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Welcome Thread - v163

Bob Ross saying "I'm So Glad You Could Join Me Today"

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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Michelle Renee

Hello! I'm Michelle and I'm new to software development, at least as a career. I was a stand up comic for over 20yrs and toured all over the world. Some of my favorite "gigs" were performing for for the U.S. Military in the Middle East and Asia, as well as the numerous tours I did throughout Canada which were not military related. I played around with web development a bit while putting together a personal website for my stand-up and thoroughly enjoyed it. The initial outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown gave me ample opportunity to really explore and learn! Now I'm on my way seeking job opportunities that I can grow with. I'm skilled in HTML, CSS, SCSS, VanillaJS and am currently learning React and Node. I know the very basics of Java. I really like Three.js and tilt.js... who doesn't? They're so fun! I'm looking for like minded companions to share, learn from and with!

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Birdie Ou

Hi, Michelle, it's such a happy surprise to see a stand-up comic in the comment session. So glad for your achievements in the new field. Keep up with the good work. (By the way, I like writing jokes to entertain myself. Once or twice, I did open-mic gigs on Discord in the past two years. Such fun.)

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Chris Jarvis


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hi :)

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Muriithi Gakuru


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jenniferfu0811 profile image

Hi everyone, I'm Jen!

I've dabbled a bit in UX research, UX Design, and Product Management. I'm constantly on the lookout for products, projects, and services that can help developers learn and grow technically and professionally.

I just shared an article on Codementor Events, a developer community and a new virtual events platform that focuses on making attending and hosting developer events easy.

Here's the piece if you're interested in learning through virtual events or giving a career talk, hosting a workshop, or doing a live coding session:

Nice to meet you all 😇

willmont06 profile image
Will Almonte

Hello! I'm Dawill and im also new to web development, always had interest in computers but had the misconception that coding was for genius and that i wasn't capable for some reason , a couple of years back i got a technical support job for Brother printers , i had to train for 4 months to learn printer technologies to assist customers over the phone and help them with whatever problem they was experiencing , one morning on the job , i got a call from a very nice guy (very rare)
who was a developer and needed my help troubleshooting his 20 year fax machine, thats when it hit me and i realize developers aren't super geniuses , and i said to myself if i learned how to fix this printers i could learn how to code. i been learning none stop and i dont see myself stopping till i reach my goal of becoming a self-taught web dev .

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Ricardo Campos

Welcome Will! I'm sure you'll nailed it!

curiosity profile image
Mindaugas Januška • Edited

Hi folks! My name is Mindaugas. I am a web developer with special love to VueJS and Nuxt.
I like to learn. And I learn a lot when explain to others how I approached to solve tasks.
Hence, I have wrote my first in a lifetime series consisting of 5 articles Lightning fast build VueJS 3 project and deploy it free of charge to GitHub pages
This project I have built for one of my job interviews and decided to write a detailed tutorial how I approached to solve given task and lightning fast to deliver a demo list-with-products website to become available online.
I hope, that somebody will find this workshop useful or perhaps will find some information or snippets of code for their projects.
Online version of the project can be found there
Public GitHub repository with source code of this project can be found there

snowdog773 profile image
Jon Pitans

Hi all, I'm a sound engineer, theatrical tech manager and former tour manager to Barney the Dinosaur. I've been building basic websites for years and have now decided to take a full stack boot camp to make a fairly drastic career change. Currently drowning in Javascript, trying to make sense of it all and getting there slowly thanks to some awesome tuition.

afrodevgirl profile image
Alexis Moody

I'm also a former theatre tech (lighting design)! Welcome to the wild world of web development 🙂. Feel free to reach out if you want some help wading through JavaScript.

snowdog773 profile image
Jon Pitans

Thanks, I'm actually in a React lecture right now. Fascinating stuff but so much to take in.

amaljoby profile image

Hai, I'm Amal, a self taught beginner web-dev, currently I'm honing my skills. I'm doing my bachelor's but I feel like it's not offering me any necessary knowledge to hone my skills as a developer. Therefore I'm gaining the knowledge that I need.
I've some background in python. But I don't know why I learned it. However now I have a clear cut idea of what to do next. Joining the "" is also my part of this. I've learned some HTML,CSS,JavaScript. I believe I could learn so much from here...


nancykenneth profile image

Self taught?
How did it happen ?

amaljoby profile image

Yeah..The truth is I had tried some online bootcamps. But it was overwhelming for me. So I thought I should find my own way to become a developer and to learn new things. After all, Everything we need is already available for free in the web.

