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dev.to staff on February 14, 2018

Hey there! Welcome to dev.to! Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what... [Read Full]
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Thanks for being a part of our community everyone! We become better when more folks take part, ask questions, leave plenty of ❤️ and 🦄.

Poke around and have fun.


Hello everyone,I come here by accidentally.I'm glad to find you guys,thanks Ben,we will be friends!


Hi Ben, hope you're doing great! Thank you for having me here.


Thanks for offering some wonderful advice. It's really appreciated from a new programmer's perspective!


Hi all,

I'm a web developer on the Northern California coast. I've been employed in this field for a little over a year now, but have been studying programming and doing freelance work off-and-on for about 13 years. I prefer working on the back-end, but do front-end work as well. My latest challenges are learning how to build custom Shopify stores and writing Shell scripts to keep all of our sites backed-up and up-to-date.

I love to travel, and am going to try out being a digital nomad for a month, while traveling solo through 9 countries in SE and NE Asia. I leave mid-March!

I've been on this site for a few weeks now, and have learned a lot from the articles. I especially appreciate the "career" articles, as they have helped me think through my own career, where I want to be, and how to get there.


Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie in the world of programming (JavaScript mainly). I joined the network for I want to surround my self with people who are passionate about programming and their craft.

Thank you!


Hey there! I have too started with JavaScript and am making currently making a small game. Let me know if you would like to check it out


Hello there!

I am Vinay, a Linux Sysadmin with a strong interest in the DevOps mindset (atleast I believe it's a mindset than a role) who's eager to learn from each and everyone of you here, while giving back to the community and therefore I started following this awesome site {now 1 of my permanent bookmarks ;-)}

Looking forward to imbibe as much knowledge and share it as much I can.

PS: When I'm not dabbling with technology, I'm also an avid artist and you can check out my work here [bit.ly/2D1ZPgL]. Any sort of feedback on that will be much appreciated.

1 more PS: For any fellow artists here, please reach out to me to know more on how I've deployed the above, in case you wish to host your own.

3 cheers to the Dev.to community! :)


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Did you know that white animal thing is called a moomin?? I sure didn't.


An Angular4 developer here. I've been coding in my spare time in Perl for many years. Glad to be here.


Hey there, I’ve been learning angular4 recently, I like the cli!


Hi Joshua. It's very nice the Angular team came up with the command line utility. I personally always try to do the things the hard way - in order to get a better sense what's happening underneath - and this includes avoiding the cli for a long time. But for any practical reason stick to it.


Hi all, I like your posts very relatable .. one day I wont be considered a jr. No mo hopefully


Hello there, I am William, developer at KissKissBankBank, Paris. Happy to join the community!


Hi Will, happy to know there's some parisian around. Good experience at 2(K+B) ?


Hello Alex!

Great experience so far! The team is kind and strong, the project inspiring.


Hello! 🙃😊👋🙌 Happy to be a part of the community. Hope I could learn and give back. Looking forward to lots of informations and excitement.


Hello World!!
Good to see everyone out here holding it down; looking forward to being a part of it.
I'm obsessed with coding a Starcraft 2 AI at the moment. It can't even beat the in-game AI yet, but maybe I can blame that on a lack of training time...


Will you consider writing an article about your Starcraft 2 AI? I am sooo curious. (Or just send me to some additional resources?) I used to play all the time and was reasonably competitive (Diamond League).

Does your AI have APM limitations? Otherwise, I know things can get crazy.

Does it play a specific race?

Does it use a general strategy? Or will it sometimes rush, focus on macro, drops, etc?

Just super curious 😇

cc @maestromac who might find this interesting, as well!


Awesome! I've only just got my feet on the ground, here, and I've been following this guy Steven Brown's guides on Medium: chatbotslife.com/building-a-basic-...
His guides work beautifully one after another to get you started on first making a bot that can do ANYthing at all, then working up to adding reinforcement learning and saved training data, etc. Highly recommended for a great weekend project (especially since SC2 is free now!)
The AI I'm working on right now is solely Protoss, and has no limit on APM, because I'm trying to see how strong I can get it at the moment. I have a coworker who's also gotten into it at the same time as me and we battle our AIs against one another, so APM isn't an issue. As of my current level, it rushes the hell out of opponents every game, but once I tackle the challenge of ai-friendly minor unit control and placement the AI might be able to teach itself how to macro better.
That's really the most interesting thing about this entire experiment is that you really don't determine what specific STRATEGY the AI picks so much as give it a realm of options and a reward algorithm and then turn it loose for a while.


And I'd love to post here but it's a little intimidating, especially considering that I'm a total novice when it comes to AI. Maybe I could post about how easy it is to get started!

This is really fascinating. The idea of training your own AI to battle your opponent's version is really fun and interesting. For maps with only one spawn location, I would think a super-early proxy gateway strategy to train pairs of Zealots would be pretty deadly, especially with perfectly-managed usage of the chrono boost. For your coworker's AI to account for that threat, it might have to devote more resources for early defense and/or scouting.

