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dev.to staff on October 06, 2017

Hey there, welcome to dev.to! The last introduction thread got 200 comments! Stoked that y'all are introducing yourselves.😁 I'm g... [Read Full]
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is this the new medium.com (the tech part)
also i'm amazed by how snappy the website is, love it


Hi everyone. This is Bruno, from Argentina. I couldn't agree more with Kyrollos. Is this the new Medium? We'll see...

The site's really snappy, that's true also.

Glad to be over here!


Hi everyone! As you might have guessed, I am a software developer and a blogger too. I am Sam, 1selfsolutions.com is my blog. It basically has everything I would like to share, which includes my programming knowledge. :)

Hope I'm welcome here :D


Hello all, I am ilyes from earth:), pleased to join this new platform. I'm a machine learning engineer, hope to learn and share with the community here :))


Welcome everyone! If you have any questions about how to contribute, don't be afraid to ask.

One thing I'd suggest: If you're not sure what to write yourself, feel free to add questions to some of the posts. The authors usually love to answer these. It's kind of like a conference talk. Follow up questions about any of the material is a great part of it.


Hi Ben! thanks for give us this new coven to share with the dev world.


Hello World!

My name is Parth Krishna. Currently, I am learning how to google code solutions, and bug fixes(mostly segmentation faults), and get answers from stackoverflow[I am a second year CS student] :P

I came across this website as an advert on facebook, and I liked it. It's a really good project. I find it really useful because it's linked to your github account, so I can stalk people and their repositories both, side by side XD

My college course includes, data structures in C[I freaking hate those sigsegv errors], using python libraries to visualize datasets(Data Science), and some other. I'm trying to script many things using bash currenly[check my repositories], also, I'm learning Django on the sides[ wait until I create a website better than this @thepracticaldev ]

My advice to the current and future self - Stop procrastinating alreadys. You have so many things to do but your attitude is making you refrain. You have the potential. If someone can do it, YOU can do it too.

P.S. ask her out already man :3

Thanks for reading this.
Love from India.
Parth Krishna


Hey Parth!

Great advice -- procrastination is a dream killer!

Good luck in building your skill set--seems like you're on the path to success.

In hiring for technical roles I see all sorts of motivated, hard workers come across my desk and I'm in awe of how much focus they have. Focus is key, and it kills procrastination. Good luck with everything!


Thanks a lot for all the wishes!
Please keep me guiding in the future also =D


Hello,am also interested in tech issues. I study computer science online


Hello! I'm procrastinating something by writing this. Perhaps i should keep this short and get back to it :)


Hello my Brothers and Sisters through 1's and 0's. I'm a masters in Computer Applications guy (Similar to Msc in Computer Science) from India. Finally landed in my first job close to 10 months back.

I've been writing code since 10 yrs old. But I learnt more in this 10 months more than what I learnt over the 14 years of education about programming. My love for Programming is now unquenchable. But couldn't find how to progress further or a place to stay updated and be like a real developer.

Finally found this community accidently in facebook. After reading first few posts itself I understood this the place I've been searching for.

Hope to share and learn more knowledge with all you people.

Ritchie Einstein
Programming is The Art. Programming Language is just a way to Express your Thoughts and Solutions.


Hi! I'm an aspiring software engineer looking to work with fullstack JavaScript.

I'm thinking about writing a tutorial based on my own experiences learning how to build a CRUD app using React/Redux and Node/Express. Would anyone be interested in that?


Hello! I'm Jess, one of the co-founders of this thing. My advice for current and future self: if you're stuck on a problem, go for a jog.


Hi Jess! I've just joined the community but been reading articles for a while now. I can totally relate to your advice! I find running somehow both frees and focusses the mind at the same time.



Hello, I'm a late bloom beginner in C#, although I've had prior experience in Oracle 11G as a database administrator. I also have basic understanding of SQL and Linux (RedHat distr.).

Please holla at me if you've got tips for C# beginners. Counting on your support


Hello, I am Amrullah. I am a software engineer with 4+ years of experience who has worked mostly on python (django framework). My key area of strength is Object Oriented Analysis and Design. I have the ability to write code that is easily modifiable and self-documenting. You may want to have a look at this small presentation I had created few months ago slideshare.net/AmrullahZunzunia/br.... I look forward to share my knowledge on this platform and learn a thing or two too.


Hello everyone!! I'm Omowumi (Lynda) a recent college grad with a bachelors in computer science. I love learning and I'm currently working on a project in Python, a tea database and timer. Also trying to brush up my interviewing skills and read anything that will make me a better programmer!

Nice to be here!


Okay! Thanks for that, I'll get my hands on that book!


