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Tmux hotkey for copier templates

I have added a hotkey to my copier template setup to quickly access all my templates at any time from tmux. At any point I can hit <c-b><c-b>, thats holding control and hitting bb, and I will get a popup list of all of my templates directory names. Its an fzf list, which means that I can fuzzy search through it for the template I want, or arrow key to the one I want if I am feeling insane. I even setup it up so that the preview is a list of the files that come with the template in tree view.

bind-key c-b popup -E -w 80% -d '#{pane_current_path}' "\
    pipx run copier copy ~/.copier-templates/`ls ~/.copier-templates |\
    fzf --header $(pwd) --preview='tree ~/.copier-templates/{} |\
    lolcat'` . \
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I've had this on my systems for a few weeks now and I am constantly using it for my tils, blogs, and my .envrc file that goes into all of my projects to make sure that I have a virtual environment installed and running any time I open it.

this is what it looks like when I open my copier templates popup

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