I'll check out the article you linked, could be a fun weekend project (and justifiable escape back to SC2) once I get some free time.

A "how to get started" post would be great if you feel up to it; but of course, no pressure. I'm just sure a lot of us would be interested ! :)


Hi! Stumbled here, looking for a editor comparison: Visual Studio Code vs Atom. So here I am, and always happy to join new dev communities.


Hello all! I'm a PHP developer from Tennessee. I'm excited to be a part of this amazing community.


Hi everyone! I am an actress-turned-coder. I manage the student experience at a university coding bootcamp, after functioning for 5 months post-graduation as a tutor and TA in fullstack web development. My passion is for vanilla Javascript and React, but I'm looking to get better at functional programming and Redux. It's been a wild ride since I started learning a year ago.


Self-taught web developer working my way into a development position in my current company. I found HTML/CSS easy to understand, but have been working on becoming more confident with my Javascript skills.

I live in Arizona but I am originally from London, England. Die-hard Man United fan.


@jissac87 We need to cross paths. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm a junior full stack software developer/engineer. I'm willing to assist you in any way and help facilitate your growth/depth of understanding in Javascript of needed. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you. Take care!


What up. I'm Noah. I live in the Tacoma area (south of Seattle) and work even further south. I work as an Application Developer using mostly ASP.NET (still running web forms [I know I know...]) with a bunch of SQL database stuff and basic JQuery and JavaScript tied in here and there. I've dabbled in MVC (and we're eventually moving towards .NET Core MVC as well as moving to a cloud base), and have some experience in AngularJS (1.6+ but not Angular2), HTML, CSS, other JavaScript functionality, some SUPER basic API stuff and that's all for the code side.

I want to be a better coder. I want to have a better understanding on where and how things started and where things are going in the future and I want to be involved but I am seriously overwhelmed by it all about 94% of the time. And honestly, feel super lost without some guidance on what I really should be doing. So I come here. I read stuff. I hope to get a little bit of this and that on the side while learning-by-doing on-the-job.

I just started snowboarding again after nearly 10 years. I play guitar. I write sometimes, sometimes I play PlayStation, and I have some kids who keep my busy.

Say hi. Be my mentor. Flip me off. Whatever. I'm just really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by talking to people.


Hello everyone. I found this community via the merch site that popped up on Producthunt recently. I immediately bought 2 sweatshirts before I even realised that the site wasn't just a shop selling cool clothes for devs.

So basically for my first 5 minutes of Dev.to life, I was like one of those hipster girls who wear Led Zeppelin tshirts having never listened to the band.

Thankfully though, I can walk the walk - I've been a full stack developer for about 15 years. The last 10 years I've been 100% Ruby on Rails. I've dabbled a bit in some Node.js frameworks but Ruby/Rails is where my comfort zone is.

I've launched several products, some of which were acquired, more info here:

After 1.5 years of working on my last SaaS product while beach hopping around Asia, I was seduced back into corporate life to a senior product / tech role at a global MNC in the finance industry. I've been doing that now for the last 2 years.

I'm here to keep my skills sharp and to maybe also provide an enterprise tech perspective on discussions, if that'll be useful to people!


Hi everyone, greetings from Singapore! I recently found this amazing place while doing career research and general reading for enrichment and would love to be part of this community.

I've been doing IT in the banking industry for coming 8 years now, dabbled mainly in rdbms, some web dev, some backend, but I've been doing ETL stuff for the last 2-3 years or so (sql server, Informatica, oracle) and absolutely hate it. Looking at my career runway I'm starting to transit into a project manager role which I don't want. At this juncture I'm picking up python trying to transition into a ML career but it's proving tough to self learn while on a full time job.

Hope to learn lots from other people's journeys and get more clarity on my own!


Hi guys.. I am new ta dev,.. I am a Linux enthusiast and see myself as a Researcher in Kernel Development and Machine Learning in near future. I love to discuss over emerging technologies and connect to to brilliant and interactive people who find it okay to share their opinions and experiences about latest trends, tools and tech.


Hello there!

It's been a year since I started using Java programming language. I was familiar with C++, but the transition still a big change for me, because I jumped in before learning to swim. After taking a step back, and starting from the beginning, I found that it's easy, but I still find myself still making rookie mistakes, so I am hoping to learn a lot from this community. Even get introduced to new programming language!

See you around!


Hi, I'm Rafa, a computer engineer student and I was looking for a good font for Atom and saw an article here, then day by day started to read some other articles, now I have decided to participate as part of the community and hopefully learn from you in the process.


Hi folks!
I am a web developer and system administrator from Norway, I found this page by an accident, but glad I did.
I am currently working on developing a web application and want to learn more about developing progressive web apps. So I appreciate ideas and advice from you guys (and girls)


Hi everyone. I just came here after reading an article by Steven Yung (stvnyung) - be good at one thing, not average at everything.

And that's "Mumin" a Nepali cartoon- mero Mumin from my childhood, saying Welcome!


