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Online courses recommendation

Hi guys, I want your help, I am a beginner at front end development so please guys would you suggest the best online course in front end development? and in your opinion what is the best way to become expert in this field ? and how long it will take me to master Html Css and JavaScript?

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Anower Jahan Shofol

If you are total beginner then I would suggest to folllw FreeCodeCamp. Also you can check basic tutorials from Brad Traversy's YouTube channel.

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Johnny Navarro

If you are looking to use a particular frontend framework you could look up courses for that particular framework. Some of the instructors I enjoy the most on Udemy are Colt Steele and Maximilian Schwarzmüller. Both have really good courses in frontend frameworks like React and Angular which are the ones you will usually find all the time. Mind you, for using a frontend framework you should probably become comfortable in basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript first. Still, Colt and Max are generally very beginner friendly. Once you got that I would definitely recommend taking a course from one of them, you won't regret it. Good luck.

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Jayant Lohani • Edited

Completed the Web Development BootCamp by Colt. It was amazing. Currently pursuing Java Script course by Max. Those two are amazing instructor. The way they teach is just incredible. Big fan of them. The best instructors to follow on Udemy.
I downloaded the Steele Colt course from third party site but purchased Max's course during Udemy Sale. It's up to you. If you want certificate, buy the course else there is always an option to download the course by torrent.

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Johnny Navarro

They truly are amazing instructors aren' they? I also did the Web Development Bootcamp by Colt, amazing course for anyone starting in Web Development in general. Also did Colt's React.js Bootcamp and now I'm doing Max's React Native course. Without a doubt the best instructors on Udemy.

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In the beginning you may have to sample a little of everything that is about your path until you figure out what course or teacher meshes with your learning style.

There are great learning sites that I had trouble responding to because they weren’t visually appealing.

Really it’s about learning how you learn.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

I would suggest that you look at FreeCodeCamp.
Build something and learn by building.

P.S. I have a paid course on to help people learn better programming workflows. It could be useful down the road as a programmer.

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Joseph Odunsi
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Josh Ellis

Do the content from the beginning! It's a rare case where the idea of free being bad ("you get what you pay for") is totally wrong. It's a good course that will give you a solid foundation.

You'll actually know enough to be a Jr Dev after doing that. Getting a job may be tough, though, so you can either go on to do a bootcamp to get the recognition and a more advanced education. Or if you're self-motivated enough, you can build a few more advanced projects using tutorials/documentation for a portfolio and then try to get a job from there.

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Brian Rinaldi

I run a site called and it has a ton of free sessions on a variety of topics, including webdev. There are a few courses there, but I'd suggest it more as a way to get the lay of the land before you dive deeper into specific technologies. There's so much out there that it can be useful to help make sense of it beforehand.

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John McCambridge

Lots of good courses by Steven Grider (well respected front end dev) regarding React on udemy. Usually priced around 12 dollars for 37 hours of curriculum.

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Philippe Santana Costa

Awesome free content in also.

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perpetual . education

It's not a very nice things to say... but since we've taken over 40 online courses... no one teaches HTML or CSS well. It's just the truth. However, if you can get your mindset in the right place, and you talk to a mentor (clearly one who does write great HTML and CSS) - then they can kinda set you up with challenges and guide you around pretty quickly. Exercises for Programmers is a set of challenges we often use - and especially for front-end stuff. You might consider finding someone on CodeMentor - or even some people here have listings offering to help. If you get a few hours a week with a professional, and a set of challenges - you'll learn things fast - and save a lot of time. They mentor can teach you to think of the documentation as a toolbox / and teach you how to learn. There's a CSS Discord where you can also ask for help and get feedback. There's also some great JS stuff like Watch and Code. It's important to see real milestones and progress instead of following along with tutorials. Here's some thoughts on what order to learn things: - and clearly, we have a bias about the very best way to learn it.

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Can totally recommend - not only HTML,CSS,Javascript but gives you the whole package.

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Mahmoud Ahmed • Edited

I think you're also speaking Arabic as I do, right? I've started learning front-end dev from free Arabic tutorials. If that may help, pm me on twitter

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Zahid Jabbar

I would recommend FrontendMasters, they have really amazing courses!

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Praveen Soni

both websites content free courses