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Welcome Thread - v134

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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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Kara Peoples
Wish I had realized this part of existed earlier. I am here now and that's what counts. Hey guys glad to be a part of this great resource tool. 🐛🕷 Just another bug maker and bug catcher looking to do some awesome coding....

kubona_my profile image
kubona Martin Yafesi

That's wonderful Kara.

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Glad havr yi

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Boniface Mutisya


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José Thomaz

Hello everyone, I am a developer from Brazil 🇧🇷, I will start to share contents about compilers, IOT and programming languages. I am loving this platform built from devs to devs ❤️, let's learn a lot together

naemazam profile image
Naem Azam

Hello DEVs! This is Naem Azam. I am an Engineering Student. I'm currently learning Python in the Noob level, I like Cybersecurity . I also have a lot of interest in Blockchain. I'm good with HTML and CSS. I Like WordPress Too.
Nice To Meet You All.

allahra54524247 profile image
Allah Rakha

Hi everyone.
finally glad to see a good platform for developers where they can actually interact like social media sites. I've gone through lot of interesting, loving , helpful articles on . Thank you everyone for being part of this platform.

kubona_my profile image
kubona Martin Yafesi

Feels great here already. I am new here. I hope to get better at communication with the community here. I call you family, we support each other. I am currently learning Python, with future emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.

I love making new friends, so you want the same? Here for you. Thanks for the welcome

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Jai Irkal

Hello everyone! I'm Jai Irkal, an Engineering Student. I'm currently learning Python in the intermediate level, AI and ML. I also have a lot of interest in Web Development. I'm good with HTML and CSS.
Hope you all are doing well!👍

arthurcoudouy profile image
Arthur Coudouy

Hey DEVs! 👋 I'm Arthur, working on I'm mostly a Node/React developer working on front and back as we're still a small team. Looking forward to participating more in this community. If you have any question around code review, feel free to reach out!

kyronfeast profile image

Thank you for helping us newbies

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Shreyas Daniel

Hello everyone, I am Shreyas Daniel. I am 20 years old. I am currently working on React and React native projects. I'm also interested in ML, getting started in it slowly. I read posts frequently so glad to be here.

tarandeep_singh profile image
Tarandeep Singh

Hey guys! I am from India. Currently learning Full-Stack Web Development and sharing knowledge and resources along the way. Really excited to join this amazing community of DEVs! Looking forward to an amazing journey of learning, nurturing & sharing knowledge ❤

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C Vasanth

Self learnt PHP, mysql, javascript application developer and Linux server administrator. Found many of my questions directed to and registered to learn more

d4nknow5 profile image

I hope found many of my questions too, fellow.

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Dylan Attal

Hi all! I'm a software engineer leveling up his own skills by explaining algorithm scripting challenge solutions. Hopefully some junior/aspiring developers can gain some knowledge by reading my posts!

gleisser profile image

Hey all, Im a Senior Java DEV, keen to learn more about react, flutter and also improve my skills, Im really enjoying the posts and articles shared here.

fffcode78 profile image

I love the great articles here!

apongpoh profile image

Hello I'm Apongpoh. I 'm Web Developer and work as freelancer, entrepreneur and mostly I am passionate on web coding.
I’m quite expert in using programming and markup languages like:
Hypertext markup language (HTML)
Cascading Style Sheet

Hope i'm welcome in community.

redeyemedia profile image

Hello all! Excited to be here! Thought about making my YouTube videos into articles and post them here and hopefully get some feedback. I want to share some information that might be helpful for beginner developers specifically, because I struggled a lot in the beginning as a developer and I want to address those pain points.
Have a nice day!