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Give Your App Slick Name with

Have you ever struggled with naming your new OSS project or web app? While hoping no one claimed your desired one in GitHub, npm, Homebrew, PyPI, Domains, etcetera, choosing the best name is weary work.

That's why I created namae.


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namae is an inter-platform name availability checker for developers and entrepreneurs.

Once you fill out a form with a name you want to use, namae will check through various registries and check if the name is already in use or not.

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Supported Platforms

namae supports 15 package registries and web platforms, and it's growing.

  • Domains
  • GitHub Organization
  • npm / npm Organization
  • PyPI
  • RubyGems
  • Rust (
  • Homebrew / Homebrew Cask
  • Linux (Launchpad & APT)
  • Twitter
  • Spectrum
  • Slack
  • Heroku
  • ZEIT Now
  • AWS S3

Additionally, the search result comes with a list of projects which has a similar name on GitHub and App Store.

Name Suggestion

namae also has a unique feature called Name Suggestion. It suggests auto-generated names made up of common prefix/suffix and synonyms. Take look at some examples.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Clicking the suggestion, namae completes the form with it and start searching around the registries.

Open Source

namae is completely open-sourced and the entire source code is available at GitHub. It consists​ of Node.js Lambda for APIs and React app for the web frontend, and is running on ZEIT Now.


namae saves your time searching for a universally available name around a set of hosting providers and package registries.

Go to and grab a report for the availability of your future product name. If you have any suggestion, please leave a comment or poke me on Twitter (@uechz).

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graphkgrondin profile image
Kenjee Grondin

Thanks for sharing this!

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That's awesome! Bookmarked

blackmamba profile image
The Black Mamba🔥

Cool stuff

alvai profile image

That's so nice
Well done !

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Carlos Magno

Just in time, I was looking for something like this right now. Nice job, dude.

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Palash Bauri 👻

Amazing! 🤩

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

So cool! Thanks for sharing! Love the name of the app too!

fre_d profile image
Frederik Ar. Mikkelsen

Useful project. However on the topic of branding, please refrain from using vowels like æ, ø, etc. as a replacement for others. It makes me cringe a bit.

uetchy profile image

That's true when "æ" is used as ligatures. In this case, it's originated from a Japanese word for "name" (namae /nama'e/). "æ" in the icon is just a visual association from namae.

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Guillermo Verón

Great post!!