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light bulb!

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hello to all that are new to DEV.
I'm Katie, the #welcome moderator. My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.

If you are interested in posting, be sure to read my post:


Hello Katie! :)
Thanks for the greetings, looking forward to learning a lot of things in here.


Welcome Kalesha! I hope you enjoy it here on DEV as much as I do!


Hi Isadora! It's great to see more woman who code here on DEV.


Hello Katie, newbie here😊😊


Welcome. There is lots of information for beginners here.


Hey Bethany, it's great to see more woman who code here on DEV


Hi Kattie a friend recommended me to dev.to and now I see it is definitely worth would be learning a lot from you all.


Hi Owais, welcome to DEV. There are lots of posts here to help you learn all aspects of coding.


Hi Katie, I am here to learn from all as well as share what i know about frontend frameworks, JS and node i am using and developing.


Great Vijay! Looking forward to your first post.


Your welcome. I hope you enjoy it here.


Thanks for the information!


Hey Katie, how are you today? I'm interested in learning everything I can about coding.


Hi David. I'm sure you will find lots to learn here.


Hello Katie!
Earlier dev.to used to have a scribble page on 404. Any idea where can I find it?


I'm don't think I've seen that before. Maybe someone else can chime in here to help you find it.


Hlo mam,i am new here.I want to excel my programming skills ,will u favour me..


I'm here to help with any site and some coding needs.


Yola, I'm Bliss (@msblis most places) I love all things Game Design and am learning Full Stack via .Net Core so that I can freelance while creating my own educational life games. Not really here looking for a challenge just trying to make life a bit easier for myself and others.


Yola — love that greeting! Combo of yo + hola (I'm guessing)... anyway, totally gonna use that one.

Hope you dig it here, and love the co-op nature of that last statement "just trying to make life a bit easier for myself and others" ... I think this is a good mantra to live life by.


You got it Yo + Hola = Yola! I'm from South LA and so it's my own version of Spanglish! thanks for the welcome!


hello, dev.to world!

My name is Maria and I'm relatively new to coding. I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and javaScript. I'm entirely self-taught and am learning about computer science and new languages every day.

I'm here to learn!


Hi Maria, enjoy the journey!


Hi Maria, welcome to our community. It’s great to see more women who code!


Together we will learn. I am sure you will find resources to learn from here.



I am @tecoholic on the net. Vue community brought be here. Happy I found this place. :)


Welcome, plenty of Vue content here!


Thank you. Great place you have built. Thanks for that again.


Hi !
My name is Axelle, I'm from Paris and I'm 29 years old, and 9 months ago I quit my job to learn web development ! Currently I'm learning HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Next I would like to learn Swift !
I love to learn lot of things, at school or alone !
I'm really happy to be here and to know dev.to world !


Hi everyone, i'm a research, developer and entrepreneur from Brazil.

I've been working with microcontrollers, like Arduino and NodeMcu, i also have done somethings in Raspberry.

My most common use language is Python, which i like too much, but i also worked with Delphi, VBA, Java, Javascript and C#. I hope to learn a lot here.

Nice to meet you all!



I am a dedicated developer. Take great pride in programming.
Love to see, projects realized.
And after 3 decades I still have great appetite for modern development, such as node.js based solutions
Have a +3 year practice with AWS and GCP, mostly storage.
Want to master kubernetes before 2020 is out and maybe get some friends along the way 🦉


Just reach out to me Kenneth. Touch base. Schwartzenberg (spelled right) at Geemayl doht komm.


Pleasure to be here. To learn, encourage AND BE CHALLENGED.


Welcome Joseph 🤗

Some Challenges right here 😅


Bhupesh has come prepared 😄


Hello, I am a Fullstack JS Software Engineer. Leaving and breathing in Javascript Ecosystem. It will be nice to meeting you all and contribute as much as I can. A great comment on a post convinced me that there are senior level people here, so i immediately signed up.
Reference to the comment: dev.to/crussell52/comment/i5kp


Hey everyone. Not sure what to write and not sure anyone will want to read it but here goes.
Posts on this site came up in Google searches, that's how I found it. Didn't really know what it was about until tonight when I took the trouble to read the 'about' blurb, and signed-up. Really like the ambition which seems to be "Medium, the good parts".
Working in Healthcare informatics. (So HL7, FHIR, DICOM and all that jazz).
Love Kotlin, trying to love Scala. Love the idea of Clojure but it hasn't 'taken'. Spent a long time with C#, years ago. Realising I need to learn Haskell one day.
That'll do for now.


Hello, world! 👋

My name's Harry - I've been in digital for about a year now. I've been working on cloud-hosted applications, so my interests mainly relate to cloud providers and front-end tech. Big ❤️ for accessibility and productivity tools also.

I'm here to join a community of devs and learn as much as I can :)


Well, I'm here because I want to write some tutorials about CSS and other frontend development skills. I think here is the best place to do it. I love CSS and HTML, these are the skills I most learn in my career. I'm working as a frontend developer since 2012. :)


Hi Isadora, awesome! Frontend developer is my dream career


Hey! I heard about dev.to from a comment on my indiehackers post [1]. Excited to join the community!

