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Ankur Tyagi
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A Simple And Effective Way To Learn & Practice JavaScript.

The best way to practice JavaScript is to work on the project.

"Don't take on the Project whole at once."

Don't try to build all features at once.

Go Step by Step.

Sample projects that can be done:

  • ToDo List

    • Music Library
    • Contact/Phone Book
    • Any project that involves CRUD operations.

For e.g. "ToDo List"

  • Add ToDo Items & simultaneously update the View/DOM for the newly added item

  • Delete the ToDo Item and update a view

  • Edit the ToDo item and reflect the changes

  • Can be marked and complete or incomplete

  • Try to add a deadline/completion date to todo item

  • Add Location to the to-do items.

    • This above was the single list, now make multiple lists in a single application
    • Naming and Renaming the lists
    • Doing AJAX for small parts of the ToDo list and Multiple User registration and Login & etc...

Some key points which helped me in my journey:

  • Code every day (this one is an absolute must).

It’s just like muscle memory, the more you code the more it becomes natural.

  • Embrace unit testing as early as possible in your career as a programmer.

  • Anytime you learn a new concept, see how you can improve past code.

  • Coding is a process to get to the most suitable and optimized and not to start with perfect

  • If you follow a video tutorial, type all of the coding snippets - DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT

Read other people's code, if you follow good JS projects and people go to their GitHub account and read some of the code.

Go to a site like Hacker-rank or Code-wars and solve problems using JavaScript.

Knowing pure JS will make you a key engineer who can solve complex problems.

I would say there are two things,

And they apply to all programming languages as well.

  • Write lots of code
    • Get it code review by a senior programmer

There is no such best way to learn JavaScript, it totally depends on one person to another.

For some, it might be by reading books, and for some, it might be by watching video lectures.

But as per my experience, the best way to learn js is by "learn by doing".

Thanks for reading.

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Ngundeng gatluak

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Phil Hasenkamp

Awesome advice! Thank you for sharing your knowledge πŸ™πŸΌ

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Ankur Tyagi

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Jeff Chavez

Thanks for this. It really helps as a newbie!

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Muhammad Iqbal

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