Hey, everyone!

My name is Oleksii.

I’m a polyglot programmer and generalist. Currently, I focus on building clean web applications in Kotlin. Also, I work with React/Redux front-end applications lately.

My current side project is the new blog that I’m launching – iwillteachyoukotlin.com. Here I give out my Ultimate Kotlin Tutorial for free. The blog itself has a lot of contents coming up on how to build various applications in Kotlin: ranging from CLI apps to web apps and Android apps.

I’m writing a series of articles on Programming 101 With Kotlin, as well.

Here, on DEV.to community I’m going to write various content about Kotlin and, occasionally, about my personal development journey.

Thank you, ~Oleksii


Welcome, and awesome to have you here.

I'm thinking about doing more Android development; do you think it's worth learning Java or should I just jump straight into Kotlin?


Hey, Andy!

If you are already familiar with any other object-oriented programming language, you should be good to go with Kotlin. Notably, for Android, since it is now an official language for Android development.

If you obtain enough proficiency in Kotlin, you’ll be able to maintain older Java code, as well.


Hi, I'm Dominik.
I love the dev.to, the awesome blogposts and how friendly everyone is, and I'm excited to finally be a part of this community.
My main expertise is in C# and the .Net stack, and in Javascript.
Of course, I also do some database stuff when needed, but I guess every developer does, right?
My latest side project is ismydependencysafe.com.
I'm trying to contribute more to the developer community, both by writing blogposts, and also commenting with my thoughts to other ones.
So expect a blogpost about that side project to appear soon ;)


Welcome, and awesome side project! I've been learning a lot more security stuff than I ever thought I would. Stoked for your blog post :)


Thank you :)

I hope the blogpost will be finished at the start of next week :D


Hello hello, dev.to community!

My name is Laura and I recently finished my bachelor's degree in New Communication Technologies. There I learned the basics of Web Dev in classes (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL) and some other technologies as a plus but I still consider myself a beginner.

As a job is still not in sight (I tried but got hit with the "we want people with more experience" move) I am committed to learn new technologies and develop my knowledge. And try not to see myself as a failure as of yet.

Currently I'm learning Angular in Coursera and soon I'll be diving into a bunch of other things so I'm excited!

Thank you for your time!

Love from Portugal

(And if you're going to Web Summit Lisbon 2017, see you there!)


Olá Laura,
Queria te perguntar se alguma vez trabalhaste com Laravel, eu ja fiz tutoriais de tanto Laravel como o Tour of Heroes do Angular e honestamente acho Laravel mais prático que Angular e queria saber a tua opinião.



Nunca trabalhei com Laravel, infelizmente só foi introduzido no meu curso no ano depois de eu o acabar. Mas pelo que entendi o Laravel é uma Framework de PHP (backend) e o Angular é uma Framework de Javascript (frontend), têm propósitos diferentes. É um pouco difícil comparar tecnologias de diferentes áreas e diferentes objetivos.

Mas isto é só a minha opinião, se houver alguma coisa que não esteja a adicionar à equação diz.

No meu caso, eu prefiro o Laravel porque acho que tem uma organização dos ficheiros melhor que o Angular. O Angular tem tudo na mesma pasta (em principio deves poder alterar como quisseres) mas o Laravel já tem os ficheiros que correspondem ao CSS numa pasta, ao JS noutra pasta e assim por diante entre outras coisas , tambem permite criar bases de dados automaticamente e criar um sistema de login e recuperação da password predefenido. O meu curso foca-se tanto em backend como frontend por isso é que já experimentei os 2 e tenho esta opinião.


Bryan here working as a fullstack developer for a taxi company in Kenya called maramoja (maramoja.co.ke). I mostly work on our nodejs services, handles react, used to power our web app and also do android development for our customer and driver app


Hi I'm Cory. I write code and sometimes blogs, mostly about what I learn about entrepreneurship while building a place card making SaaS.

Happy to meet you folks! You can learn more about me on my website if you're so inclined.


Hi, I'm a trained Quantity Surveyor turned Software Developer.... I am passionate about using technology to solve problems logically. I love JavaScript and Angular.

This community has been a great help to me and I'll love to give back to the community


Hi! I'm Josh. I am currently a c# developer for the maintenance team. I really like coding for fun


I'm Andy and I'm currently a staff engineer at dev.to. I'm sort of a dev relations/regular ol' engineer right now, really a mix of both. It's been pretty rewarding and I definitely am exploring more of that as a continuing position for myself.

