learn Vue.js. I am also interested in Rust and creating my own little game and/or engine someday. My plan is to write blog posts about my learning experience and to publish them on nikol.as (my blog) and dev.to.

I am currently working on a platform one can use to keep track of their video game collection and progress. It's a neat little side project. I am planning to open source the project once it reaches a reasonable milestone.



Hi all, currently a PHP dev focusing on Drupal. In my spare time I am very interested in iOS development and submitted myself to finding a mentor who can help me. I appreciate contributing to open source and enjoy building things to make dev lives easier!


Hi all!, I'm Runo a Petroleum engineering student learning to code! I'm actually learning to code because I'm very passionate about the tech industry. I can't see the future for sure, but I know mines written in code!, I look forward to building highly sophisticated software for the Oil and gas sector, Medicine, entertainment and anything at all, as long as it's fun! I'm a lifelong learner, teacher and writer. I'm here at DEV to connect with developers all across the globe. I'm addicted to JavaScript/Reactjs, I build UIs with Bootstrap 4 (cause it's awesome), and I'm learning PHP before I delve into Node in 2019.


Hi guys my name is Basit, am a blogger at techtip.com.ng.
I write programs too mostly c++, java and python


Hi guys, I'm working as a Javascript developer. I have been following dev.to for the last 3-4 months. Found it very useful and active community. Just finished publishing my first post here, talking about some challenges I encountered while developing my first PWA.


Hi Dev.to!

I'm Ivan.

I prefer to work remote, but also like working in the office.

Actually, I think that a mix of both is the best.


Hello there!

I'm Vaibhav from India. I'm a final year Computer Science Engineering student from AKTU university. I'm a passionate Android and web developer, well I'm good at front-end web though. I saw DEV's article in my Chrome's Daily Now tab and I think this is a wonderful community to follow. I also write stories on web development tutorials on Medium.

Recently I wanted to enhance my UI design skills so I completed Adobe's XD Daily Creative Challange and it was fun. Currently, being unemployed I enjoy working from home or remotely. Currently, I'm enrolled in Google's Scholarship for Udacity's Android Developer Nanodegree.

That's it I guess, have a great day! 😃


Hi, I am a developer from India. Want to learn and teach/share. Hope to do that here.


Hello, I work at CodeStream, a new service to help make it easier for developers to talk about code. I prefer working remote and I think it's a big trend!


Hey! I'm Connor, and I'm currently learning Python rn so I can build a programming portfolio and eventually become a freelance developer!


Hi all!
Software/Frontend Dev here, working at CHECK24, Munich, Bavaria.
Loving retrocomputing, funny t-shirts, music, reading, baking pizza, being father/husband.
Love to all.


Hi coders!

I am a hungry coder with interest on web devs. I am here to learn and contribute as much as possible. I write on my personal blog here ijsucceed.com.

Love to take on remote gigs.


Hello all!
This is Mustafa from Syria, 19 years old.
I'm kinda knew to programming and here to learn more!
Looking forward to have the experience of using this platform (it looks cool btw)


Hey All, i feel blessed joining this group.Stay tuned for me..


Hi there , im a cs student and at the same time a remote developer. I mainly major in API development and also SOA architectured apps.


I am Tushar Sharma and I am a Senior at Iowa State Univesity studying Management Information Systems. I love Web Development.
I prefer working in an office.


Hi, I'm Oscar. Here to learn, and solve a lot.


Hello i'm backend programmer from east borneo Indonesia.


I like both, remote and in an office. However, I prefer working remotely.


Hello World !

I'm glad to be part of this forum.

I debutate on the web language (JS _ Ruby)

I prefer to work in an office, because you can echange with colleague and learn more.

Bye Bye


I'm new on Dev. Trying to figure out how it works. Also wants help from others.


hey everyone i am a final year studnt working with python , blockchain development and elixir .


I am a fresh web developer I am from Pakistan I started coding from freecodecamp I know about dev.to from medium articles


Hello world, I am learning JavaScript and I think it is an excellent place to read a bit about the topic that interests me. Thank you for existing


Hello ! I am Yodel, I do fun stuff with Ruby and Linux. I both student and researcher. Glad can join here.


Hello 👋
I'm Nick and currently I'm a student. I love programming even though I don't do it professionally yet.
I don't mind working in an office or remote.


Hey everyone,

My name is Magesh, I run a small web development startup in Chennai, India. I'm a full-stack web developer myself, I use Ruby and React mostly. New to dev.to community.

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Greetings from Copenhagen! I've been lurking dev.to ever since I first saw it on Hacker News. I decided to try to become a part of the community now, because I believe a lot of people here will love my domain name finder, and I hope the community can provide valuable feedback and feature requests.

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Hello! I am a self-employed website designer. I specialize in Photoshop, Illustrator Designs. I am an expert in creating icons, photoshop actions, and event designs.

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Hello folks! Here be dragon! I stumbled across this site while browsing through posts on algorithms.

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