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Popular Docker Interview Questions with RealTime Scenarios for Beginners | Part 2

Following questions are addressed here:-

  • Suppose host server has 2 GB space and your image size is 500MB than is it possible to run more than 4 containers of this image on the host ?
  • Docker is written in which language and which docker version are you using ?
  • What are the different ways to create docker images ?
  • How to search and pull any docker image in local system?
  • How to check details about any image ?
  • Suppose I want to pull a alpine-git image and a alpine image is already installed then will docker download a full or partial alpine-git image ?
  • How to check details about each layer in a docker image like size , task done, timestamp ?
  • How to remove dangling images and why is it useful?
  • How to run a container in interactive and daemon mode ?
  • How to check details about a container ?
  • Is it possible to create container’s writable layer without running a docker container ?
  • How to find size of any container’s writable layer ?
  • How to check logs for a container ?

Checkout below video for the answers

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