If I time traveled and was talking to my past self as of one year ago, I would tell myself to just keep doing what I'm doing. I think a lot of times it's easy to get in your head about what you should be doing, and that sort of attitude is sometimes unproductive and not helpful to yourself. So, former-self, take one step at a time, keep doing what works, and stop doing what isn't helping. :)


My name is Paul and I'm a recent addition to the web developer ranks. I'm focusing on learning the core languages of web development, asking with some very cool, related technologies.

I'm definitely in that space where I can see just how much I don't know, but I'm determined to make this work. I have discovered a passion for code, and I'm pursuing it.

Currently, I'm digging into JavaScript essentials and strengthening my grasp of the fundamentals.


Hello there!

Usually I try to help companies, or rather people at companies, to improve their engineering practices. Some places need help to streamline their version control practices, start writing automated test. At one point they get ready for Continuous Integration and sometimes even for Continuous Deployment.

For fun I maintain several web sites. On the Code Maven site I write about, well programming and related subjects. I also wrote this Perl Tutorial. Recently I've started to write and publish books at Leanpub

I guess I'll try to see how to include my RSS feeds here.


Hello people from the world of the electron and the switch.

I have coded with C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and others. I am currently working as a remote software engineer using Rails and React.

I <3 Linux (I use Ubuntu, Fedora and Centos), Docker & rkt containers; and I really like Kubernetes.

This is awesome, I wish the best to all of you.

Luis Valdés
Milky Way


Hi! I'm Raj and I just started dipping my foot into the world of web development. Will share my projects here once I have something major to talk about. As of now, the only thing that I'm slightly proud of is my portfolio site on github. Anyway, I gotta say, I really like the design and responsiveness of this site. Great work, devs!


Hey there Dev.to community!

I'm a talent acquisition manager who's having a great time on Dev.to -- having the opportunity to read through the insightful content here and converse with all of you passionate developers is one of the reasons I love my job!

It's really inspiring to read about all of your experiences and all of the hard work you're doing. If I can be of any help in offering insights from the world of tech hiring, please let me know, I'm happy to answer any questions (as long as you don't ask me to code anything, I leave that to you experts!)

I'm super excited to be in on the ground floor of what promises to be a great future for Dev.to!

Advice to live by: Do not let self-doubt overtake the reality of your complete and utter awesomeness!


Hi there!
I am a CS student. Scripting it has been part of my previous jobs, but I am looking forward to increase my programming skills. I love online learning and have learned Java by my self auditing courses on Coursera. Living in Ottawa, spent some years in Barcelona and born in Havana.


Hello everyone. I am currently a Senior Field Support Engineer. I have worked on both server and user end support and looking to moved onto the development side. I had studied programming back when I was in college. I am currently studying on my own and from freecodecamp.


Hi everyone, my name is okey chima. Am a developer interested mainly in python and the django framework. My blog is maxichimaximind.wordpress.com/ where I share things that interest me generally. I hope to learn from this community and contribute as much as I can. Thanks



I'm Iain, a freelance developer based in London.

As always I'm working on too many side projects, but recently been forcing myself to explore newer technologies like Swift and Node.js, and sharpening up my DevOps skills too!



Hello, I'm another Ben (there are dozens of us). I'm mostly a web developer these days, but I come from a sysadmin and product dev background.

I've made it to text smilies, but I don't understand emojis.


Hi Everyone! I am an experienced Wordpress Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in WordPress(Plugin,Theme Development & Customization), PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Strong engineering professional with an Engineer’s Degree focused in Computer Software Engineering.



I'm Elisey, currently a CS student at the University of Maribor. I mostly like programming because through code I can automate any task (or at least a lot of them), I can create fun and useful stuff, and last but not least, everything you make is quite cheap, lest the time spent / labor costs.


Hello, everyone.

I am Ken.Wong, I am a frontend developer, work with javascript right now.

In the past, I use PHP develop website, and use Java develop app backend API.

I am so happy to be here to learn and grow with you, I will appreciate your advice.


Hello guys I am Faizaan. I am a CS grad student interested in backend and mobile development and recently in Machine Learning/Deep Learning. I love posts from dev.to and most of them are just on point and super relevant. I would love to contribute.


Hi everyone! My name is Muna, nice to meet you all! Just discovered this website and so excited to start posting on here. I'm a web developer in training who loves to code and hopes to inspire and help others on their coding journey :)


Hello everyone,

My name is Emmanuel Fleurine, I see myself mostly as a mobile developer but I am interested in everything that is happing.

I am excited to be part of this community

let's learn together


I just stumbled on this site and like the sharing of knowledge and learning.
I am semi-retired IT professional and am learning python to assist in the building of a home automation system and solar power monitoring.
My personal blog mytechnologytrail.blogspot.ca, which I do not post to often enough.


