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Keybase overview 🔐

Okay, it's not a post on development, but I hope that it could help some of you. Even if the platform is a part of Git. 👋🏼

✅ Prove you're the owner of..

You can prove a little bit of everything on the Internet that it owns by you. Whether it's social network accounts like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, Reddit and some free and open source services like Mastodon.

Alt Text

How do you do it?

Either by validating by a message on the account you hold (example), or by DNS or text file for websites :

Alt Text

This is very simple !
Don't be fooled by a usurper anymore.

💬 Discuss safely

On Keybase you can chat from any platform, Android/Iphone & Linux/Windows/Apple smartphone. If you already want to download how it works on your side, it's here.

Now I'm going to talk about the messages, you can chat with friends and teams, it's all encrypted. In addition some options like self-destruction of your message or conversation can be set, like on Telegram. Send files, gifs, emojis,.. etc (messages work with Markdown language)

Alt Text

🔐 Secure your files

Following messages when you follow each other, Keybase creates a private folder accessible only by the two of you. Or if it is a team, the private folder will be accessible only by the team. So you can put a little bit of everything, such as invoices, images, important documents, but be aware that it is accessible to the whole team that the member has been accepted beforehand. You have 250GB of free space all to yourself. Isn't great?

Alt Text

You have another type of folder, this one is public. Anyone can access it, but it's only for personal accounts, not teams.

So this is my public part of what you can see and understand why it's interesting.

More informations of this system here.

Git service

Let's talk about development, on Keybase you have the Git service. I haven't tested that part yet, but it's like any other service, Github is just a layer of design on top and other features. And I think we have 100GB of storage per person.

All is encrypted, you just have to be careful not to have your physical devices stolen, and to have a strong master password. Because to connect to your Keybase account, you will need to use one of your devices already connected, or you will need a paper with randomly generated words. This is what I advise you to do from the start!

To help you understand how Keybase works, here is my graph of my devices and my validations to prove that I am the owner.

My account is Thomasbnt on

☕ Check my Twitter account. You can see many projects and updates. You can also support me on BuyMeaCoffee.

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