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Thomas Bnt
Thomas Bnt

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Show me your best Open Source project

Hi everyone !

Show your best open source project on GitHub and describe it in a few words. What is/are your favorite part(s)?

Check with {% github thomasbnt/awesome-web-monetization %} give this :

GitHub logo thomasbnt / awesome-web-monetization

🕶️ Stuffs about Web Monetization. Packages, articles, documentation links and others tools.

Logo Web Monetization

Awesome Web Monetization Awesome

Awesome stuffs about Web Monetization. Learn more, check modules and others tools.

Web Monetization is a web service that allows you to send money directly in your browser This is a JavaScript browser API that allows the creation of a payment stream from the user agent to the website


About Web Monetization

How to start monetize my website

If you would like to monetize your content, you must have a Wallet and Provider account. See below the platforms that…

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Ben Halpern

GitHub logo forem / forem

For empowering community 🌱

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Andrew Bone

What's that? 😉

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Thomas Bnt Author


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You had me at hello

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YJDoc2 • Edited on

GitHub logo YJDoc2 / 8086-emulator-web

Repository for 8086 emulator web implementation

A frontend only emulator for intel 8086 chip. Uses web assembly to emulate the microprocessor, so after loading pages, no requests are made.

My favourite part is it uses same core emulator as it's commandline version, just with a thin wrapper for web.

Hosted at for free as it's frontend only :)

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David Dal Busco

Liked and starred ⭐️ I first learned programming on a 8086 board.

These power outage and memory allocation were fun 😉

yjdoc2 profile image

Hey thanks for the ⭐ and like 😄
I hope you found the project interesting :)
I know it cannot compete with actually programming on an 8086 board, but we have tried to make it as close as we can ;)

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Sergey Nikitin

Latest one is

GitHub logo n0th1ng-else / voice-to-text-bot

Bot that converts Voice messages into text

It's a Telegram bot that converts voice messages to text.
Tried different approaches to make it as cheap as possible. (with limitations tho)
now it's 10k+ installs. 0 to 100% developed deployed and automated

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Thomas Bnt Author

Oh cool ! I like bots 🔥

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Sergey Nikitin

yea. me too :)

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GitHub logo VonHeikemen / tinytina-js

Command-line http client. Is like the mix of curl and postman that nobody asked for.

tinytina in its core is an http client that read data from a json schema.

My favorite I think is the convert-to command, converting a request from a json format to a curl command has proven to be very helpful. I can share my requests in the form of curl commands, so others don't have to download this tool.

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I just made a toy programming language based on Lisp

GitHub logo faraazahmad / tisp

A toy programming language based on Lisp and built in Rust & LLVM

Tisp (Toy Lisp)

A Lisp-like programming language that is typed and compiled. It aims to support multiple processor architectures by being built upon LLVM. It takes inspiration from programming languages like Rust, Lisp and Elixir.

Current working example

A program to compute first 5 fibonacci numbers:

(let first 0)
(let second 1)
(let fib)
(let n 0)
(while (< n 5)
    (let fib (+ first second))
    (let second first)
    (let first fib)
    (let n (+ n 1))
    (print fib)
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Features to build

  • Convert raw code into token stream
  • Convert token stream into Expression tree
  • Handle multiple levels of nested expressions
  • Have multiple (independent) expressions per file
  • Generate LLVM IR for the currently supported features
  • add CLI flag to emit llvm
  • add while loop
  • Declare variables
  • add nested while loops
  • Add types for…

Made a post about it if you're interested

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Francois Falala-Sechet

An open-source programming language for developing chatbots. I just love how easy it makes it to create powerful chatbots, connected to any API, maintaining state, and giving you full control over your creation. Also, <3 the community around it!

GitHub logo CSML-by-Clevy / csml-engine

🦜 Conversational Standard Meta Language


First programming language dedicated to building chatbots.

Rust GitHub release (latest by date) Docker Image Version (latest semver) Slack

Key FeaturesExampleUsageAdditional Information


CSML (Conversational Standard Meta Language) is a Domain-Specific Language designed for easily creating conversational experiences.

The purpose of this language is to simplify the creation and maintenance of rich conversational interactions between humans and machines. With a very expressive and text-only syntax, CSML flows are easy to understand, making it easy to deploy and maintain conversational agents. CSML handles short and long-term memory slots, metadata injection, and connecting to any third party API or injecting arbitrary code in any programming language thanks to its powerful runtime APIs.