Hello, there

My name is Lucky, I have been a developer for the past 15 years. I became a really good developer in the last 5 years , before i will scratch by and get the application finished. I am now looking at achieving some amazing thing, in the next 3 years I want to be one of the top 10% developers in the world and I mean full stack developer. I am big fun of javascript, C#, .NET Core. MVC makes me love programing more. I want to learn PHP next and Python. Hadoop is in my learning path too


I need some help.

I changed my Github username, the Github link can not access, I want to rebind my new Github account in Settings page , but there is not options about Github.

So , what support I can do this?


Greetings! I'm Alex, I love code, the gym, and the beach. I built my first website about Zelda: Ocarina of Time (fansite) in 98 when i was in 8th grade with notepad and became a master of tables. I've got a full-stack past in PHP and Rails, Now I'm working in Elixir/Phoenix, Emberjs, soon React and whatever comes next! Nice to meet you all


Greetings! I'm Alin, an 18 years old romanian self-taught developer that got into the world of programming like 4 years ago. So far, until now, I focused on competitive programming and algorithmics but now I want to get deeper into things and start working on real projects. I will try to keep this up to date with my projects and use your help to get done with them. Nice to meet y'all.


Hellow, mi Ramón actually studying computer science and working as a .net developer, i love this community ( thanks fb ) i love coding ando thinking about New ways to improve my code and learn about new technologies.

Greetings from mexico.


Hello everyone! I am Chris from Greece! I am a university student at the departure of electrical and computer engineering. This site gives me a great motivation to keep up with new things. My dream is to work in a big hardware company like Qualocomm, Intel, ... I will try hard to make it true!


Hi guys, the whole thing feel very overwhelming right now, am still learning web development. just finished with HTML and CSS currently working on JavaScript...but am feeling very reluctant to code because i dont really know what to do with what i have learned...i need some help here...BTW my name is Melody and am happy to be here with you guys


Hi everyone! Where do I start? I guess with where/how my coding journey began. I started learning C, switched to Python, went back to C, dabbled in Assembler, then finally landed on C++ where I have stayed but continue with Assembler so I understand what's happening at the bit/nibble/byte level and what the compiler is actually doing with my code, which isn't always what I want! Believe it or not, I was a career criminal before I started my coding journey but after more than a decade in jail, I'm a slow learner obviously, I decided enough was enough and that I had to do something to drastically alter my path before I ended up dying in prison. I've always been interested in Physics and that kind of led me into Computer Science. THE END.


Hey everyone! My name is Bennett and Im not a developer...yet.

I work in marketing and discovered one day that I can write these silly things called "scripts" that made my life a lot easier. Since then I've focused pretty much only on Javascript. I naturally love making things and have helped create a couple web apps but would love to eventually make this craft into a career. Looking forward to discovering and creating more great things with a likeminded community.


hi everyone, my name is Adnen MBAREK from Tunisia and i am a software engineer. Few minutes ago i read this awesome article dev.to/samjarman/how-to-build-an-o.... Really i love it, it spoke about me, and directly i create an account in dev.to
i hope that we will share experience in this community
Sorry for my bad english ;)


Hello, fellow devs!

A friend of mine suggested I join this community. I am already psyched about it, just from reading the code of conduct (who woulda thunk?), since you specifically discourage trolling and promote inclusive behavior. :-) Good stuff!

I was telling him about a project I'm working on, and he thought this community would be interested in it. For the last couple of years, I've been telling myself that one great way to bring more people into computer science, and to fight stereotypes that encourage people to drop out, is to write a novel for young adults, showing a diverse group of people who rock at CS. Think of it like this: after Hunger Games came out, lots of girls started taking up archery. We need that for CS!

So I've been working on ideas for a while, and figured out a plot and characters that I think are really interesting and exciting. But ya know, I'm a software developer, not a professional writer. Not to mention, still working full-time and raising kids now too. So now I have a ghostwriter picking up the reins and making this thing really happen! She and I have been working together on it for a couple of weeks, and she is truly making it great.

I have a Kickstarter promoting the project, though to be honest, the point isn't really to raise money. I'm trying to get the word out and build a community of people who are going to want to read the book and share it with the young adults in their communities. So anyway, you can check my page to find out more. I would love it if you guys would help spread the word, track our progress, and check out the book someday! After it's published, the proceeds of the novel will be donated to related charities. (I also welcome suggestions for good causes!)


Thanks for listening,



Hi everyone, I'm a Software Developer.
I like to learn, code, discuss and coffee :)

I read a lot of interesting articles and I like the vibes here so it's time to subscribe !

Have a nice day and see you in the comment section !


