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Hand waving hello in many languages

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

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Great to have you in the community!

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simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Hi there 👋

I'm a self-taught coder, always learning, no CS degree. When I started 3 years ago, I had a hard time feeling overwhelmed by all the concepts I should learn.

Now, I'm working on a project that allows people to teach coding live to each other and learn together. I would love to connect with y'all!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Hey there welcome to the DEV Community! Its a great place to grow as a developer can't wait to read your articles.

ndubuezeeke profile image

Thank you sir

fraedma profile image
Franklin Martínez Avila

Gracias señor

rafi993 profile image

Welcome @simonpaix

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

thanks, Rafi!

andrebezbirolo profile image
André J. Bez Birolo

Hi! Welcome

manssorr profile image
Mansour Ashraf

Hello, Welcome Mariana
when it will be launched?

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Hey Mansour! We're rolling out to those in our waitlist by batches. Will get to you soon :)

Thread Thread
manssorr profile image
Mansour Ashraf

Woohoo, I'm waiting here :D

imongolet profile image
Imongolet Cleophus

Am here
Can i join you

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Hi! Sure, welcome!

ryanflez profile image

Hi I'm new. Am here to learn web development

simonpaix profile image
Mariana Simon

Hi! Welcome :)

jerrykco profile image
Jerry Kauffman

Hi Everybody!
I started coding on mainframes back in the early 70's. Then 30 years later I started managing coders. (yes I'm old, but I love to be challenged!)
4 months ago (after managing our production company for 7 years) I started learning Python, Flask, MySQL, and WTForms so I could convert the current companies production/repair records from Excel Spreadsheets to a web based database application.
I have made real progress but still have a bucket-load to learn. I was struggling with having a single form that had 3 parts (always needed data and 2 parts that were not needed based on if the associated option was included in the hardware). That search led me here. But the potential solution I found here wasn't adopted. I ended up choosing a different approach which seems to work. (more testing eminent)

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

That's awesome! It's always super inspiring to read about folks that embody the "always learning" mindset. A warm welcome to DEV, Jerry!

pritri profile image

Like the enthusiasm Jerry... we need more passionate people like you here in DEV! Happy learning and happy coding

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Captain America saluting

rafi993 profile image

welcome @jerrykco

cblte profile image

Sound great. Hope your app is working as you expect it to be. Good luck with that and happy coding.

samual profile image
Samual Norman

hi, I'm me

I like to program, programming is what I spend most of my free time doing
I really like programming

typescript is cool

I made a recreation of voltorb flip one time

currently just a first year uni student

mare_milenkovic profile image
Marko Milenkovic

Hi All,
I'm a Java developer working mostly on developing REST web services. I'm mostly working on developing financial applications. I'm currently very passionate about functional programming and applying it in Java. Because I created my very first blog post:
I'm excited to learn with all of you and share the knowledge.

wiired24 profile image
wiired24 • Edited

Hey everyone, new here. I really enjoy web dev with nodejs and javascript and also systems programming with Rust. Just finished a project with nodeJS + Electron that allows you to organize all of your steam games and emulators and launch them from one application seamlessly. It has box art, video previews, and works out of the box with retroarch libretro cores. If you wanna check it out it's on my github page.

Aside from that I also have been falling in love with the Rust Programming language as of late. Got some future projects I wanna write in Rust, one of which being a emulator for the NES and the other being a small hobby operating system in Rust. Future technologies I'm most interested in would probably be typescript and web assembly. I'm excited to join this community of fine developers. I look forward to writing some very interesting posts.

jayleez2 profile image

I guess I will need to learn Rust after all thanks for the enlightenment sir

andrebezbirolo profile image
André J. Bez Birolo

For over a year developing high performance websites and focusing on accessibility for people with disabilities whatever it may be. Every day I am improving myself using sites such as LightHouse, PageSpeed, WebDev and as metrics. I am a front-end developer and I want to specialize in the basics to give value to my words.

bmabioye profile image

Hi everyone!

