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Recap of GitHub Satellite

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Quick summary for GitHub Satellite

▫️ GitHub discussions coming out this summer. Example here
▫️ VSCode embedded in GitHub : Codespaces. Pre-register here
▫️ GitHub enhances safety on repositorys areas
▫️ Private instances
▫️ Code scanning

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More informations at GithubSatellite.com or directly on GitHub Blog

Check my Twitter account. You can see many projects and updates. You can also support me on BuyMeaCoffee.


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Codespaces definitely really interesting. I'm concerned for the smaller players in this space getting crushed by Microsoft. On the other hand, it probably helps expand the category and might normalize browser-driven dev work.

...Isn't it kind of weird to utter a phrase about Microsoft normalizing moving a classically desktop application into the browser. I know it's been a long time since the 90s/00s but still.


It's not that far I think, when all we'll have is just a browser 😅 and everything else would be inside that.

And talking about bugs I think there should be a feature which directly displays the bug along with the most relevant answer from stackoverflow! Won't that be just great 😁


I'm reallllyy excited for that. Codes and bugfix can be changed quickly and committed very fastly.

Deploy with GitHub actions or others tools. Soooo coool 😍🙌


I really would love to play around with it soon.


Codespaces uses VS Code, which is a great editor but not as open source as many believe... Its foundation is open source, but none of the extensions in the Marketplace can be installed in another editor based on the open source code used for VS Code.

For true open source, I use Theia (theia-ide.org) hosted in the cloud.

I wrote about my way of working a few days ago:


not as open source as many believe

It's funny how GitHub has really not embraced open source much to date.


I love the idea of it, the times I've had to setup a local project to try something out, codespaces solved that problem by the looks of it, obviously for a price but still looks interesting. I currently do all my development in the cloud using VScode's remove development SSH feature it's nice but still reliant on installing to my desktop first.


Totaly agreed 👌🏼


If i loose importants stuffs, 👋 me !