Hey all,

I’m Aaron. I work as a DevOps Engineer at MRX Technology (ManagedRacks).

I’ve mostly self taught myself in a variety of techs since graduating as a Software Developer.

I became a trainer within niche technologies and focused specifically on DevOps tech ranging from Orchestration Management, containerisation, CI and CD, Monitoring, etc.

After nearly 3 years training, I went out and began doing it.

Haven’t looked back since - I’m currently managing our Kubernetes infrastructure and the long roadmap of improving and maintaining that system.


Hi All

Hope you are doing great today!

Its great to be part of this community, so I have spent couple of years in college studying computer science, the first lenguaje they teach us was C++ at the beggining was a real hard time but with the time and practice, I handled it , I am still learning about C++ , I am taking a course on Udemy related with videogames; I have not ended college yet due to I am working also and I have to use the time on both sometimes its kind of hard but not imposible. My actual work consist to give support to a Tool called Server Automation, I work 3 days remotely the other 2 days I have to go to the office, I got here due to an article I read regarding of Working Remotely.

My dream is to get a developer job, so I am working on that! :D

Best Regards


Hi! Loved this platform!

I'm wondering if you guys plan to launch versions on other languages or if at least I'm "allowed" to blog here in Portuguese. I already have a blog on programming and I would love to share some of my content pieces here!


Hi Everyone, I'm Sudais, A WordPress enthusiast, I have started contributing to open source recently, particularly in translating WordPress into Urdu, apart from that, I was introduced to this community at a Hacktoberfest so looking to learn some dev stuff!


Hi y'all.. I'm into hybrid mobile apps development using Ionic framework.

I'm looking at a transition in Data Science.

Would appreciate any help with that transition.

Great to be here.



Bonjour! Thomas from Austin, TX. Undecided about what to do in the future, been working in devops a lot lately building a startup in analytics. Currently spending time learning about reinforcement learning and neuroscience. Mostly I am interested in possibly moving up north to Montreal but who knows. Long introduction over.


I'm new here although I've been following this amazing community for like 2 months.. it's great and it's really helping me building my professional profile and my career.

I'm Ezequiel from Argentina. I've experience with .NET but heavily investing in Javascript (especially ES6) and web frameworks (mostly Angular). I'm looking forward to meet awesome devs (which I've already seen on great articles) and to share whatever I can... and also to get help and awesome new concepts and technologies.

My best regards!


Hello everyone,

I'm a currenty working on my master thesis in Simulation Sciences.
I am working on a code to investigate energy dissipation in magnetic structures.
Most of the time I'm working with Fortran 95/2003 and OpenMP and MPI parallelization and a bit of Python for postprocessing of simulation results.

Nice to meet you. :D
Greetings from Germany


Hello people,
I'm an old fresh fullstack dev !
Old because i'm 54 and have been working in development for nearly 20y with some web when I was lucky and a lot of 4D procedural client server programming which I loved but I prefer object oriented and web dev.
but fresh because this is my first job (since 4 months) as a full time web dev (C# + jquery, js) fingers crossed !
I like to share and communicate


Hi everyone!

I wrote my first line of code just over one year ago, attended a coding bootcamp a couple months later and am now 7 months into my first Software Developer role! Definitely not finding it an easy ride, but I'm absolutely loving the fact that there are always new things to learn. This seems like a great community and place to learn!

I recently started up a blog - theadventurouscoder.com - to share my experiences as an introverted Junior Developer (and some traveling adventures too!)

So happy I came across this site!



My name is Ezekiel Adeyinka, a Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager currently in Nigeria. I have a profound interest and professional experience in web and mobile development across all platform.
I'm a tech enthusiast with interests in numerous “cool stuff” in Tech.

I love to use his skills to help improve and maximize technology and continue to develop effective critical thinking skills, develop good power of creation, with good teamwork leadership experience requiring sound judgment, by being a problem solver.

Basically, I love to think, code and create with Technology. I also love going to schools to teach students how to program using robotics and IoT showing them real-life application in Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education.



I'm a software developer/engineer (A little over 3 years in the industry). I'm interested in becoming better at engineering and all other aspects of life too.

I blog occasionally (tech & other topics) at ashwinmenon.com
Hope to read some good articles here :)


Hey There!

I'm Kaj, a 24-year old developer from Belgium.

I came across this website by friend and colleagues that were recently tweeting articles of this site, and I loved it!

During my job I spend most of the time by developing using Java (mostly Spring) and Javascript (Angular stack mostly).. But sometimes I get in touch with other languages as well (e.g. Scala).