Hi, had a friend at work post the article Four Security Principles That Software Developers Should Follow by Rob Waller, @robdwaller , in our chat, and it was an excellent article, so I figured i'd join.


Thanks, that is very kind of you to say so. Welcome and I hope you enjoy dev.to as much as I do.


Hi, gang, pleased to meet you, my tag is hexram and I am an old timer from the FORTRAN IV jurassic era, back in the 1970's. Met my share of OSes in a couple of IT jobs and now I am a quasi-retired engineer with some time to teach and maybe do some consulting work regarding linux.


Hi, I've started trying to learn programming again in the beginning of January. First time was back in '95 with a book for the assembly language. Started with javascript now after a suggestion from my boss. Took a course in java at the university some years back. Have some ideas of migrating into typescript/clojurescript. Who knows, it feels fun to learn programming again :). About myself, I'm a 40-year old, laidback guy from Trondheim, Norway. I like prog rock, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Bach. English humour, Monty Python, Young Ones, Rowan Atkinson, It Crowd. Craft beer, computers, video games and snooker among a few things :)


Hi all! I ended up here while looking for how to write clean code.. I hope I can improve my knowledge about clean coding and other programming related stuffs through this community. Thanks for having me here.


Hello everyone, i am here because my friends on graphikart discord server talking about this place. I admit that i dont know how all of this working but i waiting for an awesome things here 😉So thanks for this marvelous community 🙏🏽and now... lets go to adventure⚡️💙


DevOps Stigmatisation

There is a vast majority of devOp miss conception and life span of the devOps community and agile scrum methodology in software delivery.

this keeps me wondering what will happen if the below is a case scenario

"what do you fill devOps really would do/be imagine if we are in a futuristic

fortress of Quantum computing community"


I am Kavie, a self-taught junior from Hong Kong. I am registered optometrist and learned simple HTML 15years ago. Last year, I quit my job as healthcare professional since I really want to dive into coding! I started learning python, javascript, php on my own. Currently, I am having a master degree of IT in Australia. I love webdev and machine learning!



I'm a designer that loves to learn new disciplines and technologies. I found this page looking for a place to learn more about programming (I learned Python mostly) and software development. I think the world of designers and devs have a lot in common and we can share a lot of knowledge!

I've learned a lot here and looking forward to write some stuff.


Hello. I came here originally from a push from some mentors. I have been blogging internally in the company I work for and they suggested I should share outside of the company. So...I hope to share some knowledge, while gaining knowledge on a) how to blog better and b) other tech topics.


Hi Everyone,

I am based in Toronto.

I was once a web programmer (Java, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, and JSPs and Servlets!) but moved onto project management. I was a pretty bad coder and still am.

Now, I am refreshing my coding skills (HTML/CSS/JS) so that I can land a front-end developer position here.

Seems like Reach JS is the rage these days. Therefore, I am scrambling to get my grip on the basics of HTML/CSS/JS so that I can catch up to Node.JS/Angular and React which I have never touched before.

I am really enjoying all these blogs on development. Thanks for having me here. Any help with resources to quicken my revision of web development skills is appreciated.


Hi everyone 👋👋👋! I am fullstack devloper, I love math, open source, descentralized stuff and human-computer interaction. I am glad to be here, I hope to share my knowlege and be an active part of this community ❤️ :) ❤️.


Hey everyone, dev.to just started popping up in my Google feed, and I'm really intrigued by this community!

Coding for for fun for the last 20+ years, professionally for the last 7 (the US Army figured out I knew how to code in my last couple of years there, and I'm still amazed people want to give me money for something I did for fun for so long haha!)

Got through most of the comp sci curriculum at UNC-Chapel Hill, and yes I've met Fred Brooks in the building named after him on campus, but I decided to jump into professional engineering before I started my senior year.

Currently a MEAN stack engineer, have worked in Python, Java and .NET. My passion and specialization is frontend, but I'm getting to play with the UI less and less, and that makes me sad (but happy when I get to help our junior engineers when they have a problem!)


Have been reading posts from Facebook. Some articles are sightful and informative. Attempt to explore more from here and see how cool things were actually done!
Am an Android developer
~ With love from Malaysia


Hello everybody! Brought here by Chrome's suggestions, so I can say that I found this site accidentally. Glad to see so curious and frank comments in this thread 👍 Seems like it's a great community!

A few words about me. I am a technical writer and self-studiyng web developer based in Moscow. I am also passionate about permanent improving of my English because of my job and both cultural and professional interests.

Have a nice day everybody! May the force be with you 🙏


Hello, I'm Rocio and I come here because of a Telegram message... this one said:
" dev.to/jess/everyone-please-join-u...
if you're interested ;) "

... and yes... I'm interested... I like writing and I like programming :)

I am a student of Computer Science, at the University of Havana (Cuba).

Thank you !!!


