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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!


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Hi everyone, I'm Katie the #welcome moderator.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome all of you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas with your own post.
If you are interested in posting, be sure to read my post:


Hello from Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦


Hello everyone. I came across dev.to when I was crawling inside the web (pun intended). I love anything to do with tech and computers. Always curious to learn something new and my current obsession is Go (Golang) and distributed computing. Hope to stay connected through this platform. I work in Walmart Labs and a new remote engineer what with the current situation. Would love to hear more about remote engineering and what are the tools that you use or how do you go about it. Thanks.


Hey everyone, I'm Shari! I have a background in electrical engineering (focus on embedded systems). I'm currently writing a unique coding book- it's a picture book written in the C programming language! I recently launched it on Kickstarter:


The code consists of simple full C programs that represent situations in the story. The illustrations next to the code show the situations.


Hello news members and welcome to Dev.to Community ! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜‰


Hi, I am a beginner in web development. I knew HTMl and CSS. I want to became a full stack web developer. I know it's hard but with your shared experience and knowledge I hope I will achieve what I want.
There is a small and favorite quote of me:
"If god meant each day to be perfect he would not invented tomorrow,so don't worry if today is not perfect tomorrow is yet to comeπŸ˜‡"


Hey, welcome. I'm want to be a fullstack developer too!


Hi, there, I'm a newbie with big delusional dreams, I found this place thru @hassansuhaib article "What I learned in #100DaysOfCode" while browsing twitter. And it helped me to see a way out of my frustrations, I'm currently learning #rust and I notice I was taking the wrong approaches and over the years I neglected other skills I have learned, and even if they aren't my favorite things they are useful and need to be ironed out.

So now I will undertake this challenge and fight my depression with productivity.

Link to the article I mentioned: dev.to/hassansuhaib/what-i-learned...


You can do it! If you need any help, you know where to find me! πŸ˜‰


Thank you! But mostly for now I need to put myself together and start to really work on things before I start to bother people with dumb questions.


Hi everyone.
I'm Stefano Ferrari and I'm from Italy. I'm interested in Python and web developement. My next goal is to build something to simpify the management of ISO Quality System. I have too much to learn but also want to share as much as possible what I learn day by day.
Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone, I'm Rares, a web developer from Timisoara, Romania.
I've heard only great things about DEV, so I decided to join.

I code professionally for a long time. I'm interested in all web related subjects, but also in programming in general. I always look to improve my craft, and DEV looks like a good place to do that.

Nice to meet you πŸ‘‹ !


Hi Folks,
My name is Priyesh Naik (dev.to/naikpd) and I am from Mumbai India.
I want to become Data Scientist and also enhance my skills from Automation and DevOps tasks.
I believe in self learning and these two approaches.



Welcome..... And with dev.to you will 🌞


Hey guys! hope everyone is good. I'm Greg, an aspiring Front-end developer currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Looking forward to learning and exchanging knowledge with you guys πŸ‘


Well Hello Greg, as a matter of fact I am too. I mean currently into HTML, CSS and Javascript. Nice to hear from you. I'm Arhin.


That's great to hear. Nice to meet you Arhin.


Hello everyone! I'm Cherrelle from UK. I joined yesterday. What got me here? I saw my friend's blog post on Twitter and clicked. I was impressed with her blog post and talk. I realised that my favourite blogger uses DEV as well. I have been wanting to start a blog but I'm scared. At the moment I'm currently learning Progress Developer Studio. Fun fact about me? Err... I've given cheese to a mouse in my garden last night. LOL

Would love to hear fun facts about you. Please enlighten me =D


Hi Cherrelle, I'm Katie, the #welcome tag moderator.
It's great to see more woman who code here on DEV.

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.


Hi Devs,
I'm Sujit and I am from India. I cook food as a hobby to feed myself and I cook some codes too to feed myself.
With a keen interest in learning anything that relates to technology and my history of working on various stacks for the past 15 years, I believe there's still a pretty long road ahead to walk on.
I wish to learn some more from the community and also I'd love to contribute back.


Hey Sujit, Nice to know about you. My status is same as you, Although I'm a newbie. It's still a long road to go! Excited to join here !


Every step counts...!
Welcome to Dev.to

Do check some of my recent posts. Would love to know your comments on those....


