Math API: LaTeX Math as SVG image

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I've always wanted to put LaTeX Math equations on a web page where MathJax is not allowed to run inside it.

Spending some time, I made Math API, that renders LaTeX Math markup into an SVG image.

So you can place your equation on almost everywhere on which you could put <img> or Markdown (![]()), such as GitHub, Jupyter Notebook or dev.to (here!).



Inline image

It is possible to generate an inline equation by changing the query from from to inline.

<img src="https://math.now.sh?inline=\\LaTeX" />

Online Editor

Also, there is the online editor available at https://math.now.sh.


The source code is available on GitHub.
Give it a try and leave a comment/idea for a new feature.

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markdown guide

I might use this for some of my future Dev.to posts.

Thanks for making this.