JS Algorithms Repo is Over 30K Stars Now

trekhleb profile image Oleksii Trekhleb ・1 min read

It’s over 30k starts now! Two months ago I couldn’t even believe that JavaScript Algorithms repository would become that popular and thus that useful! I’m glad that so many developers found it helpful!

37 contributors have created 75 pull request, submitted 5 translations to make the repository more clean, stable and available for community. Thank you all for your effort!


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I am so blown away by this!

Question: What are your thoughts about having the content of this repo discoverable via the dev.to search? I've been interested in projects like this which create material which is more "canonical" than the typical blog post.

Whether yes, no, or maybe, I'm just curious how this thought jives with the maintainer of such an incredibly successful project.


I am currently working on an article series here on dev.to explaining each of these JS algorithms and their implementation. Would that interest you?

Checkout my last article. I'm publishing one on palindromes today.


Oh absolutely. The community eats this stuff up!


Hi Ben! I'm glad that you liked the repo! :)

I sometimes post small articles here in dev.to that may be related to algorithms. I mean something like dev.to/trekhleb/permutationscombin... or dev.to/trekhleb/dynamic-programmin.... But I'm not sure if this is something you meant by "canonical"?


Sorry I could have been much more clear.

The technical articles on the site are great because each one is told just the way the author wanted, they have a personal touch and are the core of the whole platform.

But additionally, I feel like we could host more stuff that acts as the one true "source of truth" on a type of issue, which is community-driven. Projects like yours are the essence of how great this kind of thing can be.

The feature I'd be describing is a way for the pages in your project and other ones to be discoverable and readable and observes the GitHub project as the source for the whole thing.

Here's a project which sort of accomplishes that I like: devhints.io/

Agree, the devhints.io is a great example!

I think it might be a good idea to have such community driven GitHub repo as a "source of truth" for different useful information. Especially when dev.to is going open-source! This way dev.to could have algorithms related repo that might have been managed by community.

This is actually what happens now in JS Algorithms repository. People are creating pull requests and changing things there. But yes it is only about algorithms there.


This is a great resource for beginners that don't have access to formal education or training, people can look at this descriptions and try to implement these algorithms for themselves as an exercise and get to know the fundamental structures used by so many libraries and frameworks while understanding how they work to be better developers and build thoughtful code overall.
Great initiative, thanks for making this 🏅


This post needs #fyeah tag 😎.

Thank you for sharing and putting effort into maintaining the repo.


On my drive home today, I had the thought that it would be fun to make exactly this as a side project.

So, thanks! Done. Ship it.


Awesome project! Would love to see it in Spanish too! How can I start helping with that?


Hi David! Thanks for such words! Regarding Spanish translation I would love to see it live too. Currently there is an issue regarding it has been submitted here github.com/trekhleb/javascript-alg.... I guess Andrés C. Viesca Ruiz (github.com/viestat) is already on it. You might contact him if you want to cooperate.


Nice man! Great work and thanks for sharing!