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Scenario Based Docker Interview Questions | Part-4

Hey There,

Here is the 4th video on “Scenario based Docker Interview Questions”

Following questions are addressed in this video:-

  • I have a requirement to copy token/config file inside a container but can’t use docker cmd for that. Is there any alternate way to achieve it ?

  • “I can run any linux flavour container on my host as docker engine makes use of linux kernel features for containerization”
    Do you support this statement ? If yes then prove.

  • Is it possible to
    pull/push Image, run/stop other docker containers from inside a container ?
    talk to host docker daemon from inside a container ?

  • Stopping a running container using docker stop is slow as compared to docker kill but still its advised for a good user experience why ?

  • I have an app and a db container running on a host. How can these 2 containers talk to each other ?

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