[1] indiehackers.com/product/chrome-to...


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In the World of today, every new second brings such huge changes in our lives that stuns us for a micro second and the 1st thing that hits our minds is that, “Oh No, I have Never thought about this thing“. There have come so many changes in the age of technology that today whatever is actually happening was once considered as a dream or might be few have had such dreams


Hey, I'm Pyxel! I'm a freelance / hobbyist developer from the United States, that does fullstack development, my main languages at the moment are Rust, Typescript, HTML, and SASS. Nice to meet everyone! Look forward to posting about my devops experiences and hiccups along the way, and hope everyone enjoys my posts, for those who do read them :P


It’s great to be here looking forward to meeting people who will challenge me to work harder


My background is Business Administration. I have always worked as PA, Office Manager, and for a few years I also run my own business. For the past 5 years, I worked in a technological start-up and Ihad the chance to work closely with the dev team. Thanks to that I developed a genuine interest in software development. While working there, I also came in contact with an Agile approach to building software and found it fascinating, so I decided to become a software developer. At first, I started learning through websites like freecodecamp and codecademy, then I found a meet-up in Milton Keynes called GirlsCode and started to get actively involved in organizing coding events and workshops.

Then I found out about bootcamps to learn how to code. After some months of reflection and more self-learning, I made the decision to apply to Makers Academy Coding Bootcamp in London, where I recently graduated as software developer, and got my first job as developer 4 months ago.

I am here to learn and to inspire others... especially other women...


I am Abhishek, a Software Developer working at PayPal in India. I have been a member for more than a year, and have been reading posts every now and then.

Now, I plan to give something back by posting here which will help my understanding of the concepts as well. Working on a post currently, will publish it in a day or two.

Just wanted to say that this is a really fun community to be a part of. I enjoy spending time here besides learning many things.


Hi, I'm @zt4ff a newbie coder.
Feels really great to be here seeing the impact this community will make to me


Great to have you!

If you want more newbie-focused content, set yourself to a "1" or "2" in experience level in your UX settings



I know next to nothing but I'm happy to be here nonetheless!


That's the best kind of nothing to know!


The best part about starting from nothing is seeing how far you come! 😀


Everyone starts somewhere!


Hey there ! My name is Tomás, I´m from Santiago, Chile and I'm interesting in learning web development in general. I may not have great skills at this moment, but I hope to be able to contribute someday. Cheers and stay safe !


Cheers and thanks for the welcome, Katie!

In 2020 I made a commitment to stop using social media (basically I had already stopped Facebook, so stop Twitter) and use my online time purely constructively in communities like this.

Happy to be here!


Hi, I am Aslam Hossin(@aslamhossin), a Software engineer with 4 years of experience designing, developing, testing, and maintaining Android applications in the sports, entertainment, and outsourcing industry.


Hello, I'm Gabriel, a brazilian dude.

I'm a back-end developer who mainly uses Rails and Node, but I'm starting to play with Flutter. I'm really enjoying the performance, Dart, animations, widgets and how good the code looks.

I'm currently a Tech Lead at Incubatech, a software development company based in Natal, which is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil working with a team of 13 developers and about 6 active projects right now.

The DEV is great! Been here for a while but now in an official way.


Hi everyone, I'm Matteo and I'm a .NET developer (mainly C#), I can work in Swift too and mainly I work with mobile (Xamarin) and web (.NET Core) technologies. I'm studying Typescript and I've mantaining a new version of the abandoned particles.js, tsParticles (github.com/matteobruni/tsparticles)


In the World of today, every new second brings such huge changes in our lives that stuns us for a micro second and the 1st thing that hits our minds is that, “Oh No, I have Never thought about this thing“. There have come so many changes in the age of technology that today whatever is actually happening was once considered as a dream or might be few have had such dreams


well, google brought me here, and I'm about to leave a comment here (is.gd/AYLgDA) which I hope will lead to others jumping in saying "yeah, because you just need to do THIS then it works":

pretty much like the same as everybody else I guess ;)


Hi to all friends
I am Mary and the transgender capital
People in the whole world who need to invest in their own project will never give up and get upset and never make any effort to save themselves ((with help from my projects).
Let me know if you have a new project or a new project to come to fruition.
I'm waiting for the communication


I am happy to be part of this wonderful community


Welcome to the DEV community. You'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.
Look around, make comments and ask questions. Everyone is really helpful here.


Its nice being in the midst of great developers. I'm Abiodun, People called me aalole , the same name for my github account😀. Its my seventh month in the realm of web development and found it to be the best career for me. Now that I'm here, I hope to learn more and learn best from the best hands


Hi everyone! 🔥
I'm running a marketing company, Rioks. We help tech companies and software development teams to achieve global coverage in media, gain PR, supply with content marketing and SEO activities.
Will be glad to share some expertise. Feel free to reach out. Here is my LinkedIn.


Hello, I am Diken David a Serial Web Designer and Digital Strategist

Web Design (Click Funnels, Wix Expert, Shopify, Word Press)

Digital Marketing (Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM)

Currently mastering Javascript and also learning Laravel Framework.