Key Features

  • Super easy syntax
  • Conversation-oriented components
  • Native bindings with functions written in other languages
  • Chatbot-specific keywords
  • Out-of-the-box short-term and long-term memory slots


  say "Hi, nice to meet you, I'm a demo bot 👋"
  if (name) {
    say "I already know you
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Bastien Botella

Love the simplicity

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Mohamed Dahir • Edited on

GitHub logo ducaale / xh

Friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests


Version info

xh is a friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests. It reimplements as much as possible of HTTPie's excellent design.



On macOS and Linux via Homebrew

brew install xh

On windows via Scoop

scoop install xh

On Arch linux via Pacman

pacman -S xh

From binaries

The release page contains prebuilt binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows.

From source

Make sure that you have Rust 1.45 or later installed.

cargo install xh


    -j, --json                       (default) Serialize data items from the command line as a JSON object
    -f, --form                       Serialize data items from the command line as form fields
    -m, --multipart                  Like --form, but force a multipart/form-data request even without files
        --pretty <STYLE>             Controls output processing [possible values: all, colors, format, none]
    -s, --style <THEME>              Output coloring style [possible values: auto, solarized]
    -p, --print <FORMAT>             String specifying what the
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Thomas Bnt Author


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Harry Tom

Hero Banner

GitHub logo Wikifox / wikifox

A clean and simplified WikiPedia powered by wikifox.js

🦊 Introducing Wikifox! Beta

Wikifox (beta) is a clean and simplified version of the real Wikipedia! This works with official Wikipedia, so nothing to worry about!. It has a good and clean user interface with Dark, Light and custom themes! Check it out :

Netlify Status

What's New

  • Added Keyboard shortcuts. Press k or got to options to see what are the new shortcuts!

💫 Features

  • 🍕 Ad-free
  • 👍 Super-awesome and Clean UI
  • 🔍 Search any articles Easily
  • 🔖 Bookmark Articles
  • ☀️ Dark/Light theme + Custom CSS themes!
  • 📃 Endless list of languages
  • 🔽 Download articles
  • Sharing
    • Share quotes (sentances)
    • Share the Whole article
  • 📢Real aloud
  • 🦘 Quick Jump to headings
  • 🎲 Random Articles
  • ⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 📱 Mobile Friendly
  • ℹ️ Infobox (beta)
  • 💫 And much more!

🔔 Upcoming Features

  • More keyboard shortcuts
  • Comments
  • Reactions

✂️ Few Screenshots

🧱 Made with

A simple and clean wrapper for Wikipedia!

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Thomas Bnt Author

Woah good project!

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DarkWiiPlayer • Edited on

I'll risk coming across as trying too hard to be smart, but my favourite project is an empty lua project, because it's empty. It has no bugs, no complexity, no abstractions. It claims to solve no problems, an thus can't fail at any of its claims. It has 0 lines of code, aka. 0 potential bugs. It is guaranteed to have the least amount of code possible to fulfil its purpose. It's zen.

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DarkWiiPlayer • Edited on

For a slightly less "clever" answer, I'd go with Skooma (and its translation into javascript); because it fixes a problem I often find with less code than any solution I've seen on the internet so far.

GitHub logo DarkWiiPlayer / skooma

The functional way of generating HTML in Lua


A library to generate HTML pages in Lua using functional tools. This project is meant to be complementary to MoonXML with a stronger focus on performance and hackability and less on easy and quick template writing.


Because HTML sucks and most existing templating systems end up being glorified string interpolation.

Additionally, templates usually produce text output, which is very uncomfortable to modify, as that requires either parsing it back into a data structure or doing string replacement, which can easily break if the generated HTML changes or is simply dynamic in general.


Skooma is dead simple: every function returns a tree. No side effects.

After you're done applying whatever transformations to the ast, another function serializes it into HTML, which you can then use however you want.

When should I use this?

When you feel like your project has outgrown a simplistic approach on templating, for either…

You can read and understand the whole codebase in a matter of minutes and looking at the code would probably be quicker than reading a documentation.

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Jan Küster • Edited on

GitHub logo jankapunkt / js-class-privacy

Create a given ES6 class with private members using Proxy and closures. Keeps class code clean, encourages SRP and DRY.

🔒 Javascript Class-Privacy

Build Status JavaScript Style Guide Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. npm bundle size

Lean dry no-dep srp :cup: package to create instances from classes with defined private members Keep your classes clean und use this instead to define private properties Uses proxies to hide information.