I'm new here, been in ITOps for more than a decades. Deemed I need some coding knowledge for career advancement. just finish first Javascript course on Codecademy.

I'm excited to be here.

angelia profile image
Mark Chen

Hi everyone, I come here the first time, hope to get familiar from you soon. I am from China, an old hand, with more than 20 years of IT experiences, in virtually all fields. Currently I am focusing on designing ICs for telecommunications, particularly modulation and demodulation, in VHDL, Verilog, python, java, MatLab, C and more. Enjoy the community!

ngidev profile image

Hi! 👋

I like to describe myself as a regular of the Tutorial Hell Inn, where knowledge abounds, eddies, and leaks—a voluntary regular, that is, as I really enjoy learning. I am a self-taught dev, although that term feels slightly wrong as most of what I've learned has come from the community.

Coding and writing fiction are two things I love, and after lurking and learning from this site for a long time I thought I would join and see what happens if I combine the technical aspect of coding with the reading ease of fiction—plus some bad comedy—in my posts. The outcome can only be disastrous.

That's mostly it! I would love to connect with all of you.

Have a wonderful day!

donangel profile image
Doncho Angelov

Hi all! As a user of the Superproductivity app, I came here because I stumbled upon a few articles by its creator, all of which appeared here. I decided to create an account, and it seems I might actually like it.

Let's see how deep this rabbit hole is!

ulorseries profile image
Ulor Michael

I started coding in 2016, then though i had to battle with understanding and learning the concept. 4yrs plus on it i'm loving the skill and learning new things. I joined DEV to network with Web developers like me

molnaratesz profile image

Hey everyone!
I have been coding for more than 15 years. I fell in love with programming in my high school years when I tried Turbo Pascal and Comenius logo. Later I started my CS degree and parallelly launched my software developer career. I was focusing mainly on .NET fullstack development with angularjs front end. I tried a few other stacks (php, python flask, java, react) as well during the years. After few years of develpment I joined a private programming school startup as a mentor

When I have spare time I love to try out new technologies like how to write VS Code extension or Add-In for Microsoft Word and other fun stuff. Sometimes these expeditions led me to interesting recognitions and challenges which I thought would be worth to share. So here I am. 😎

filgeary profile image
Georgiy Filippov

Hi, developers!

I am a self-taught beginner Front-End developer from Russia.
I have started learning JavaScript about 3 months ago.
My start journey was hard.
this, closure, prototypes - I keep learning these hard parts now.

After JavaScript, I want to learn React and find my first job.
I hope, at the end of my journey I don't get an undefined || null. 😄

// sorry for my English.

fayyaztech profile image
Shaikh Faiyaz

Hello everyone,
My self a developer. I'm working on different technologies. Since a years we saw technologies developing very fast and in the world we have to upgrade our self. It is not possible by solo (alon) but we together can teach and learn that's a great. Thanks dev to bring us together.

vinceknight profile image
Vincent Prytherch

Hi all,

I’m a mathematician who studies game theory. Most of the software development I learnt was from contributions to the axelrod which is a neat project for studying the prisoners dilemma.

I also teach programming with mathematics and mathematics with programming so I’ll probably be writing about that at sort of stuff.

Always looking to learn what I don’t know I don’t know. 😊

In my free time I like to throw frisbees for my dog.

rramirez1414 profile image
Ramon Ramirez

Hello everyone!

Been coding for about 5 years. Although I got my degree in CS, I still consider myself a new programmer. Currently, I work for a company as a front end react developer after finding my passion for web development 3 years into my programming experience. Love to be a part of programming communities! Looking forward to reading articles from this community.

kgil60 profile image

Hey! I'm currently going through Flatiron School's software engineering program. I've loved technology my entire life, pretty literally (my mother would tell you I was on the family computer since I was born). My blogs here will be mainly about the projects I do with the program, as well as any interesting topics I wanna talk about.

yveslym profile image
yves songolo

Hi There,

I never new about DEV or I would have register long ago, but it's never to late isn't it?. looking forward to met great engineers and designers with great project, even just for discussing.