Hey everyone!
I’m mike, I’ve been learning code for a while, still trying to break into the industry and hopefully land that first Dev job, I joined Dev. , to hopefully grow and learn new stuff and maybe send me into the direction or into the unknown either way I’m down πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ


Hi everyone,
I'm Samuel, Product Designer from Barcelona. I learned years ago programming websites with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, but I would like to learn to React in order to start a side project.

I look forward to learning and contributing to the community


Hi all. I'm Vadzim from Belarus. I'm a full stack developer with a focus on .NET technology.
Now I'm on my way to give another boost to my career and dive deep in such fundamental things like software architecture/design, best practices & patterns, etc.
While I was searching many things during my usual work routine I found that this resource is standing apart from the others. So I'd like to learn something new here and help this community as well.


Hey everyone, name is Maros and I am proud to be a member of such a community as Dev.to is.
I am studying software developer and I just love programming as a whole.
Hope to find here some interesting topics that will help me with my programming skills πŸ˜‡
Stay cool !


Hello, i spent 5 years of my life studying MBA than while started to apply for jobs, said no thats not for me, dont know how i found myself in there, started all over learning properly how to code, i never got aways from my computer since childhood, never was outdated with IT even, and now happy to take back the path i had to take since beginning.


Hello, I'm Kevin and I'm from different dimension of real life job, hobby, passion, whatever you called that is. I'm currently learning on my own but I think right here with the education I'll get I am not alone.


Hi everyone, This is Muhammad Fahd here from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a DOTNET developer having two years of experience.

I love to learn about tech advancement. Nowadays, I am learning Node JS advanced topics, then I will move to Angular 8. For the next two years, my goal is to become a full-stack developer.

Joining dev.to is a step to my goals, Here, I can learn new things about my fields, new innovation in computer technology, and much more. DEV looks like a good place to learn and share knowledge.

Nice to meet you πŸ‘‹!


Hi there ,
It's Deep Patel from india ,
Currently working as a mean stack developer and joined dev.to to share what I learn and to learn from what you amazing peoples have shared..β€πŸ’™

Vibes from developer community always amaze me ❀


Hi Devs, I'm Hari from Hyderabad, India. Front-end developer learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React.js & working in parallel. I like learning new things & love building UI ❀️. Looking forward to a great experience!! 😊
</ StaySafe >


Hey everyone,
My name is Rowenah. Been learning web development and web security for a while now, decided to join Dev.to to learn more, grow and share knowledge with this wonderful community.

Nice to meet you all.


Hi everyone, my name is Daouda (Dave like DEV) πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰
I'm from Senegal, the country of "Teranga" (hospitality in english) ❀ and really happy to join the DEV community πŸ€—

I'm curently a Web/mobile developer (a big lover of Vue, Ruby On Rails & Go) and founder of Galsen Dev, a community of senegalese developers πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡³


Hi, I'm Meenakshi, I am a first year grad student and willing to explore everything I can, currently, I have a keen interest in Web development and Open Source and glad that I joined this community..
I came across to dev.to while I was going through other dev's passion and work in the discord group.


Hi folks...

I'm Andrew (dev.to/andrewpyle) and I've been working in the tech industry for a few years now.

Since going solo, I'm looking forward to connecting with the Dev community to keep learning, and maybe help people with their career skills along the way.


Hi Everyone,

Excited to be part of this community. After a long stint as a product manager, I decided I missed engineering too much and found my way back into engineering. Currently, I am hacking legacy healthcare systems to build a modern layer on top of them and present a unified data API. My goal is to post weekly about my hacking adventures and maybe throw in some product management memories from time to time.



Been following Dev on Twitter, looking at articles. Want to get into more of the community involvement. Been a professional Software Engineer for 6 years now, but want to branch out into the community instead of just at work.
So hello everyone, hope to get to know more people doing awesome things in our field!


This is a great community, I got to know about this while going through Google Play App recommendations.
I'm currently learning Android dev with Java.
With this, I'm also teaching some of my friends android dev offline.


Hello Everyone! I'm Emmanuel. I am a beginner in web development. I find myself interested in programming so as to help solve problems. My aim is to become a software engineer. And am hoping this platform will help me learn and grow.


Hi, my name is Joel. I’m Ugandan living in South Africa; a father of three - lately interested in learning to code. I am good learner πŸ˜‰.
I stumbled on this community while checking out Christina Gorton’s profile - @coffeecraftcode - Twitter.
Looking forward to learning more and adding value. ✊🏽