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Set User Agent on pandas read_csv

I keep a small cars.csv on my website for quickly trying out different pandas operations. It's very handy to keep around to help what a method you are unfamiliar with does, or give a teammate an example they can replicate.

Hosts switched

I recently switched hosting from netlify over to cloudflare. Well cloudflare does some work to block certain requests that it does not think is a real user. One of these checks is to ensure there is a real user agent on the request.

Not my go to dataset 😭

This breaks my go to example dataset.


# HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden
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But requests works???

What's weird is, requests still works just fine! Not sure why using urllib the way pandas does breaks the request, but it does.


<Response [200]>
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Setting the User Agent in pandas.read_csv

this fixed the issue for me!

After a bit of googling I realize that this is a common thing, and that setting the user-agent fixes it. This is the point I remember seeing in the cloudflare dashbard that they protect against a lot of different attacks, aparantly it treats pd.read_csv as an attack on my cloudflare pages site.

pd.read_csv("", storage_options = {'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0'})

# success
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Now my data is back

Now this works again, but it feels like just a bit more effort than I want to do by hand. I might need to look into my cloudflare settings to see if I can allow this dataset to be accessed by pd.read_csv.

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