Hi all,
I am a frontend dev (I can do backend too, but any day, I would prefer frontend) from India. I have actually been a long time dev.to reader, only signed up today though. I have 2 years of experience, primarily as a react and backbone dev. Currently working at Expedia in their HomeAway line of business, and totally loving it.


Hi there! I'm new in Javascript (not n00b but i'm starting with Angular..the new one, not JS), i'm from Argentina.

I'm system engineer student from UTN (National University of Technology) and a game dev (crios devs). I'm also have a radio program called "Gamer Con Mate"


Oh, goodness, this world of tech is always growing for such a newbie like myself with new communities and things to learn.

Hi, Gang. My name is Amanda, and I'm an SDE1 for DispatchBot.

It's my 1 year anniversary of dropping everything and pursuing the dream to code as a career. Best risk taken in my entire life.

I love personal conversations, authentic dialogue, and supporting others through mentorship or friendship.

I'm excited to be here.


Hi,I'm Franklin. I am enthuse when I see people using computers or the internet to create something either for themselves or the society at large.It is with this reason I want to learn how to code.I'm mediocre when it comes to coding.


Hello everybody! I'm Scott, a Cape Town-based C# (amongst other languages) developer who has been in the industry for 11 years, everything from banks to startups. I eventually went down the management route, but now I'm reversing and working on sharpening my technical skills again.

I came across dev.to via a Facebook link from a friend, and have been enjoying what I've read here - I commonly have a few of the articles open in my tabs, waiting to be read through and digested.

Looking forward to participating in the community!


Hey good people.

I am Alex, a web developer form Athens, Greece. I don't really know anything about your community. I just felt a warm feeling from the design and the atmosphere of this website. It reminded me of the web 15 years ago.

So here I am.



Hi Everyone,
I am a computer science graduate from India. I was interested in programming since I was in school. I learned web Development during my college and I have just begun my career as a web developer Intern. I have read a lot of good articles over here so I decided to sign up and experience something better.
Thanks for this great community.


Hello everyone, I'm Paul Ayuk a fullstack PHP and JS software developer. I've been following dev.to for a while now and I've finally decided to be part of the community to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and share my knowledge too.


Nice to meet you. I've been making websites part-time since the mid-nineties.

Am getting to know my way around php, javascript, html5, css, scss, python, linux, git, postgress and MySQL, project management.

At the moment ended up here reasearching a migration from bower to yarn.

And possibly from gulp to webpack. Still feeling a bit in the dark.

I hope to see y'all again soon.



Just came across this site doing some browsing on Reddit, and immediately signed up.

It is perfect timing as I have recently been getting into web development, and looking into doing basic Android/iOS apps just to get a base.

  • Can't wait to see what I will be able to learn through this platform.



Hello everyone!

About me:

I'm a full stack web engineer that has about 8 years of professional experience across mostly JAVA and .NET technologies. I've played around with Python, Ruby, and even Node.js trying to find what suits me.

Recently, I've decided to make the commitment to becoming an expert cloud based web apps with Azure hosting a .NET/.NET Core Stack/Microservice behind Angular (Although, I'm still holding out hope that Ember catches on).

Really enjoying this place so far, and look forward to not only reading, but contributing lots of good content as I learn more.


Hey everyone, mid stack developer for an international organisation based in the UK. Mostly a .NET developer with a little bit of erlang and golang exposure. Hoping to actually learn things before learning things the hard way :)


Hello there!
My name is Alex, and I was directed here by a friend who said I could learn a lot from folks on the platform. I'm a python developer with some experience in building RESTful APIs with flask and django. I just recently discovered the GOF and my head is now deep into design patterns. I'm also interested in learning more on how to build modularize code & apps. I also landed on GraphQL pretty recently and I'll sinking my head into that as well and I hope to find people who can guide me on that path on the platform. Yeah, btw I'm a cs major and am this semester am taking Machine Learning and Algorithm Design and Analysis courses so that is also part of my obsession. Looking forward to learn and share!


Thank you for providing such an amazing platform to meet Programmers, Researchers and Data scientist.

Kindly Follow me for cool and informational info on chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and IoT and Best and top Free Magazines on all IT fields


Hello fellow coders, im Ebrahim a 11 months Libyan programmer( you properly smiling right now ;-) )...

but I have came from a strong foundation of programming concepts...but its experience and support of professionals that I seek...I hope to learn from all of youse :-)



I'm happy to be in part of this amazing community !(really, like so much the content of every day and the the different formats of them)

I'm a junior developer currently training who like/work with PHP (laravel), Rust, VueJS/Angular/React (there is some technology that i'm training very recently).

I like a lot Rust potential and the Laravel's ecosystem simplicity. In future i plan to discover more in depth Rocket-rs or Actix-rs framework and Flutter project.

(I'm not English, pardon me if there is spelling errors)



Just bumped into this site. I don't consider myself as a developer ... I load frameworks, write bugs on top of them, after that I rearrange the code so that it looks like a cool product.

Anyhow trying to learn somethings from the more talented ones.


