Math API: LaTeX Math as SVG image

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I've always wanted to put LaTeX Math equations on a web page where MathJax is not allowed to run inside it.

Spending some time, I made Math API, that renders LaTeX Math markup into an SVG image.

So you can place your equation on almost everywhere on which you could put <img> or Markdown (![]()), such as GitHub, Jupyter Notebook or dev.to (here!).



Inline image

It is possible to generate an inline equation by changing the query from from to inline.

<img src="https://math.now.sh?inline=\\LaTeX" />

Online Editor

Also, there is the online editor available at https://math.now.sh.


The source code is available on GitHub.
Give it a try and leave a comment/idea for a new feature.

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I might use this for some of my future Dev.to posts.

Thanks for making this.


Thank you so much, I'm using this to add math equation to my figures for my scientific papers.