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Popular Docker Interview Questions with RealTime Scenarios for Beginners | Part 3

vikkyomkar profile image Vikky Omkar ・1 min read

Following questions are addressed in this video:-

  • Are the container logs stored inside a container or in host server ? And what is the location of container logs ?

  • 10+ containers are running on my host server. All these containers stop on server reboot or docker engine restart which requires a manually container start. Is there any way to auto restart the containers in this scenario ?

  • Developers create multiple test containers in dev server in a day which consumes lot of disk space and manual cleanup is required. Is there any way to automate this cleanup ?

  • Is it possible to use restart policy and –rm flag together when starting a container ?

  • How does Docker really work behind the scenes?


  • Where namespace, cgroups and UnionFS is used in docker ?

  • I want to clone a github repo but I don’t have git utility installed in my system ,although docker is running in my system and git image is also available. So considering the scenario, how can I clone the repo now ?


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