Hi everyone, I'm a junior software engineer who is currently working on Android applications. I want to be able to become a better programmer by surrounding myself with people who are passionate in their areas of expertise and learn from their experiences :) I hope to become a jack of all trades but also a master of One :)


Great forum, nice to be a part of it and hello to everyone!

I'm an aspiring web developer currently working my way through FreeCodeCamp. My background it mostly in electronic repair and troubleshooting. Now, I'm looking for a change and a more lucrative career and software seems much more interesting.



I just joined the community. I read the code of conduct and I felt that it's a cosy place for me. I'm learning front-end technologies intensively, especially JS and it's libraries. At the moment I'm focused on React.
I'm looking for my first dev job, so wish me luck ;)

Lots of love <3


Hi everyone. I'm a senior .Net/Sql Developer in NY. I'm new to cloud development in particular Azure so would like to read other dev's experience/paint-points moving from prem to that platform, I'm also interested in career themes such as the article "It's perfectly fine to only code at work..." which brought me to your site.


Hi guys this is Brij from India. I write programs in C#, Javascript, Java. I got reference fo this community from twitter. I am learning Linux, vim, golang.

Feeling good to be part of this community :)


Hello Everyone,

I am a recent graduate with my associates in Computer Programming from one of my local Technical Colleges.

I learned Java originally, but took a few C# courses and sort of fell in love with Visual Studios.

Other than Programming, I play games(shocking, I know), play the guitar and sing.

Cheers to everyone here!


Hello Everyone,

Shailesh here, Javascript enthusiast, nodejs dev,

I like to workout, exercise, read books when I am not coding,

and think this is a great place to share the blog post and read
instead of sharing at our own website

What do you guys think?

Looking forward to contributing to the community


Hello, everyone! I was asked to take part in #shecoded2018, and now I'm checking things out here. :)

I've been in technology over 15 years, from tech support to IT to dev to consulting to training and now a mix of consulting and training. I love programming languages, and I've worked with a number of them - Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, and some derivatives of other languages. I co-authored a book on PowerShell. I'm a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual Studio and Development Technologies - that means Microsoft appreciates my visibility in the community and gives me an opportunity to be a voice of the community when dealing with the teams who create Visual Studio, C#, VB.NET, and other Microsoft tools and languages. I speak at user groups and conferences on user experience for developers from a developer perspective, as well as various other topics as requested. I mentor people, mostly virtually, as time allows. I'm also a mom to 2 little guys and married to the love of my life (who is mentioned in my #shecoded2018 post).

I look forward to seeing what this community is about! :)


hi, I'm Lanka.I just finished reading the article "Be good at one thing, not average at everything"by-Steven Yung.That article was really like written for my self.I am so happy to be a part of dev.to community.I like to become a Web developer one day.At the moment lost in nowhere reading articles.Any idea from where I should start?? :) :)


Hi there!
Greetings from Brazil!

Experienced, old school developer and Development Manager here! \o/

I just love productivity tips and it changes our lives. I also love my work, been able to build trust with customers through good software is amazing!


Hello I'm Nonso, I read an article on making sure to be extremely good at a technology instead of being average at a lot. The article brought me here... I started learning php last year, I just want to keep improving.


Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I'm a front-end web developer from Canton, Ohio. I've been learning how to code for almost 3 years. I'm currently learning as much as I can about JavaScript and am getting ready to learn either React or Angular next. When I'm not coding, I write weekly content for my blog The Original BritishPandaChick. My goal is to find my first tech job.


Hi everyone, I'm Michael. Junior Developer specialised in Ruby/Ruby on Rails. I have a good grasp on Core Java and JavaScript but most of my work has been with Ruby and JavaScript. I sort of stumbled upon dev.to but I like the content I find here.
Hope to make new friends here and find mentors too.


Hello devs!
What a great space is dev.to. I used to be a dev, then moved to the PM world and now training myself to go back to sw development with all the great technologies and opportunities out there!


Hello guys. Happy to be a part of this awesome developer community. I'm a front end developer by profession. I also love the way UI design is carried out. If you think this resonates with you, let's connect. Drop me a message.


Hello lovely people! I'm a computer science undergrad, shortly to begin my job as an SDE at Amazon. In college, I use Python for most projects. Also like Octave/MATLAB for image proc and ML. As I write this I realize I haven't coded in good ol' C for 2 years! Also an AI enthusiast.
Anyways glad to be here :D


Hello everyone! I'm a web developer from Milan, Italy, happy to join this community.
I think it is nice to have a place like this, where you can find people that understand, and love, what we do everyday.
Look forward to learn more and more, and to share what I know :)



Hi All.

I never know what to say in these boxes. Programming for a several years now.. Ruby, Elixir and some JS. Fun fact: I scrape coconuts in my spare time because I crave the taste of fresh coconut milk in my coffee.


Hello everyone. I came across a sponsored post from DEV in Facebook and I instantly became hooked on reading posts by other developers. I am an aspiring web developer, reading a lot of articles for different tools and still looking on what would be my main focus or primary tools. Hoping to learn tons of stuff in this community. :)


Hello everyone! Good to be here!! :)
I’m a Front-end developer working mainly with ReactJS, VueJs, node.

