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Why sticking up with One Resource is Important.

"I don't think hackerrank is good for Data Structure , I should try out Codeforces",
"I think codeforces is too difficult."
"What about learning code from Youtube?" hell yeah...
"Wait..!! I don't understand Anything here it's not well Structured" .
"you know what?, I should have been continued with hackerrank."
Boom... i have wasted my time.

Yes, almost everyday we come up with the thought like this, With the so many resources all around We are stuck.
I would talk about me, how I understand the importance of sticking with a Single resource.

A Few years back, I started Learning Programming language from random YOUTUBE videos. That's It. I thought I have cracked the formula to learn Programming just watch, the tutorials and execute it in Real time with the Instructor.
I gain confidence I thought I have learned a full Programming language in Span of Just 6 hours of Tutorials.
I thought I understand each and everything at that point of time .
At that time I actually made a cool project(with Instructor) and showed off to my friends on Social media.

But wait?!! Why I wasn't able to execute the program myself?
But why I wasn't able to do Anything else by myself?

That's Because It was a Fake confidence .Do you really think you could Master something like Programming language in Just 6 hour? Maybe you're a fast learner or have a Intelligent Mind.

But Sorry, I have to say What I don't really Say Easily , That's IMPOSSIBLE.

You're Smart, if you know what you don't know, and then you'll have a clear Idea of what you know and that's Where Confidence come from and That's how you prove beginning of the Sentence.

So Now that You know how to be Smart Just by doing NOTHING.
Offcourse you wouldn't mind to be the Smartest...Right?

You may argue that 'hey, Why should I not learn from different resource if I have option to choose The best."

You're Right here but for the matter of fact i'm also right let me back it up

So the thing is You're learning Data Structure to Store data in most efficient manner and you're storing it in the most inefficient way in your mind. Too many contact switching can lead you to problems.

Its not hard to understand that if you switch Alot during your Intial stage of Learning then probably you'll messed up you're basic concepts and that's when your struggle with programming will start.

Trust me Whatever Resource you choose is the Best.
Because that's where Your best come from...

All the best.

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Adrian Bornea

Totally agree. Stick to one source and practice, practice, practice 👌

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Saloni Goyal

Everyone wants to make progress. And there is only one way to do it: put in your reps.

  • James Clear