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What tools do you use?

This is a series leading up to a Virtual Coffee Lunch & Learn titled Asking Coding Questions with Bekah, @bekahhw and me, Nick Taylor, happening May 27th.

Part of asking questions is digging in to the problem a bit or a lot depending on your experience level.

Maybe you use tools in the browser like the Network tab, use logging or the debugger of the language you program in for areas of the code that you’re looking into, etc.

So wonderful devs what tools do you use?

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waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

I love all things terminal, tmux and nvim are my jam. The thing that really makes this work well for me is that I am on a small team that runs many small projects. tmux makes it easy to hook in a fuzzy project switcher and have one session per project. I can slice through projects with ease.

ngochuyyds profile image
Pham Ngoc Huy

Why do you prefer nvim over vim?

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Mostly lua over vimscript. Not only is it easier to write, but the plugins that the community is creating with lua make it worth the jump.

snikhill profile image
Nikkhiel Seath

terminal (terminal emulator: alacritty, shell: fish) neovim, debugger in chrome (firefox one doesn't work that well).

And I am currently learning how to use a profiler better so that I can optimise a piece of code and actually see if it is even worth the time to optimise it.

@nickytonline well, if the question ain't restricted to just "modern technologies/software" then, I shall like to include: Pen and Paper to my list. (I use it a lot to problem solve or to walk through a use-case/solution)

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Pen and paper are still great tools for sure!

mardiya profile image
Mardiya Zubairu

I have started using Obsidian and find it great for documenting. Gradually getting used to markup syntax while using it
Click up has been great with managing my projects. I’ve noticed a great deal in productivity with breaking down my projects to tasks and ticking them off one after the other. Feels less overwhelming

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Waylon Walker

As I built out my blog I got frustrated with the existing tools/frameworks for doing so. It felt like they were confusing and hard to customize, or written in a language that I did not understand well enough to debug when I hit any issues. I moved my build over to python and have slowly turned it into markata. It works very well at building thing out of a directory of markdown. My blog is built with it, I use a plugin markata-todoui to manage my todo items. I have even written a plugin to convert .py files into markdown to have a doc site generator.

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Nic FitzGerald (they/them)

I use a variety of tools in my dabbling.
My go-to tools are:

  • fnm for Node version management
  • Rustup/Rust for managing the Rust language
  • VS Code for my editor of choice

Here lately, I've also been using Zola to design and create my portfolio.

For deployment of personal projects (including my portfolio), I use Netlify.

linxsoftware profile image
Linx Software

The only low-code platform built for developers and engineers

✅ General-purpose low-code - any backend task (API, automation, integration)
✅ Has no limitations on connections, tools or services
✅ Uses a programming paradigm to incorporate complexity

rubiin profile image

Tmux, alacrity, ohmyzsh, neovim,

adabaed profile image
Melo Ortega

OS: MacOS 12.4
Editor: vscode, vim
Browser: Chrome
DB management: DBeaver
IDES: Android Studio, Xcode

raguay profile image
Richard Guay

For editing: Onivim2 and Neovim using the Lunavim configuration
For notes: Obsidian and Quiver
For Websites: ScriptBar (my own program) and FastMarks
For Piecing things together: Hook
For Program Launching: Alfred and Raycast
File Manager: Modal File Manager (my own program)
Snippets, small scripts manager: EmailIt Server (my own program)
Quick email sending: EmailIt (my own program)

And many other tools. I’m a tool fanatic. I try out almost everything that I hear about. But, when I can’t find something that fits my need, I create it. Lot’s of fun!

trubbers profile image

Since the beginning i've done my best to stay away from apps that rely on GUI's. but i find myself commonly using iTerm, with PowerLevel10k, and Vim with SpaceVim config as my text editor. At some point i'm hoping to start a dotfile repo for my .dotfiles and configurations.

simeg profile image
Simon Egersand 🎈

You're asking a wide question. I use a variety of tools. Some of them when writing code, some of them just using my computer. Some applications I use to write code, do you consider those tools? :)

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

I'm just going to say Notion and Obsidian for getting things done and writing.

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Jon Randy 🎖️

Nail clippers

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Nick Taylor

Loki holding KFC