At the moment I’m writing 90% vanilla JS. Feels great but oh my, I was spoiled by using React and Co.. 😂


Hi everyone, my name is Dashon (pronounced day shawn) Hawkins or you can call me DJ. I found this by accident looking for additional resources. I'm currently a junior full stack software developer/engineer in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and was an actual DJ for 20+ years. Just 18 months ago, I couldn't code at all and now I can't recognize myself. My story isn't traditional, but also isn't unique in many aspects (just ask me about my amazing journey). I'm a graduate (July 27th 17) of a coding bootcamp called Galvanize. I'm out of their 1st Phoenix, Arizona cohort. I'm currently working on my own and have a multiple companies my full service digital agency is called Ghetto Geek LLC, who is partnered with another firm to make our parent company called 3 Comma Devs. If there's any way I can assist, I will and I will share valuable insight from my perspective as much as I can. I have a tremendous amount to learn and grow and as you all know, you never stop learning in this field. I look forward to meeting everyone!


Hello! I’m self-taught LAMP stack developer with >10 years of experience. Currently I’m working on a startup, so this is a wery interesting topic for me. Also I would like to learn JVM platform, Kotlin specifically caught my eye. Thanks for dev.to platform! I was reading content here for some time and decided to join this community :)


Hello everyone,

I am super glad to be part of this very great community. Currently, i am learning Python with Flask framework. The major reason for me joining this network is to learn, teach and share this craft and be good at it by surrounding myself with folks that have the same passion - coding!

Lets have fun :-)


Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and aspiring fullstack dev from Nigeria. I'm a crazy football/soccer fan and consider Messi the greatest of all time. I want to keep growing as a programmer and get a job as soon as possible.
I also want to connect with the best minds on earth. Feeling excited.


I was googling some info about Dan Abramov and got here.
I'm a Javascript developer, coding for Node.js and learning React.js

Just finished my own Node.js project for making notes inside a text editor. Called it "Notekeeper" :)


Came after Google recommended an article and I saw the same thing on NewsFusions' Open Source news aggregation app.

Seems like a cool collection of ideas and experiences being shared. Additionally, love the collection of podcasts.


Hello everyone 👋 your article about 2018 Web design brought me here, plus the 🦄 lol. I am trying get back to work in Web Development industry, and surrounding myself with like minded people may help me keep on going. Thank you 😊


Hello everyone, I'm the lead/coordinating developer at the open source Qub³d-Engine project. I've liked programming since I was about 11-12 yrs old and have just now found some inspiration to pick it back up and maybe make a career out of it.


I came here by accident, but i saw lot of good texts and things to learn about.
Soon I ll be Bsc of mechanical engineering and I am interested to learn little bit more of programing at Summer.
If somebody can give me agood tip where to start
and from where to learn, I would be more than grateful.

See you around!


Hello Guys, my name Nkeze Sylvester Uche. I am a tech enthusiasts skilled in the use Laravel and Jquery. I wish to go Dev Ops soon. My guilty pleasures are gaming and anime (super naruto fan here, :-) ). Came here through facebook ads and i am hoping to learn and teach a lot from this resource


Hi hi,

I'm not used to being part of a programming community outside of university so I'm hoping to get started with such a great bunch!

Recently, I've been deep into the React.js rabbit hole and learning a lot about UX/UI. I'm here to get know people, pick and prod at your minds about ideas, and contribute in any way I can!

Besides code, I dabble in D&D, creating and running adventures for whoever wants a break from our reality.


Hey everyone! I'm new around here but I love this place already. I am self teaching myself the basics HTML/CSS/JS at the moment. I appreciate all the time and effort everyone puts into these great articles. It has been very helpful and I look forward to learning so much more. Oh and I'm from just north of NYC by about an hour.


Hi everyone,

I was referred here by the CSS-tricks newsletter where he recommended some places to go to improve my JavaScript skills.

I'm a front-end angular developer at a small software company called Squava where we are building a SaaS web app for small businesses, providing them the tools for project management, time tracking, employee management, accounting etc.

I wanted to improve my coding chops, specifically with JavaScript/TypeScript so I can round out my mastery of the front-end.

I graduated with a BS in web design & development from BYU-Idaho in 2016 and I have been doing web design professionally for about 2 years. Check out my personal site at daves.cool if you're interested in viewing my resume!


Hello all,

I am Anup. Currently pursuing Masters at San Jose State University. I cultivated passion for JavaScript therefore, I am joining this awesome community to learn from passionate people. Look forward to have fun!☺


Hi, people of tomorrow,

I am Sarath, a full stack DEV from Bangalore, India.
A node.js fan who has also worked on Java8, Android, C#, a bit of Python & Elixir.

I believe technology can help build happiness in this dystopian world.

Love everything controversial.

Traveller. Conservationist.