Installation and basic usage

Install this package via NPM like

$ npm install class-privacy
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The packages exports only one function, that acts similar to an abstract factory You can pass in a decide function to define rules (e.g. whitelist) for members. The created factory can be used to create (proxies to) instances that contain only the public members.

import createFactory from 'class-privacy'
export class Person {
  constructor ({ name, age }) { = name
    this.age = age

  greet () {
    return `Hello, my name is "${}". I am ${this.age} years old.`

// make
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Uses Proxy to control private/public fields or methods of any JavaScript class. Real private and 100% not accessible. Works with ES6 classes as well as "Classic" classes.

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Maciek Grzybek

Svelte inview -
A Svelte component that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport/parent element. Performant and efficient thanks to using Intersection Observer under the hood. Can be used in multiple projects including lazy loading images, infinite scrolling, playing/pausing the video when in the viewport, tracking user behaviour firing link pre-fetching and animations and many many more.

loilo profile image
Florian Reuschel

GitHub logo loilo / vscode-snazzy-light

🍭 A vivid light VS Code color theme

Snazzy Light

Snazzy Light is a vivid light color theme. Its colors are based on Sindre Sorhus' hyper-snazzy, adapted to a light background.

Besides looking decent, the main goal of this theme is to show clear and distinct colors under bright ambient light conditions. This makes it suitable e.g. for train commute with intense sunlight.

This theme's color palette


Screenshot of some JavaScript sample code Screenshot of some Sass sample code Screenshot of some HTML sample code Screenshot of some PHP sample code Screenshot of some Markdown sample code

Thanks a lot to Umut, the author of the fantastic Bluloco Light theme, for providing the syntax highlighting samples.


I have tested Snazzy Light with a plethora of languages. However, I'm not proficient in many of them and may not have quite the right sense for how things should look.

If something looks off in your preferred language, feel free to open an issue and we can improve the colors together.

It's probably my least "programmy" project but still one of my favorites — the light VS Code theme I use by day. Mostly created out of dissatisfaction with existing light themes and the need to use more distinct colors due to intense sunlight while commuting.

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Ferdinand Mütsch

GitHub logo muety / wakapi

📊 A minimalist, self-hosted WakaTime-compatible backend for coding statistics

Wakapi is an open-source tool that helps you keep track of the time you have spent coding on different projects in different programming languages and more. Ideal for statistics freaks and anyone else.

Built with Go and TailwindCSS.

denvercoder1 profile image
Jonah Lawrence

GitHub logo DenverCoder1 / github-readme-streak-stats

🔥 Stay motivated and show off your contribution streak! 🌟 Display your total contributions, current streak, and longest streak on your GitHub profile README

Used by over 4,000 GitHub users, it allows you to display a card on your profile page showing your total contributions, and the number of consecutive days you've contributed on GitHub.


Streak Stats

thomasthespacefox profile image
Thomas Leathers

GitHub logo SBTCVM / SBTCVM-Gen2-9

SBTCVM is a virtual machine implementation of a balanced ternary (base 3) computer. Features several compiled languages for ternary software development.

SBTCVM is a project for simulating a balanced ternary computer. That is, a computer that uses +1, 0, & -1 instead of binary.

It comes complete with two compiled languages (one being a custom assembler) and a cross-platform dev toolchain.

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James Sinkala

GitHub logo xinnks / xns-audio-player

A simple customizable web music player powered by vue & HTMLAudioElement

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt Author

Pretty awesome 😎

xinnks profile image
James Sinkala


alexmacarthur profile image
Alex MacArthur

TypeIt! It's a JavaScript library w/ a fluent API for creating dynamic typewriter effects. I love it because it's been my eternal pet project that's helped me grasp tons of JS fundamentals along the way. Working on some pretty sick refactors right now that should boost performance & lessen bundle size. Check it:

lakshyakhatri profile image
Lakshya Khatri

First time when I learned REST API, I created this:

GitHub logo LakshyaKhatri / Bookshelf-Reader-API

A browsable REST API for recognizing book spines in an image.


A browsable REST API built using Django REST Framework for recognizing book spines in an image.

Uploaded Image Result
Uploaded Image Resulted Image


  • To run this project locally, clone or download this repository.
  • Install requirements using
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Then run the migrations using
    python3 makemigrations
    python3 migrate
  • Run the application:
    python3 runserver


Add these URLs after your landing URL

Function url Return
Upload Bookshelf Image /api/create-bookshelf/ ID for referring the uploaded image (Inside the Response Header)
Spine Line Drawn Image /api/bookshelf/<bookshelf-id>/ Spine line drawn image
Cropped Spines /api/spines/<bookshelf-id>/ URLS of the cropped spine images

Further Implementation

This project contains scrappers to scrap the information of all the books recognized in the spine image. Recognized spine can be sent for text recognition and then the recieved text can be uploaded to below URL's for scrapping the book's information.

