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About Perl books review


Fonda Lee said on Twitter something like this about books marketing :

"In the long run, the thing that sells books the most 
is word of mouth. 

This goes 10x for books that aren’t launched with big marketing 
or publicity support i.e. 95% of books. 

What I’m saying is, talk up the books you love, 
because their survival depends on it."
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That's why I started a serie of Perl books review πŸ˜ƒ
(and also for personal notetaking πŸ‘)

So far, here is the list of reviewed books (list always under construction) :

Want more Perl books ? You can find them on my almost complete list of Perl books

Thank you OReilly. Most recent released books are mainly on PerlSchool

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Gabor Szabo

The same for web sites and on-line courses. Talk about them, link to them.