I love to code, so my hobby became my job and I love that.. Besides coding, I also play a lot with more hardware-like stuff like Raspberry Pi's, Arduino's, EPS8266 Microcontrollers and a bunch of sensors...

I'm also extremely interested in deploying applications and love to work with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, ...

Currently I am learning about Elixir, because it looks like an interesting language to me + it hase some possibilities to use it on a Raspberry Pi as well! :)

Lots of hello worlds from Belgium,



Hi everyone!
I'm Gabriele Rapone from Rome, Italy.
I'm currently studying interaction design focusing on the user experience and interface design field.
I fell in love with coding almost two years ago and now I'm still improving my skills learning Javascript frameworks like Angular and React.

Planning to dive into VR development as soon as I can!

It looks like a very useful community, hope we can share our knowledge each other.



Hey! Decided to join since I want to be a decent developer one day and this site seemed useful.
I do some web programming and sometimes blog about programming. My latest project is a calorie counter / meal planner but it is in finnish though. I made it using Node + Express + Vue and MongoDB.


Hello all! I'm a Kafka lover, data streaming guru, and I just published my first blog on dev.to. Happy learning :)


Nice website! I'll try to keep in touch :)
I'm a Game Developer (programmer since 2002). Now I'm working on a huge project: A RTS game to XBox, Playstation and PC. I've been working with Unity3D/C# since 2012 and my focus still in this tool. No more Java and other languages for now. Just C# for Unity and PHP to create some backend to integrate with a web service if needed.

That's all folks!


Hello all! I'm Nag and I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer and designer. I'm also the founder of TripCloud - a travel and expenses tool for companies. It's built entirely using Sails.js on the server-side and Ember on the front-end. :-) Hoping to learn from you fine folks.


Hi All!

For a long time I searched for a community suitable to my level of knowledge and skill (that is growing, very slowly, cause my job, the house, you know the "life") without being "bullied" or left behind because of this.

Then, going randomly through the web, I found dev.to, so I started to follow it and read as many posts I can without registering, and the more I read, the more I was sure to register and interact with this great community.

I'm new, not at all at programming thanks to University, but I'm still learning new things and I want to keep doing it. I really hope to be capable to write more posts and interact a lot more with all of you asap, or at least when I'll be more self-confident.

In the meanwhile, Thanks.

I'll see you around.



Hello, I'm Tiago, from Brazil.
I'm studyng to be a developer, a front end one.

The first time that i saw this site was in Facebook, I liked the page and the quality of my timeline grow up, so many good articles.

Just curious... Does this unicorn means something or it's just because is cool?


👋 Hello everyone.

My name is Nathan and I am a web developer based in Calgary. I love learning new things and helping other people!

I am “self-taught” in the sense that I don’t have any formal programming education—but not “self-taught” in the sense that I didn’t just get where I am by myself! I’ve learned so much from others online and offline. I am so grateful for the people I’ve learned from and I want to help others become better developers.

My advice to myself and others is to never give up and to always ask questions.


Hi everyone! My name is Michael and I'm from Ukraine. Sick of office boring jobs, so I've just started my path as a front end developer! Got a lot of work waiting for me 😀!!


Hey fellas, my name is Dmitri and I am a MSc. CS student in germany. I also work as a Software Developer for sports associations using the JEE stack.

I am very intetested in (domain pecific) language design aswell as software engineering.


Hello everyone! This is Anindya. I have completed my bachelor's program in computer science and engineering from University of Dhaka this February. Currently I am working as a software engineer at iPay Systems Ltd. (ipay.com.bd).

During my undergrad life, I have primarily coded in c/c++ and took part in various national level acm icpc style programming contests. I have reached a maximum rating 1824 in Codeforces.

During the last three years, I have worked with Python, Django, Java, Spring Boot and I must say, I am biased towards Python stuffs!

Looking forward to sharing ideas, learning new techs and having a great time with you guys!


Hello World!

My name is Sébastien. Currently, I am a web developper. I had my master degree 2 mouth ago and i looking for a job in France. I'm searching a great job with agile team, not a big engineers structure.

In my last job i helped customers to resolve theirs need. I had to understand where and what did their business. After that i developed applications based on common web languages.

Hope to share and learn new things :)


Hello everyone,

My name is João Cerqueira and I'm on Software Development (mostly Web Development) for about 5-6 years.

Recently (~5 months) I fall in love with Elixir and have been developing apps and websites with it since. I really enjoy Functional Programming which was introduced to me by Elixir.

Apart from the work I do on my job, I'm also working on an Open Source CMS built with Elixir and Phoenix called Contento, the first version is still under development and will be out soon.

Thanks everyone for the great job done in this platform which I appreciate very much.



