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Finding hidden (dotfiles) using Telescope in neovim

Finding hidden files using Telescope as you fuzzy file finder is not too hard, its a single flag passed in. Then it will use whichever file finder it can find ['fd', 'fdfind', 'rg --files', 'find', or 'where'] in that order. These tools each have their own way of handling hidden files, but telescope takes care of that so all you need to do is pass in hidden=true.

I have this keymap set to help me list out all files including hidden files using the pnumonic go edit hidden. I use ge for quite a few different things to take me directly to a specific file or picker.

nnoremap geh <cmd>Telescope find_files hidden=true<cr>
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see the implementation telescope finds your files.

This is a part of my til project, I am trying to post daily tils. Here's the full feed

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