WWF Volunteer

Cheers :) <3


hi, I am a data scientist hoping to transition to front end dev roles. I am just starting my first project with react + firebase. I found this site via reddit. I read the article, "I am a mediocre web developer" and it made my day.

I am looking for mentors who can review my code and help train me remotely. of course, i will compensate for time!


Hello everyone. I'm graphic designer in soul and engineer in brain. I know python to write very dirty - short fix programs for my daily usage, using org-mode, love dwarf fortress, wish to master emacs (: I've done ML courses from Andrew NG, so I decide to improve my python understanding for better me and easier future.

For Turkish speaking friends I write blog (bparlan.com) about socio-technological things with my 20+ year tech experience and support of my sociologist wife.


Hi guys, Am Abednego Edet.
Codename /454p/ PHP Developer.


Read some amazing articles in the dev.to! Regular follower of The Practical Dev. Hoping one day I could write articles this good...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Great to be here. Finally, I can follow awesome people to get inspired and to become a better developer and to dive into open source!



Hi all!

I recently graduated from 5 years of Medical Engineering and I work with coding automated integration tests in Java. I have been coding on and off for about 10 years, but never gotten past the Java basics. About a year back I realized I wanted to work as a developer, and I just started with a serious take on it by enrolling in a Cocecademy pro subscription and their full-stack path.

I found you while going through social media for role models and resources for me to get started. Seems like I found the right place!


Longtime software developer currently poking around graphql- subscriptions and puppeteer.


hello friends! Awesome community here, looking for discussions on open source, cloud, containers, nodejs and .NET Core.


Hi guys, @daviducolo recommended this place and it seems pretty nice!

I'm a Software Engineer and I'm based in Dublin at the moment.



My name is Ruth, I'm from Mexico City. My Cloud Architecture sensei recommended me this blog. So far I have really really liked!



Hello everybody, I love this website, I often find very useful posts. Thank you all <3


Vinod here :) Been coding since I was 16, with Java being my first programming language (I know it's quite unusual indeed) I can finally call myself a full-stack developer. Worked for a company in Amsterdam for 7 years and finally started my own company with few old colleagues. I love learning new things, so I keep myself busy in Coursera and Udemy, while I read a lot in medium.com. I look forward to meeting like-minded people to learn and share new things.


Trying out DEV. Excited about tech. The more I know, the more I don't know... :-)


Hello everybody. :) I'm currently learning React.js. Any helpful tips would be appreciated!


Tiffany, my best advice to you though is to keep it simple when learning React. Head over to codesandbox.io or use Create React App. Don't worry about build tools, CSS in JS etc. Just focus on learning React first.

Here's some good front-end resources I've passed on to teammates in the past. It's a little out of date, but there's some good React resources in there.


hi everyone i am a nodejs devloper .still learning not a pro but interested to know about node security.i hope i will get plenty help and suggetion and most importently new friends from here


Hello ! ,
I'm Badr a 19y/o i'm a student in a technolgy university where i learn coding with different technologies and IT
Proud to be a new member of dev.to
Thanks ^


Hello fellow devs! I hope to dissect the world of development with all of you


Hello everyone. Happy to be here. I am a beginner in Full Stack Development. I want to learn a lot from you guys.


Hello ,i came here accidentally ,very good idea to share experience and thought our the world thank u


Hi, I was linked here but always glad to find another part of the community. I'm brand new trying to learn JS as a foundation in a new career.


I'm here just to try to sharpen my skills and learn more best practices for my dev projects at work.


Hello, all you awesome peeps! :D I'm so glad that I found this community thus I'm a part of the family now. Cheers!!


Hi! I'm from Brazil, 50 yo, on IT since 14yo... Learning every day (finish my graduate this year). A Python lover...


Hi Everyone! I'm a full-stack JavaScript developer in Accra, Ghana. I'm really happy I found this website, it's got an awesome community and a lot of useful resources.


"considered" an expert engineer, I am just a developer of new ideas


Hi there! :D i'm Giovanni from Italy! A big hug from a noob !


Hello, This is Maruf from a little country named Bangladesh.

A PHP guy who is work with Vue and Android!


Hi everyone, love the community! Kept seeing dev.to articles around and decided to register too!


Hello all, I recently found this place(and I'm glad it happened), I'm free time programmer who likes C# and Python.


Hey. Found this by way of the dev landing page on GitHub article.


Hello everyone! I'm Pedro from Brazil. I've been developing for 4 years and counting.
Glad to find this place to share knowledge and meet great people.


I am engineer but from non-cs background. I am a beginner in programming, have overview of c language. I want to learn c++, java, angular js and python


hi I am new in python so please share your python related stuff with me.it can be helpful for me


Hello people, I am a Linux based system and server programmer from India. Glad to be a part of this community! :)


Hey everyone. I stumbled here from an article link someone shared, and I like what have seen so far. I am currently a budding frontend developer. Looking forward to interacting with everyone.


Hey Ruth. Just stumbled on this myself. From a link on github. Welcome, and looking forward to interacting with more developers as well.


