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The beginners guide to RESTful API

Today hundreds of companies use REST APIs to create web services. It's the most logical, efficient and widespread standard. So in this article we will take a deep look into it.



It stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that allows two apps to talk to each other.

Types by use Cases


It can be classified according to the systems for which they are designed.

Here are they :

  • Databases
  • Operating Systems
  • Remote
  • Web

What is it then?


It is an architectural style and approach to communications often used in web service development.

Architectural Constraints

There are 6 architectural constraints that make any web service. The only optional constraint is the last one:

  • Uniform Interface
  • Stateless -Cacheable
  • Client-Server
  • Layered System
  • Code on Demand (optional)


  • Client and server are separated
  • Visibility, readability and scalability
  • Independent of platforms and languages

How it works?

RESTful API uses existing HTTP method, providing a meaning for the request you're making, to obtain resources from the server:

  • GET - To retrieve a resource
  • PUT - To update a resource
  • POST - To create a new resource


JSON - JavaScript Object Notation is a common format to send and request data through REST APIs. It's object looks like:

/* Each property and value must be wrapped with double quotation marks */
  "property1": "value1", 
  "property2": "value2", 
  "property3": "value3"
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I understand nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, by reading this.

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Michael Otu

What do you think was the issue?

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Shafi • Edited

Very verbose and never getting to the point at all. This is meant to be a beginners guide to rest api, well I'm a beginner to rest, I didn't read na-da about rest here.

P.S. a lot of the sentences used in this seems like they are copy pasted from some documentation

Thread Thread
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Michael Otu

Assuming you have read on rest and you are comfortable with the concept, would you make any suggestions on improving this post?

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Steven Ha

she just put a bl here