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A better copy-mode bind for Tmux

The default keybinding for copy-mode <prefix>-[ is one that is just so awkward for me to hit that I end up not using it at all. I was on a call with my buddy Nic this week and saw him just fluidly jump into
copy-mode in an effortless fashion, so I had to ask him for his
keybinding and it just made sense. Enter, that's it. So I have addedt his to my ~/.tmux.conf along with one for alt-enter and have found myself using it way more so far.

Setting copy-mode to enter

To do this I just popped open my ~/.tmux.conf and added the following. Now I can get to copy-mode with <prefix>-Enter which is control-b Enter, or alt-enter.

bind Enter copy-mode bind -n M-Enter copy-mode
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More on copy-mode

I have a full video on copy-mode you can find here.

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 tmux copy-mode<br>

tmux copy-mode tmux copy-mode is a tmux mode that lets you scroll, search, copy, and jump your way through

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