I have a project that been stuck in my head for a while now, and now I wanted to work on it since I have some free time on my hands. Crypto jump, to make short, a crypto trader mobile that does the trade for you with 1 click only. yea the app will do all the trading, and you can seat tight and just look at the money grow🤑. I'm not inventing anything new here, but just putting things together to help common foes who doesn't have much knowledge on crypto trading (and they don't really need too).

curious about the project? you can see more here :
and if you want to be part of the project:


ux_engineering profile image
UX Engineering

Hi everyone!

I am a UX Engineer (more of a Full-Stack Developer with UX-Design thrown in). I enjoy learning new things and working as a developer was for me the perfect choice to live out this passion (thanks to the continuous stream of new JavaScript libraries and frameworks).

Would love to connect with all of you!

jayleez2 profile image

Hi Everyone I hope we are doing great? I am a 18 year old boy who wants to learn as much as possible before death beckons I believe that I came to the right place ayy..thank you all for reading and helping:)

oumarou profile image

hello guys ,

i'm mechanical engineering student an a self taught web developer currently learning app development with Flutter. I'm here to network with the developers family around the world and share my experiences as well. my long term project is to create a web/app development agency to help small and medium businesses to have an online presence in these competitive situations.

90ld3 profile image

Hi, im looking forward to be part of the community. I have been working as a professional backend developer for almost 11 years. I started my career as a frontend developer. Later it continued for me in the backend area. Mainly in .Net development with Sitecore CMS. My new challenges are with Asp.Net core and Kentico. Currently I am diving into .Net core and already enjoying the technology. Stay healthy and happy everyone. Cheers.

heloiseouvry profile image

Hello everyone!
I'm currently learning web development with a 6-month bootcamp and just love what I'm doing! Still 5 months to go and then I'll join the big junior dev community! Waiting forward to being there :D

samueldourado7038 profile image
Samuel Dourado

Hi, My name is Samuel and I love Software Development.
I wish to learn new things and share my knowledge.
I'm currently learning English(sorry for any mistake, I'm Brazillian), mobile development, and a little bit of Japanese.
I really love Japanese culture, one day I will work in Japan, It will be an important milestone for me.
I have experience in Web Development(PHP, Angular, React), My goal is to become a better developer.
Thank you, let's collaborate.

maike profile image

Hi Everybody :)

I am a CS student from Germany who is just starting to learn coding.
When I started half a year ago, I quickly felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities. And now six months later it's not much better.

I would like to share my progress with you here and of course I hope to get some help if I am stuck on a topic again. ;)

I would love to connect with all of you!

manssorr profile image
Mansour Ashraf

Hey Everyone.
I'm a Computer Engineering Student, From EGYPT.
I'm a beginner at programming because what I was learned from college is nothing!
I would like to share my journey of learning everything online week per week here and on my blog..
If anyone interested let me know, Positive comments and messages are welcome

breezojr profile image
Boniface Mwandobo

Hi everybody!
Well i took me a long time to understand my full potential as a software developer until recently.
back several months i decided to dive deep in the world of logics and codes (programming) is stubbornly beautiful that i can say.
I have bigger dreams now, One of them i want my codes to help fighting poverty in my country and finally Africa as whole.
Well i have my challenges so is everybody... with the best community her at DEV I know i will reach my dreams.
Thank you.

decentralizuj profile image

Few words about me,

Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer. Back-end mostly, but in past few month I found some interesting ways to create JS with Ruby and without JS code at all.

I'am a guy who like nature, to go out and to work from outside wherever I can. I don't like social networks, but I must stay in touch with rest of the world, so I decided to register somewhere (here) where content is smart, not stupid. I read for a long time, it's probably time to give something back to community.

frankden1 profile image
Edomobi Frank

Hello am Frank and am new here, I am front end developer and currently learning backend. I joined this forum to make new friends and maybe we can do some projects together

lauracarballo profile image
Laura Carballo

Hi everyone 👋
I'm excited to share my first blog post today! As a self taught developer, I've always benefited from the openness of the tech community, so I'm happy to be sharing some knowledge too ☺️