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What is your email platform ?

thomasbnt profile image Thomas Bnt Updated on ・1 min read
  • What do you use as an email platform?
  • What are their pros and cons?
  • What do you think about privacy? Is it so important for you?

I use ProtonMail since 2017, this is just fabulous. Encrypted emails with PGP, an interface very clean and CCS editable πŸ’›

Dash ProtonMail example


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I'm using GMail, mostly because of their website, it's by far the best I've ever tried.

It's easy to use, has a clean interface, it's fast, I think that it just works for most users, and the tabs are amazing, they don't mislabel a single mail.

At work we use Outlook, I hate that thing every time I open it 🀬


I never appreciate Outlook 😣


I'm waiting for Basecamp/37signals to release their product, hopefully it's good and with encryption. If it's not, I'll just use Proton πŸ‘πŸΎ


I really don't like Basecamp as a product. I think it gets just about everything wrong.

I'd still give their email a quick go to see if it's decent - but I'd be wary they'd make it do something like not support attachments in the name of simplicity though.


I'm very curious about hey.com πŸ€”


I've been wondering about using something like Proton for a while. Might get a free account and try it for a while.
I have to use gmail at work and so I kind of use it as my personal platform too by default. I'd prefer to be out of that ecosystem though.

Very interested to see what other people have tried.


I have been using ProtonMail for several years as written in the post, and I am very satisfied! Moreover, if you want to go further, you can forward your emails received on your GMail to your ProtonMail address.

Settings ▢️ Forwarding and POP/IMAP ▢️ Forwarding

GMail Forwarding

Good day!


I use gmail but would be happy to switch eventually. We use several other Google products, so I'm a bit locked in for convenience, but I'd also be happy to take us in a different direction there too.


Thanks for your response ! I really appreciate that ! 😊

I took a looong time before I could switch to ProtonMail at 100%. Obviously I still have my Google account, it is not possible to delete it, since all of my application history is synchronized from their service.

Simple example: YouTube and Google Console Dev.


I use ProtonMail too, but I didn't know about being css editable =O


it seems to me

Settings > Appearance > Personalized theme