Gaming pythonista here, currently learning Django, nice to meet you guys. :)


hi i just trying to improve my knowledge working as a pc/networking technician for small businesses


Hello, everyone. I am Chinese. I read this topic dev.to/itsjzt/can-i-see-your-termi... and then join dev.to.

Nice to meet devers.

Just have fun.


HI everyone, just found out about this and thought i'd check it out. So far ive read 4 really good articles. Look forward to more where they came from...you guys!! ;-)


Hi all, I am learning react native for my mobile development, joined this group looking for great discussion and sharing guys. Thank you.


Hi v'bdy, i'm tryin to handle javascript, redux and react subject for buildin some good apps. hope u'r all fine, bisou


Hi, I'm Temitope from Lagos, Nigeria. I'm very excited to be here. I've been in web development for than 5 years. I'm an addicted PHP developer.


Hi all, eager to learn new tech after being stuck with legacy web dev tools at work.


I am happy to part of this great community, I read a lot of articles and now I signed up to participate in the discussions.


Hi everyone, i'm looking to start a career as a front.end dev, and looks like this is the right place to find out about common but important stuff to grow good. Wish u all a clean codw xD


Thanks dev.to for giving me a chance to be part of the Community.

I love programming, learning and sharing.


Hello all! I actually came to the site via a link from reddit. I mostly focus on C#/F# backends and JavaScript frontends with DevOps sprinkled in from time to time.


Hello there!

I am Rumen from Bulgaria, working as Ruby developer at payments aggregation company. Wannabe Elixir and Elm dev.

Enjoying the community at dev.to, every time.

Mad about tennis.


Hi there!

I discovered dev.to recently and already love it!


Hi, I'm not so new to code (kinda know how to htlm, css and js) but I have a lot to learn yet I'm from Mexico and thats it


Hi Everyone..
Im a junior Web and Mobile Developer, iv been following dev.to at some time, and I Love It..
Thanks Everyone for this awesomeness site.


Hello everyone, glad to be here. I'm here to learn as much as there's to learn!!


Khadim from Sénégal,
West Africa. Im a full stack Web developper. I like learning New thing.


Aspiring Web Developer currently going under undergrad degree. Got to read some post on dev.to,I was greatly inspired by this bunch of community. I would love to contribute and learn from here.


I need to open myself to dev, moving from basic coding.


Hello.Iam new TechBee here.i am really happy to be by joining this wonderful community of Developers.


Hi ! I am from china, NOW Work in an online shop as a JavaWeb dev.


Hey guys, I came here through a desktop wallpaper post :D I liked the community!


Hello, Newbie here. Hope to get better with your help <3


printf(“Hello World\n”);

sense of humour; point of view; creative; technical; slightly annoying.


Hi, I joined because of laravel and deploying my laravel app to heroku with my database. It's just been about an 1 hour here.. but I'm enjoying myself already


Hello world!
I am a self learning developer and learned about this site through a meet up. This site looks awesome almost like a twitter for developers


Hi! Hoping to grown and learn here! I'm in Chile and probably will be here for a few years.


Good morning, is JavaScript obsolete yet? No? Okay, I'll come back later then.


Hello everyone. I am new to dev.to and also a whole wonderful web-dev world, the journey has been around 6 months. See you around! :D


I am am Iqtidar Ali, a front-end developer, previously a Flash animator and designer.

Thanks for adding me the community...


Hello, I'm a self taught dev who studies Database Sciences & Machine Learning in my spare time.


Hey, glad to be here. I'll starting to learn development :')


hey everyone
which is the best choice for web scraping beautiful soup or selenium.


Hello thank you for such a good platform for beginners like me especially.


Hi all!! I'm Ruben, a backend developer from Spain


Hello everyone!
I'm Linda and a javascript developer. I'm very happy to take part in this community.



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Hello, I am Rezaul Karim Rabbi ;
I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Currently a Undergraduate Student.


Hi everyone,

Chandu here! Full Stack Developer from Trivandrum, India.
Mainly focusing on JavaScript.

Looking forward for great informations and excitements!!

Thank you!


Hi everyone, this site looks great with a lot of good blog posts. I hope I can contribute soon with some new blog posts ✌️


Hello everyone, thank you for all the wonderful information you guys are sharing, if anyone need help with AWS, let me know i'll try to help.


Well someone of my friends on social network have sent me a link that brought me here. And now I must say "Thanks" to that one literally. Hello everyone!


Hey everyone, excited to be here! Can't remember how I first got here but seems fantastic! :)


Hello! I discovered dev.to after attending the Write Speak Code event in Feb 2018 and I'm looking forward to learn and share on this awesome platform.


Hi Everyone! I'm a theatre artist turned software engineer in Brooklyn getting ready to begin my Master's in Computer Engineering at Syracuse!


Hello fellow devs, I am happy to be here because I'm obsessed with code like everyone here. Happy coding


Hello everyone, I'm newcomer in webdev I hope to learn a lot with the community.