Hi, everyone. This is Orlando. Greetings from Colombia. I have been lurking around for a while, and found this community to be really lovely. I excuse myself if my English results quite akward to read (I gotta lot to learn) :D


Hi Guys, This is Shankar from Mauritius. This seems to be a great and thriving community. Looking forward to learning and sharing more. Here are my blogs and profile. Please let me know if there is any blog that I can share or write up here.



Hi I code in Haxe, recently created tetris clone because someone asked, probably extend it to more shape options.
Looking round for new opportunities. In my spare time I like to dance and occasionally paint.


Hi there,

Let’s set the record straight 🤣 I’m 56 and my first computer was the size of a dozen
refrigerators, I had to punch cards to interact with it, I was 18 years old at the time.

I still code with FP (Clojure) given that my brain cannot hold anymore the zillion of mutatable states in
other languages, especially OO languages. Aging has its cost 😬.

I work on custom fit projects for various customers in different markets. Mostly projects
that others find impossible to tackle. I work remote from North America and Africa and
regularly commute over the Atlantic ocean.

I am opiniated but that’s also part of the aging process 😆.
If it quacks, has palmed feet, feathers and likes to swim I will not tell you that’s a pterodactyl
to please you. Take it or leave it 😂.

If you are curious about what it feels to have nearly 4 decades of coding under the belt,
questions are welcomed.

Have nice day (from Morocco today)
Luc P.


My name is Mel. I am Systems Engineer in Botswana. I have 3 years expirience so I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to it.


Hey All this is Gidraff and am happy to meet you all


Hello i just bumped into this and thought i might learn something here, since i don't really do much git, so here i am. If anyone has any sugestion on how to start please do share. =)


Hello! Learning Git can be a lot of fun, but there are a lot of confusing terms and processes that ultimately just need to be memorized. I'm sure you'll find tutorials/videos that help you on your path, but I would also encourage you to make flashcards. It's easy to underestimate how powerful the simple act of memorizing some core concepts and terms can be :) It's also pretty quick and easy, and you'll get a "win" early on. Don't be disheartened if it takes a while to grasp the full scale of Git--we've all been there.

And to introduce myself: I'm Sumeet, from California and now in Nebraska. I've been building web applications for about 13 years and teaching it for the past 4 years.


Hello I'm Judith front end Dev. Have a beautiful day!😁


Hi everyone! Adrián from México here, currently an enthusiast pythoner developer.

Greetings ((:


Hello from Vientiane ! Just found this community after reading a post on Hacker News. This is definitely the place I should belong to. By the way, I am a self-taught (dropped out) web developer knowing python and lua(moonscript)living in Laos. Glad to find this community. Love it !


Hi everyone. This is Saumya Rastogi. I'm a Sodf==fware Engineer from India (New Delhi).


My name is showing :-D... I am Spider Man, I mainly develop Web using PHP and JS. Studying <Computer Science> second year. Looking forward to achieving some' great with you guys.


My name is showing :-D... I am Spider Man, I mainly develop Web using PHP and JS. Studying <Computer Science> second year. Looking forward to achieving some' great with you guys..


Hi, I'm an amateur programmer/pythonista and love coding and breaking stuff. Anyway this looks like an interesting site.


Hello World,

My name is Likhit, Currently I am working at one of the leading PLM solutions product based company located in Pune, India. My core interest lies in learning and adapting new programming languages and frameworks, I hope to find and collaborate with some great folks around here with common learning interests.



Hello everyone. My name is César, im from México and been in the dev world since my seventeen.

Nowadays i'm working with ruby and ruby on rails and angular, sometimes with java and php. I'm working on a health application to handle radiology studies and in the future laboratory analisys.

Glad to be here.


Hello everyone :)
I am currently working as an Android Developer and I came across "The Practical Dev" at Twitter.Found really nice, concise, germane technical tweets that I couldn't resist myself to come here.


I'm a junior highscool web developer in search for new knowledges.


Hello! Petra the Newbie here. :)

Using this place for a couple of days and already liking it very much. Probably my favorite IT community place on the Internet.

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys!


Hey, am Ian, creative director & developer at Nouveta.tech, Kenya, am glad to be here and learn more while i share what i know.



Hi, I like to solve different problems using different languages.


Hi, I am currently working as an intern in a software company. I would like to expose to dev community.


Hello everyone, since I started working remotely, I have more time for online communities also offline meet. If you are in Dalat city or Saigon city (Vietnam), we can have a coffee I guess ;)


is this the new medium.com (the tech part)
also i'm amazed by how snappy the website is, love it


There is nothing wrong with people thinking I am a cat.


