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Thorsten Hirsch
Thorsten Hirsch

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Just JS (by Dan Abramov)

This is a recommendation of a JS tutorial for beginners by Dan Abramov. It's called Just JS and I liked it very much, especially for the visualisations by Maggie Appleton. The cover image of this article is one of hers.

Unfortunately the tutorial is only available by mail and it's very shot, 9 courses only. But I can assure you: it's worth it. The mental model for how the inners of JS work are pure gold. You can subscribe here on Dan's website for Just JS.

P.S.: Dan Abramov is working on React and the (co-) creator of Redux and create-react-app.

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Fran Diéguez

Dan Abramov this week sent a Googbye email about closing the Just Javascript:

"This email list started as a way to break my procrastination. We’d never have expected that it would grow to more than 85 thousand readers and a whole million emails sent. We are grateful to egghead who have kept the lights on so far, as we wouldn’t afford running such a massive free email list ourselves.
But all things must come to an end."

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Michael Fasani • Edited

But he did hint that perhaps we will soon see a continuation in a more traditional web site form....

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Thorsten Hirsch

I searched for "Just JS" and couldn't find anything related to Dan's tutorial, that's why I wrote this recommendation. However now that I've searched for "Just JavaScript" I see that Louis has already published a pretty similar article. Sorry, I didn't mean to double-post.

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No worries :)