NOTE 1: It's okay if the recognized text is…

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Abdulcelil Cercenazi

Mine is a Java SpringBoot application for creating and publishing Surveys with the ability to view stats about them. You are welcome to build a front-end client for it if you wish 🤠🤠

msamgan profile image
Mohammed Samgan Khan

i am currently working in a logistics corporation. so i build this for the initigration of FedEx in our system.
Build as a Laravel Package, support all major FedEx operations.

About FedxClient

please refer to wiki for the documentation.


The FedxClient is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

pethron profile image
Nicolò Marchesi

This one!
My favorite part is that we are splitting the logic in another repository in Go. After that, we can integrate the engine in any way we want.

tbroyer profile image
Thomas Broyer

GitHub logo tbroyer / gradle-errorprone-plugin

Gradle plugin to use the error-prone compiler for Java

Brings Google's ErrorProne to Gradle.
Used by Google themselves in some of their open source projects, Apple, Palantir, Lyft, etc.

dippas profile image

I have one that I'm really proud of, even if is for Portugal only:

It is an extension/user script to remove a non-compliant GDPR popup NONIO that asks for user info in order to access free websites, Everything is detailed in the README file.

I have written an article about it

GitHub logo dippas / DeleteNonio

A forma mais simples e eficaz de remover o NONIO

stremovsky profile image
Yuli • Edited on


I am an open-source security developer. I am working on Databunker open-source project.

Databunker was born to address old database problems like data leak prevention via SQL injection and fake database encryption at least for personal and sensitive records.

sunilmore690 profile image
Sunil More • Edited on


ftpcp is a command line utility that allows you to copy files between two (ftp/sftp) locations.

  • With ftpcp, you can copy a files

  • From your local system to a remote system.

  • From a remote system to your local system.

  • Between two remote systems from your local system.

jcoelho profile image
José Coelho • Edited on

GitHub logo jcoelho93 / shell-database

A key value store straight from your terminal

Shell Database

CircleCI PyPI PyPI - Python Version PyPI - Downloads PyPI - License

A key value store straight from your terminal.


You can install shell-database from

> pip install shell_database
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Getting started

Adding a new key value pair

> shdb add name "John Doe"

Adding a new key value pair with encryption

> shdb add password <your_password> --encrypt

Getting the value of a key

> shdb get name
John Doe
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Decrypting and encrypted value

> shdb get password
> shdb get password --decrypt
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Integrating with other tools

> shdb add az-rg azure-resource-group-123
> az postgres db create --resource-group $(shdb get az-rg) --server-name server_name --name database
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MIT License



A key-value data store straight from your terminal.

I developed this because I needed a way to remember secret tokens and Azure info like the resource group name and other long strings.

You can do things like:

$ shdb add —encrypt gitlab-token
$ echo $(shdb get gitlab-token)

appmapruby profile image
AppMap Ruby • Edited on

AppMap... of course :-)

It started as a project for analyzing Ruby code but now works with Python and Java as well.

The VS Code Extension

voraciousdev profile image
David R. Myers

GitHub logo writewithocto / octo

A hackable, offline-first markdown editor for notes, code snippets, and writing that runs entirely in-browser.

turker_tunali profile image
Türker TUNALI ⚡

I have a few:

fallen_angle profile image

Bookmark Tomb

This is a bookmark sync system. Now, you locate at backend project.

You can go to our homepage for more help.

Simple introduction

The backend project build with SpringBoot and MongoDB. The project need java(>=11) to run.

The details as fallow table:

Function Main Technique
Framework SpringBoot
Database MongoDB
Authentication Spring Security with Token
API Document Swagger with knife4j

Dev and Debug

  1. Clone the project

    git clone

  2. Import to IDEA or other IDE

  3. Set develop java version to 11 or higher.

  4. Wait a minute for pull dependencies from maven repository.

  5. At last, you can write configure by url or file.


This project is unexpect, many things can be improved. Such as:

  • Use ChangeStream instead of Java Code deal with some pretreatment;
  • Can simplify the DTO and VO names.
  • Maybe MySQL is better for the project.
  • And so on ...

So, the project will refactor soon…

This is our first opensource project, is a cross-browser bookmark sync system. We finish the basis functions at present, may it have some bugs, we will make it better in the future.