Thread Thread
nancykenneth profile image

That's great, I'm having same experience now I can't comprehend much from online course I'm taking.
I will like to follow your steps. Can I get to talk to you privately?

rajarshicode profile image
Rajarshi Das

Hi myself Rajarshi,
I am a CS undergrad, Currently studying at UEMK
interested in coding and learning new things ..........
I know HTML, CSS, C, C++, JAVA and PYTHON
joined today 12/02/2022
Happy Coding!

hasanthesyrian profile image

yo, I'm Hasan, I'm 18 and I'm currently studying as an engineering student. I love web programming, C/C++ and mechatronics. I'm/willing to learn Swift, React, Vue, and Python. I speak 3 languages, play the guitar and I'm really good with my Yo-yos.

farhanmunim profile image

Hi All! I'm Farhan (: A self-taught front-end web developer and recently a huge dabbler in the world of WordPress (Oxygen Builder in particular) and creating solutions on Excel, VBA, and Tableau - based in London, UK. Looking forward to learning new things and sharing some knowledge also!

My site -

aissalaribi profile image
Aissa Laribi

Hi I am Aissa, I have been working on my WooCommerce website for 2 years. During this experience I have learned to deploy a LAMP Stack to a Linux Virtual Machine, learn Python, scrape prices on other websites, to automate the scrapping and to learn how to interact with the WooCommerce API.

Then, I have accumulated knowledge in Linux, Python, DNS, and API calls. As a result, I have started to follow a training of Cloud Engineer with ACloudGuru in August 2021. During this time, I have followed courses preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification, LPIC Linux Essentials and Python Development. More important, I have been building practical experience with AWS through the Hand-on-Labs projects and my own projects on AWS/GCP/AZure sandboxes proposed by ACloudGuru.

At the moment, I am working on Labs regarding Automation, APIs, Serverless Applications & CI/CD. I am looking for collaborators working with AWS, Python, APIs, Containers, Automation, and CI/CD.I am looking for partners to share, to learn from, and to collaborate on projects.

Happy days! :)

resabler profile image

when coding makes sense we really have to pay attention to what it has to say to its developers. Constantly updating the technological as well as the developing skills are the stuffs that really matters. |Though we are somewhere around the earth indeed actively connected with digital world. So I am here to learn, corporate and to collaborate with, to grow as a community overall for a deeper level of understanding of the developer skills

rmcampos profile image
Ricardo Campos

Hey! My name is Ricardo, and I'm here to start a new habit. I already have a personal blog, however, I'm looking for something closer to the tech community, so I'm bringing my stuff here.

I'm not very good with fun facts LOL. But here's one: I've met my wife through Facebook 11 years ago.

srikargunnam profile image
Srikar Gunnam

Hello! I'm Srikar Gunnam, I am Accounting Technician by profession, but finance & accounting is not my cup of tea, I'm passionate about computers, i love to code, so i planned a career change, now i am here in this coding world, I started with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
But my goal is to become a full stack developer, so i am working on skills required to reach my goal.

Happy Coding!

hades42 profile image
Van Nguyen

Hi everyone, my name is Van Nguyen Nguyen. I'm currently an IT student who want make interesting and better software :V.

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my small personal website. I have a small blog in it to share all interesting things I learn from the internet.

Or checkout my Github to know more stuff I did.

Hope you have a lot of fun on your dev journey as well!

xzavyeradams profile image
Xzavyer Adams

Hi! I'm Xzavyer Adams and I've been messing with programming and software development for about 3 years. I recently turned 16 and I'm a sophomore in highschool. I enjoy programming as it gives me the power to create wonderful things that could potentially help people and make their lives better. I strive to challenge myself and improve upon my knowledge.

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