Hello! I'm Wisdom. I'm a C# developer and a machine learning enthusiast. I also use node.js, ionic, Unity3D and firebase.


Hey everyone,
I am excited to be here and learn from you all and also teach a little.


Hello, dev.to :)
I would like to appreciate the efforts being put on contents by writer.


Hello! 👋
After probably an year of reading articles and following on twitter.. just randomly thought that I should join. Keep Calm and Code On!


Hello guys I am Kamau Francis, still new though but I believe that Greateness requires internal toughness


Hello all! My name is Steven and I’m new to the world of coding. Curious as to where I should start to learn more. All advise is appreciated!


hi everybody, I am Noel from Singapore. Wanna say dev.to is really really awesome!


Hi everyone! I'm a CS student from Venezuela. I like machine learning and AI related stuff. Digging into web trying to solve a tensorflow related issue I found this place :)


hello I am Aashir and new to Dev.to A friend Suggest me about this website. I joined and Looking forward to Learn new things as a developer :)


Hello Everyone, I am a NodeJs and Php Developer, looking forward to learning as well as contributing and sharing my ideas and experiences.


Hello world of developers.I hope this room will help me to grow up in field of computer science and push me to become a good developer and also i would be a help others.


Hi am Richard, I code in python, and I spend way too much time studying economics business and politics and their implications on technology.


Hello Everyone. My name is Rafael and I'm from Brazil. I work as developer and I'm looking for learn to be a better programmer.


Hi there,
I am SEO Pro. If anyone needs any help do let me know .
Stay Blessed


Hello there, I'm Kwabena Berko. Very happy to join dev.to


Hello All,

This is Vasanth, from India. :)
Passion on Python.


Hello everone.This is Alexis from Dominican Republic. I finished the python course at codecademy and I begun to learn django, would like to learn a lot and get help and collaborate on your projects.


Hello all, its great to be here with so many people :)


hi everyone,
I'm Robert Bright, I'm nothing just a student in computer science at the university.


Hi everyone,just realized there was another developer community here. Im an android and backend developer. this site is really cool and will definity love to connect with you all. Hope i'm welcomed :)


Hi all.New to here. This is going to be one of my new learning platform after medium, hasnode and twitter.


Loving this website already. It is obviously built for developers.


Hi my name is okenwa kenneth, am a front-end web developer ( aspiring front end web developer, because am still learning)


Hey guys , i am a salesforce developer and new to this site , just want to share my learning and learn more from you guys.


Hello fellow Devs! Full time dev working on several different technologies. Looking to learn from the community and i'm sure you guys/gals can help!


Hey what's this thing? Just saw a post from this page on FB and checking this out.


Working in front-end dev in Savannah. Wondering when I'll stop thinking of myself as a beginner. Guessing never. Hoping never, actually.


Hello everyone, I am Rohit. Just a beginner in Web Development. Would like to gain knowledge from all of you


Message to my future self. I shall tell my grandkids about the time I finally joined Dev.to After aloooong time watching and learning from the sidelines.


I directly have come here from freecodecamp. This place is very friendly and warm. Never seen something like this before :) Hope to know you fellas more.


Hello new Family, I'm Aminu Barade an aspiring software developer. I am also Hardware, microcomputers and microcontrollers person.

Happy to be here.



My name is Paul. I am a junior developer working in Lonon. I hope to use dev.to to learn something new, and hopefully, share my experiences and thoughts throughout my career.

Let's chat!


Hi all, I am Qazim from Kosovo, a front end,UX/UI Designer and WordPress developer, working part-time remote, seeking any job and actually learning with React and Web VR


Hi Everyone. I'm Kyambadde Ronald and I just started my coding journey a few months back. so far I'm learning javascript for front end and I get along self taught.


I am currently studying, hope to get to the industry around January - February. I'm in love with js, ts and Angular 4.


hi, I am new to dev.to .. looking forward to contribute tech articles . mostly on python..


Hi there! I am a data engineer based out of NYC. Trying to learn and improve every day. The articles I find here always make for interesting morning reads =)


Hello dev.to! I'm a freelance developer in NYC. Looking forward to seeing what this community is all about!


Hi everyone!
Im a CumLaude software engineer from Venezuela. I hope be useful for you while we share knowledge together.


Superb content, loving coming back to it for more tricks n tips and news.


Hi guys >Ahmad Aziz< here

I am currently studing web development

and really loving it :"DD


Ben Halpern talked me into joining here. Let's give it a try.


Hi everyone! I'm newbie in programming world and now I'm in lovely trouble with Angular and co.


Great format, definitely a game changer in development.


Hello! 👋 Does the future burn bright? 🔥⌚️🚀😱🐙