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Thiago Tavares
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The difficult journey to land the first tech job.

I just finished college, and now? I did a code Bootcamp, and now? Self-taught and now?

These are common questions in the minds of many new talents in the IT area, full of new skills, set out to land their first job in the software development area. Companies need new talented people, and new talented people need companies, but why these two doesn't match?

Landing the first job becomes a paradox. Companies want programmers with experience, but these prodigies have just left college with none. And this search is endless, nowadays even for internships they want experience, how to get a job if I don't have experience and how to get experience if I don't have a job?


The interviews begin, the first one we are excited, on the fifth we are anxious for a positive answer, on the tenth we think we are not good enough, on the 30th we don't even know what to think. Almost always with the same feedback, and most of the time, you don't even have feedback.

I had to go through many interviews in the past to understand that we also need to study for interviews, study the company we want to join, the vacancy, the position, adapt the curriculum to the desired position, after all, the blessed experience is still the "main"!

We can consider ourselves lucky because we can get experience putting our knowledge into practice. We are not like doctors who cannot make mistakes or "play" to get experience. We are programmers, and we need only a computer to get our hands dirty.

Do you know that open position in that e-commerce company you want so much? How about studying the company, seeing what technologies it uses, and then putting into practice what you know by creating something simple like, for example, a homepage with products, then take more risks and try to create a flow of adding products to a cart. You can "play" without being afraid of making mistakes because you won't hurt anyone with your try, at least you'll create something ugly, and that doesn't even work, but you'll learn with your experience... And look at her there, the so dreamed EXPERIENCE.

With all that in mind, it will be your turn to yells "I did it!" so don't lose focus, keep trying with everything you have, you can.

And finally, one last tip, don't forget to organize your interview schedule with the recruiter's name, date, time, company name, frequently asked questions, etc.

p.s. take advantage and create your app to persist your interviews.

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rammina profile image

Volunteering at nonprofits is a great way to gain some experience.

morette profile image

great text... I went through something very similar, if you don't have experience, they don't even consider following with your process, but how can we get experience without opportunity? :(

hope this scenario changes soon

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Jim Stockwell

Helpful insight. Thank you Thiago.